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Becky Blackbell: Wiki, Skills and Interesting Facts (Spy X Family)

The popular and well-acclaimed Spy x Family has no shortage of interesting and downright wacky characters. An important character who becomes as endearing to the viewers as she is to the Forger family is Becky Blackbell, a student at Eden Academy and Anya Forger’s best friend. In this article, we’ll learn everything about Becky Blackbell, including her wiki, skills, and some interesting facts about her.

I. Becky Blackbell: Wiki

Becky Blackbell: Wiki

NameBecky Blackbell
AliasForehead Girl (by Ewen Egeburg)

Milady (by Anya)

Madam (by Martha Marriot)

Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorLight brown

The first friend Anya makes at Eden Academy is Becky Blackbell. Like other students of the school, she comes from a rich family, with her father being the CEO of Blackbell Heavy Industries. During the Orientation Day, Becky is sorted into Cecil Hall along with Anya, Damian Desmond, and a few others.

Anya and Becky soon become best friends, spending their time together at school and eventually hanging out at each other’s houses. Becky is a reliable companion and always puts up with Anya’s more wacky actions. She also always defends Anya whenever Damian and his group try to bully her. 

However, she is hilariously mistaken that Anya has a crush on Damian and tries to encourage her friend on her romantic endeavor, despite Anya having no idea what she’s talking about.

II. Her Role

Her Role

Becky plays an important role in Anya’s life, and in turn, in the story. Before her, Anya never really had any friends. So, Becky is not only Anya’s first friend at Eden, but her first friend in general. It’s thanks to her friendship that Anya doesn’t feel so lonely and self-conscious in her new school, and is able to contribute to Twilight’s mission.

Becky provides constant support to her friend, teaming up with her in activities, and standing up for her when the other kids, especially Damian and his group bully her. She’s quite sharp-tongued, insulting Damian and his friends whenever they say anything mean to her or Anya. 

The girl is also a romantic at heart, despite her young age. She likes to watch romance dramas on TV and makes up imaginary romantic equations in real life. A hilarious example is her belief that Anya has a crush on Damian because she keeps trying to befriend Damian even though the guy bullies her, not knowing that Anya is doing that to help her father’s mission.

Being the great friend that she is, Becky tries to help Anya in her “romantic” conquest and gives her advice on how to deal with things. It makes for some very funny moments between the kids.

III. Her Skills

Her Skills

Becky is a normal little girl and doesn’t have any special skills like Anya. But that’s not to say that she isn’t a skilled young lady. In fact, Becky shows quite an intelligence in interacting with people and great maturity and compassion for someone her age. Still, if we had to discuss Becky Blackbell’s skills, we’d about the following points:


As stated before, Becky is very intelligent. She is good at her studies, though not among the toppers of her class. Becky is studious and has adequate knowledge of many subjects. She passed all her midterm tests with good scores and earned the 42nd place in her class, something that cannot be said for Anya. 

It’s not only academics that Becky is good at. She also possesses a certain level of street smartness while maintaining her innocent nature. Becky is good at comebacks and has a way to deal with adults. Even among her peers, she shows a level of intelligence that is not always common among children.


Becky is a rather mature girl for her age. She always doesn’t seem like it but there is a thoughtfulness to her that belies how mature she is. One example of this is how she forms her own opinion without being influenced by what others are thinking. This is shown when she befriends Anya despite everyone choosing to stay away from the pink-haired girl.

Another example of Becky’s maturity also shows her childlike innocence. Being a fan of love stories and romance dramas, she believes she knows quite a bit about romantic relationships. In some cases, she actually shows a great deal of maturity when talking about love and romance. However, she is ultimately a child and her perception of those things isn’t as accurate as she believes them to be. Her innocent crush on Loid Forger is a hilarious example of that.

But the occasion where Becky shows the most maturity is during the Red Circus Arc when the kids are caught in a bus hijack incident. Despite the danger they are facing, Becky manages a make a plan and execute it alongside her friends.


Becky is an empathetic child. She understands what people around her are feeling and tries to help them as much as she can. Despite not being a telepath like Anya, Becky is in tune with how her friend is feeling and often soothes and comforts her in her own way.


On the strength front, Becky doesn’t have anything to write home about since she’s just a normal kid. But she does take some fighting training from Yor Forger alongside Anya, and even threatens Damian with a punch she’s newly learned.

IV. Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

  • Becky’s father is the CEO of Blackbell Heavy Industries which is known for manufacturing major military items.
  • She regularly watches TV dramas and romance movies. Her favorite television show is Berlint in Love.
  • Since she was born into a rich family and always receives expensive gifts, like a small house of her own and a diamond-studded doll, she has developed an apathy for pricey things.
  • In the Red Circus Arc, Becky finally wins a Stella Star alongside Anya, Damian, and Bill Watkins for her courageous actions during the bus hijacking incident.

V. Conclusion

Here ends our discussion on Becky Blackbell: wiki, skills, and interesting facts. Becky is a popular character whose friendship with Anya is one of the best things about Spy x Family. She is expected to continue to be a charming character and have more development further in the story.

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