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Top 15 Best Gay Anime on Crunchyroll (BL Anime 2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:26 am

The anime world is limitless, and we’re just living in it. It has all types of anime, blending various genres to deliver unique and epic stories. One such genre is yaoi, aka Boys Love. The anime featuring this genre has millions of fujoshi and fudanshi admiring them and are constantly looking for more. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the top 15 best gay/BL anime on Crunchyroll; or you can say Yaoi anime that you must watch right away, or you’ll be missing out big time.

Note: We have based our list on Crunchyroll US. So, you’ll need to check if the anime is available in your region.

15) Fairy Ranmaru (5.9)


Written by Masakazu Hishida, this short anime series is highly underrated. If you love a good plot, dank humor, and beautiful characters, do not miss out on this yaoi anime on Crunchyroll. The story has supernatural, a slice of life, and action as its dominating genre and aired in 2021.

The plot narrates the story of 5 fairies who disguise themselves as high school boys to fulfill a mission on earth. Their world requires positive emotions to sustain, so they must collect “attachment” from humans as they heal their hearts.

But while doing so, they need permission to “steal their hearts” as the payment for their services. Therefore, they encounter lots of people at their high school, and the result of that is a story filled with romance and passion.

Number of episodes: 12

14) Merman in my Tub (6.4) 


Written by Itokichi, the anime adaption aired in 2014 and has short episodes. Despite the anime being old, the animation and art style is good, so you cannot miss out on this yaoi anime on Crunchyroll. The main themes of this series are comedy, a slice of life, and of course, yaoi.

The plot narrates the story of Tatsumi, an average high school living a busy life. Until one day, he saves a stunningly handsome merman, Wakasa, who is on the verge of dehydration by a river. Tatsumi allows him to move into his bathtub and eventually gets used to having him around.

Watch the two give us hilarious moments while also some heart-warming romance. If you love a short BL series with an enjoyable plot, this anime is it.

Number of episodes: 13

13) The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (6.6)


Written by Tomoko Yamashita, the anime aired in 2021. The story features a blend of supernatural, mystery, and yaoi as its central theme. If you love a suspenseful plot with ghosts, exorcisms, and necromancy elements, this anime is it.

The plot features Kosuke Mikado, a young man with the ability to see ghosts all his life. Working as a book clerk, Kosuke encounters a stoic and bold exorcist, Rihito Hiyakawa, one day. Rihito discovers that he can easily see and exorcise ghosts if he enters Kosuke’s body. Therefore, he insists he becomes his assistant.

This is a useful opportunity for Kosuke as he is terrified of seeing ghosts all the time, so working with Rihito might help him deal with his ability. Therefore, the two began working closely and end up establishing a strong bond with each other, which leads to the beginning of their romance.

Number of episodes: 12

12) Loveless (6.8) 


Written by Yun Koga, the anime adaption aired in 2005 and has one season so far. The striking feature of this yaoi anime is that it follows the kemonomimi theme and an initial age gap between the MCs. Therefore, all the characters have cat-like features such as tails and ears. The main genre of this series is mystery, supernatural, and romance.

The plot focuses on a 12-year-old boy, Ritsuka Aoyagi, who is mourning the loss of his older murdered two years ago. Ritsuka runs into a mysterious 20-year-old man, Soubi Agatsuma, who claims to be his brother’s friend.

As Ritsuka digs deep into his brother’s stuff, he discovers that his brother was Saoubi’s pair fighting against a shady organization, Septimal Moon. Ritsuka must now become Soubi’s pair to fight the battle against Septimal Moon using spells and newly introduced supernatural elements.

Number of episodes: 12

11) Yes, No, or Maybe? (6.8) 


Based on a light novel by Michi Ichiho, this anime movie premiered in 2020. The story features Josei, Yaoi, and slice of life as its main genre. The story revolves around a popular TV host, Kei Kunieda harboring a secret. He runs into a motion animator, Ushio Tzusuki, who injures himself thanks to a careless biker.

But the twist here is that the situation forces him to take care of Ushio until he recovers. Therefore, Kei must hide his identity as a popular TV host as well as protect his secret all the time while he is with Ushio.

As the two grow fond of each other, Ushio grows to love Kei for who he is while Kei is desperately trying to hide his secret. Watch the two accept themselves and each other as their feelings grow stronger.

Number of episodes: movie

10) Kamigami no Asobi (7.0) 


Kamigami no Asobi is an anime adaption of an otome game, Play of Gods. The game is also based on visual novel series by Nippon Ichi Software and Broccoli. The anime aired in 2014 and has one season so far. The plot has shounen ai, action, reverse harem, and supernatural as the primary genre.

The plot revolves around Yui Kusanagi, who discovers a mystery in his father’s shrine. This sword teleports her into a world filled with gods based on Greek Mythology. Yui must now navigate through this world to spread love and compassion and save the weakening bonds between humans and gods. The story features multiple couples, so you’re in for all kinds of romance and relationships.

Number of episodes: 12

9) The Stranger by the Shore (7.1)


If you haven’t watched this beautiful yaoi movie on Crunchyroll, rush there right now. The Stranger by the Shore perfectly captures loneliness, grief, and isolation faced by all of us at some point in our lives. The plot features a romance between an openly gay novelist, Shun Hashimoto, and a high school boy Mio Chibana, mourning the loss of his parents.

Shun’s parents disowned him when he came out to them, and therefore, he is living in a quiet seaside neighborhood in Okinawa. The two meet amidst the calming sound of waves and soon bond over their hardships.

However, like in every story, their peace turns to tragedy when Mio leaves the city to pursue further education. Mio only asks one favor from Shun as he promises to return, and that is to wait for him. So, will they finally meet again, or will they simply drift apart, leaving their feelings unrequited? You must watch the movie to find out.

Number of episodes: movie

8) Dakaichi (7.3)


Written by Hashigo Sakurabi, Daikachi aired in 2018 and has one season and a movie as of now. The plot features yaoi, rom-com, and slapstick as its main theme. Produced by none other than studio Cloverworks, Daikachi is must watch yaoi anime on Crunchyroll.

The plot narrates a hilarious and heart-fluttering romance between two rival actors, Takato Saijo and Junta Azumaya. The twist here is that Takato has been the “sexiest man of the year” for five years until Junta replaces him, even if he is a newbie.

Another twist is that Takato sees Junta as his rival, but Junta is deeply in love with him. Watch the two actors entangle with each other as they take their sweet time realizing their true feelings.

Number of episodes: 13

7) Love Stage!! (7.3) 


Written by Michiko Yokote, the series aired in 2014 and has one season so far produced by studio JC Staff. In addition to that, the series also has one OVA and a live-action film. The story features romance, comedy, and yaoi as its core genre.

Since the series is on is quite old, the art style is almost vintage, with a warm color palette and sharp character design. The story revolves around Izumi Sena, a young aspiring mangaka. Thanks to his entire family being in the Entertainment industry, he ends up with the same actor he shot a commercial with a few years ago- Ryouma Ichijou.

Now the twist here is that Ryouma has been in love with Izumi ever since he first met him. Another twist is that, due to Izumi’s androgynous features, Ryouma mistakes him to be a beautiful girl.

To make it worse, Izumi desperately tries to hide his identity since he embarrassingly messed up the shoot the first time and ends up doing the same even now. As the plot progresses, Ryouma continues to love him even after discovering Izumi’s gender.

Number of episodes: 10

6) No. 6 (7.4)


Written by Atsuko Asano, the anime adaption aired in 2011 and has one season so far. The story features mystery, sci-fi, dystopian, and yaoi as its main genre. The plot is engaging and has a unique blend of the genre. You should definitely check out this yaoi anime on Crunchyroll.

The story is set in a dystopian era where the elite and poor live next to each other but are separated by a massive wall. Shion is a boy raised in the elite and privileged part of the city.

He takes an interest in a mysterious boy who probably belongs to the other part of the city and offers him shelter. Despite not knowing anything about him, Shion soon forms a bond with him amidst various dangers and mysteries lurking over them.

Number of episodes: 11

5) Junjo Romantica (7.7)


Written by Shungiku Nakamura, Junjo Romantica is one of the classic BL series that aired in 2008. Since the series is quite old, the art style features a sharp, thin, and long character design with a non-vibrant color palette. But the series is still popular to this day and adored by many.

The plot features three couples connected by some means, such as friends, acquaintances, or siblings. The main couple Misaki Takahashi and Akihiko Usami start off the story. Misaki is an average high school boy who one day encounters his older brother with a famous novelist, Akihiko, in an awkward situation.

But since Akihiko is friends with his older brother, he was around frequently and somehow ended up becoming his tutor. Misaki then finds out about all the BL novels written by Akihiko and doesn’t know how to be with him.

Watch the two become closer as they discover more of each other personalities and eventually develop feelings. Meanwhile, the stories of the other couples are also shown simultaneously.

Number of episodes: 24 (2 seasons)

4) Sasaki and Miyano (7.7)


Written by Sho Harusono, Sasaki and Miyano aired in 2016 and only has one season as of now. The manga as well is short and has 9 volumes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a short and fantastic bl to watch, this anime is it.

The plot features a romance between a high school delinquent, Sasaki, and his junior, who is secretly a fudanshi. Miyano tries to live his life peacefully and enjoy BL comics and books until he ends up at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

And that’s how he manages to pique Sasaki’s interest. With his interest piqued, Sasaki uses every opportunity to enter Miyano’s secretive and peaceful life to get closer to him.

Number of episodes: 12

3) GIVEN The Movie (7.7)



Given The movie is created by studio Lerche and became as much of a massive hit as the anime. So, we couldn’t just leave it off our list. Therefore, if you have already watched the anime, do not miss out on this amazing movie that serves as an ending arc for this popular yaoi anime on Crunchyroll.

The plot focuses more the other band members, Nakayama Haruki, Kaji Akihiko and Murata Ugetsu. It shows us what happens after they advance to the Countdown-fes Amateur Contest alongside Murata and Akihiko’s relationship. It also covers the character development of Mafuyu and Ritsuka.

Number of episodes: movie

2) Given (8.3)


Given is written and illustrated by Natsuki Kizu. The anime become a massive hit due to amazing OSTs, well-written characters, and romance. If you haven’t watched this amazing yaoi anime on Crunchyroll, you’re missing out big time.

The plot revolves around Ritsuka Uenoyama, who falls in love with Mafuyu Sato‘s voice. Since Ritsuka himself is in a band, he recruits Mafuyu as a vocalist, completing his band.

Therefore, they debut as “Given.” But the story is filled with heart-breaking and heart-warming romance at the same. The plot narrates the painful and tragic situations that the characters deal with when it comes to their feelings.

Number of episodes: 11

1) Yuri!!! on Ice (8.3)


Written by Sayo Yamamoto, Yuri on Ice is an award-winning anime series featuring epic OSTs and animation. You absolutely cannot miss out on this amazing yaoi anime on Crunchyroll. The plot features sports and yaoi as its main genre. The series features amazingly choreographed and unique routines by all the figure skaters.

The plot focuses on Yuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old figure skater who puts his promising career on hold after losing a few matches. But when he casually performed a routine by his idol, the famous Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov in his hometown, his video went viral.

So much so that it reaches Victor, and he decides to coach him at any cost. But that is not the only reason he is determined to visit him. When they begin their journey together as figure skaters, they eventually develop feelings for each other.

Number of episodes: 13

So now that we have reached number one on our list, we will conclude the article here. So, feel free to browse through and enjoy some more articles below.

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