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Blue Box: Is It Worth Watching? (Anime & Story Explained)

Last updated on February 28th, 2024 at 10:16 am

Blue Box anime recently got announced, and many fans have been excited to wait for the anime adaptation of this unique sports anime series. Blue Box is one of the most popular manga sports anime series, and it wasn’t a surprise when the anime adaptation was announced.

But we would love to know much about the Blue Box anime series. We will also discuss the series’ main plot, story, and major characters. On top of this, we would also discuss whether watching the anime is worth it.

For fans waiting for the anime adaptation who have just read the manga now, this article is for all of you. There will not be any major spoilers, so with all that’s said, let’s get back to our main question for this article.

Blue Box: Wiki

Blue Box: Wiki

Blue Box is commonly known as a sports manga with romance elements. In this way, the manga series had gathered a lot of fans during its circulation period, and it also has a huge fanbase now.

The manga series is still going on strongly, with around 133 chapters. Blue Box is a Shounen sports series at heart, so the manga series is available on the official Shounen Jump website.

It is also a weekly manga series, so you won’t have to wait longer for each chapter’s release. On to the anime series, the official announcement came that the series will start airing in 2024.

Telecom Animation Films is the one animating the Blue Box series. The animation studio is renowned for good anime adaptations of Orange and some of Lupin the 3rd and has experience animating Tower of God anime.

This is all our information on the Blue Box anime series. We must wait for the official announcements regarding this anime series to drop in.

Is It Worth Watching

Is It Worth Watching

This article aims to answer the main question: Is it worth watching the anime adaptation of Blue Box? How will the anime adaptation fare in comparison to the manga series?

Since we have some information about the anime series, let’s discuss that first. First, the popular animation studio Telecom Animation Films will be animating the Blue Box manga.

Looking back on their works, we can see several popular and good anime adaptations.

The manga has good art, which fans around the world appreciate. And we can expect Telecom Animation Films to re-create the magic with the adaptation of Blue Box.

Apart from this, the manga series has a great story, plot, and characters. The manga mainly depicts the reality of sports players, adding a layer of romance for the casual audience.

This provides more depth to the manga series and creates more wholesome moments. On top of this, the manga focuses on two different sports, badminton and basketball namely.

It is a bonus, as we see the different perspectives and feelings of characters playing different games.

Story & Plot

Story & Plot

The story of Blue Box follows Taiki Inomata, a second-year high school student enrolled in Eimei Academy. This school is known for having a major sports program and is a very prestigious school at that.

Taiki had joined the badminton team and aimed to be the first to practice every day. However, despite his best attempts, he is always the second person to attend the school gym.

Chinatsu always arrives before him, and she is also a rising star for her high school team. Meanwhile, Taiki is an average badminton player and has a huge crush on Chinatsu.

After some bizarre coincidences, Chinatsu starts living in Taiki’s house. Taiki resolves his will and starts working even harder to aim for the national tournament, just like his crush, Chinatsu.

Whether both of them will be able to achieve their goals or not forms the crux of the story.

Best Characters in Blue Box

1) Chinatsu Kano 

Chinatsu Kano

Chinatsu Kano is the female lead of the manga series and is a third-year student who is one of the members of the high school’s basketball team. She is a diligent and hardworking girl who wants to achieve her dream of participating in the national tournament.

She is extremely passionate about basketball and never gets demotivated, even after giving bad performances in some games. On top of this, she is also a very mature and kind girl, and due to her personality, she became an instant hit in the fanbase.

2) Taiki Inomata 

Taiki Inomata

Taiki is the series’s main protagonist and second-year student in the badminton club. He is also very determined to achieve his goals for the national tournament.

Like his crush, Chinatsu, he is passionate about badminton and a hard worker. He is also very observant of his surroundings and notices every detail about badminton and his friends.

Moreover, Taiki is also very kind but initially has a very stubborn attitude.

3) Hina Chono

Hina Chono

Hina is one of the series’ supporting cast members and Taiki’s classmate. Like others, she is also extremely devoted to gymnastics and always tries to do what’s best to improve her skills.

She is also a very cute and sweet girl who always looks out for her friends. Although she dislikes working hard, she is willing to do anything to achieve her goals in gymnastics.

She also had a crush on Taiki but was rejected by him since Taiki was already in love with Chinatsu.

Blue Box Anime Adaptation

Blue Box Anime Adaptation

Regarding the Blue Box anime information, we will have to wait for more time to get detailed information about the series. All we know about the series so far is that it will air in 2024.

The studio adapting this series is Telecom Animation Film, produced by Unlimited Produce by TMS. A few anime series the studio has adapted well are Orange, Don’t Toy With Me Nagatoro, and many other Lupin the Third series.

On top of this, they had also recently worked on the anime adaptation of the sequel manga series of Seven Deadly Sins, The Four Knights of Apocalypse. The series had gained much fame because of the adaptation only.

This concludes our article on all of the information we have about Blue Box anime and whether it’s worth watching the series. Check out our other articles here for more interesting and unique article ideas.

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