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Top 20 God Tier Anime Characters Of All Time | Updated

Planets? Galaxies? Universe? or even Multiverse? Is there any peck of reality in all planes of the space-time continuum that has not yet been breached by the stupendously powerful characters of the anime universe? No, there are none. The anime and manga series released to date have introduced a plethora of unimaginable power levels to us by their ever-increasing overpowered characters. Here we are listing out the top 20 god tier characters from all anime and manga out there but only one from each title.

That means only the top strongest entity, who can nullify every other character in the series, is mentioned. So are you ready for the ultimate list generated from the mass of comments and discussions by the fellow otakus? Read further for the whole list of characters with their series title.

Top 20 God Tier Anime Characters Of All Time

20) Absolute Being (Solo Leveling)

The Absolute Being

The very name of the Absolute Being gives it away as one of the god tier characters in anime or manga (or manhwa, in this case). The Absolute Being is the creator of all life, having to ability to create both the living and the nonliving from nothing. 

He is also capable of manifesting powerful objects with special abilities; one example being the Cup of Reincarnation. However, despite the vast amount of power he possesses, these powers are not offensive in nature and aren’t suited for battle. This leads to the Rulers being able to kill him.

19) Yoriichi Tsugikuni (Demon Slayer)

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

In Demon Slayer, Muzan Kibutsuji, the original demon, has been thought to be the strongest character for a long time. That is until the existence of Yoriichi Tsugikuni is revealed. Yoriichi was a demon slayer 400 years ago and the only person to have nearly killed Muzan.

He was the first user of Sun Breathing, the strongest and the original breathing style. Yoriichi was naturally so strong that nobody could imitate his movements. His encounter with Muzan created a fear so deep within the demon’s mind that he’d been afraid of even the thought of Yoriichi for hundreds of years.

18) Ymir Fritz (Attack on Titan)

Ymir Fritz

The world of Attack on Titan is dark and bleak which is why even the most powerful character in this world seems more like a curse than a gift. In a world where titans mindlessly devour humans and humanity is fighting for its survival, Ymir Fritz is the one who started it all.

Ymir was a slave of King Fritz as a child and one day encountered a being that gave her the power to transform into a titan: the Founding Titan. Ever since then, she fought countless battles for King Fritz as a titan, and after her death, her three daughters ate her corpse, gaining the power of turning into titans themselves, starting the chain of events that would change the world forever.

17) Sakura Matou (Fate Stay/Night: Heaven’s Feel)

Sakura Matou

The Fate universe is huge with a lot of powerful characters. But the strongest character of the universe as of yet is Sakura Matou from Fate Stay/Night. She’s the main heroine of the Heaven’s Feel route and serves as a side character in both Saber and Rin’s routes.

Sakura is actually the daughter of Tokiomi and Aoi Tohsaka and the younger sister of Rin. She was given to the Matou family to act as an heir but she suffered torture all her life instead. In the Heaven’s Feel route, she becomes the Lesser Holy Grail, and her personality is twisted into an evil version: the godly powerful Dark Sakura.

16) Isshiki Otsutsuki (Boruto)

Isshiki Otsutsuki

Isshiki Otsutsuki is the partner of Kaguya Otsutsuki, the prime antagonist in the Naruto series. Naruto Shippuden ended with the heroes defeating Kaguya, but it was later revealed that Kaguya was a lower-ranked Oktsutsuki fated to be sacrificed to the ten-tails, although she betrayed Isshiki, thus the Naruto story.

Isshiki is her superior, possessing immense chakra and physical abilities, higher than any Boruto character. As the leader of the Kara Organization, he has complete sovereignty over every chakra’s abilities at a universal level.

15) ZeedMillenniummon (Digimon)


ZeedMillenniummon is an Evil God Digimon. Flying freely between space and time, it is a king of evil that is still trying to destroy all eras and worlds. He wields an invulnerable arsenal of space and time alteration attacks, giving him total control over any dimension he steps foot in.

As for the bands that wrap around him, it is said that they are like chains that suppress their abilities, but it is unknown who could cast such a spell on him. However, it is foretold that if it is released from this spell, it will rain unfathomable destruction upon the Digital World itself.

14) Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Haruhi Suzumiya

The character of Haruhi Suzumiya is set at a highly debatable and fragile spot, as she holds infinitesimally spanning power and abilities but unknown to herself. We learn in the story that she has the power to create and destroy reality, worlds, time, and space but doesn’t realize it herself, thus happens subconsciously.

Her mere want can create parallel timelines, the existence of aliens or espers, and speculation states that she will create this world as we see it. Most peculiar of all, she can create closed realities to regenerate the world again.

13) Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-blade (Monogatari series)

Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-blade

Kiss-shot (Shinobu Oshino), as we know her, is the strongest oddity in the Monogatari series, thus being the most powerful ever. Living for centuries, she has been deemed as the god, devil, monster, and apex predator of the whole world. She has the power to create and diminish life itself. In an alternate reality, she even deformed the world after she crushed every living creature and destroyed the moon.

Kiss-shot even fended away from the apparition checker, on top of her immortality, giving her the power to even paradox the basic laws of apparitions.

12) The Chainsaw Devil (Chainsaw Man)

Chainsaw Man

Talking about apparitions that come to life from people’s fear and beliefs. Chainsaw Man is a similar series that harbors the ultimate nullification of the immortal devils themselves. The Chainsaw Devil, the first and the last, is the one who dictates the very existence of all other apparitions and devils.

With extreme strength and omniscient abilities, he can render useless even the mighty devils who can alter reality and space itself. He can obscurely reject a fear by just eating the respective devil. No doubt he is the god of oddities and apparitions.

11) Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy)

Anos Voldigod

The titular protagonist of The Misfit of Demon King Academy, Anos Voldigoad is another god-tier anime character to look out for. In the Mythical Age, he was the Demon King of Tyranny and the singularly powerful being. After being reincarnated in the Magic Age, he discovers himself to be all the more powerful in this comparatively weaker world.

Being the demon king, Anos possesses a great deal of power and magical abilities. He’s able to do all sorts of powerful destructive magic and can destroy the world in a blink. Along with all this power, Anos also wields the magical sword Venuzdonoa, the Abolisher of Reason that allows him to destroy anything that exists.

10) Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Rimuru Tempest

Isekai anime protagonists tend to be wildly overpowered. But even among them, Rimuru Tempest shines as one of the god tier anime characters of all time. And unlike most OP isekai protagonists, he isn’t bland but an interesting and likable hero.

In a typical isekai fashion, a middle-aged office worker dies and is reincarnated in a fantasy world as a slime. But he soon discovers the true extent of the potential of the lowly creature. By the middle of the story, Rimuru becomes the True Demon Lord and the strongest being in his universe.

9) Maitreya (God of Highschool)


Mujin Park is the most powerful human in the history of the God of Highschool. With power bestowed by the primal god Tathagatha himself, Mujin became the Maitreya. Consequentially he gained the ability to uptake any other power before his eyes, no matter how unfathomable.

Even the gods of the sage, heaven, and divine realm couldn’t stand a chance against him. Most peculiar of all, with his consciousness, he even suppressed the primal god who gave him this power in the first place. Planetary and galaxy-level destruction is just for naught to him.

8) Saitama (One Punch Man)


No introduction is needed for one of the strongest anime characters of all time and no explanation is needed to justify why he’s among the god tier anime characters of all time. Saitama is a human superhero who has achieved the pinnacle of power.

He is so powerful that he can destroy any opponent with just one punch. And sometimes, even a flick of Saitama’s fingers is enough to assimilate an opponent. He’s the strongest being on Earth and capable of making even extra-terrestrial or mythical beings run for their money.

7) Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Monkey D. Luffy

There is no one on this planet who has even the tiniest bit of interest in anime and hasn’t heard of Monkey D. Luffy. One of the most iconic anime characters of all time, Luffy is the protagonist of One Piece and our most beloved pirate, aspiring to become the King of Pirates.

As a protagonist, Luffy was always destined to become strong. But after unlocking his Gear 5, he reaches a godly level as the truth behind his Devil Fruit is revealed. In his Gear 5, Luffy transforms into the Sun God Nika and gains the unbelievable ability to move and do whatever he wants however much his imagination permits.

6) Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100) 

Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob as we know him, is the most powerful esper in the whole anime universe. From simple Telekenisis to otherworldly astral projections, he has complete control over all oddities, spirits, anomalies, calamities, and physics laws. At 100% output of power, he easily demolished cities and deformed the earth, all while preventing casualties too.

His superb control and convenient abilities rake him this high rank on the list. His occasional “???%” power level once created friction between the dimensions endangering the existence of the universe itself.

5) Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo

Ever since Jujutsu Kaisen was released and even more since its anime debut, Satoru Gojo became the face of anime globally. Currently, one of the most popular and beloved anime characters of all time, Gojo is also counted among the god tier characters in anime. 

Gojo is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of the modern era, having inherited both of his clan’s most powerful cursed techniques: Six Eyes and Limitless. Limitless gives Gojo a wide range of extremely strong abilities, including Infinity which makes him literally untouchable, while Six Eyes allows him to see the world at the atomic level.

4) Yhwach (Bleach)


The final antagonist of Bleach is also the series’ most powerful character and one of the god tier characters in anime. Yhwach is the son of the Soul King and the progenitor of the Quincy, known as the Father of the Quincy. He’s also the emperor of the Wandenreich.

Yhwach’s abilities are so vast that it’ll take a while for us to discuss them completely. He has an ability called The Almighty, which is clue enough of his godly powers, that allows him to see everything from the past into the vast future and change anything he wants in that future. And that’s just one fraction of his entire power level.

3) Nanika (Hunter x Hunter)


Only one thing can counter the immeasurable esper powers, physical strength, and space fabric alteration, i.e., “illogical manifestation of imaginary circumstances.” Nanika is a being from the Dark Continent who resides inside Alluka, the younger sibling of Killua Zoldyck. Alluka and Nanika are introduced late in the story as it is revealed that Nanika holds the power to create and destroy circumstances themselves.

No mass of energy, a force of Nen, or magic can propagate without her will. She has all the abilities as Haruhi Suzumiya, just that Nanika is actually conscious of her powers. The real extent of her powers rests with her imagination itself.

2) Zeno (Dragon Ball) 


Grand Zeno, the Omni-King, is the supreme ruler of all the Multiverse and, seemingly, its most powerful being in the Dragon Ball series. Zeno has the ability to erase multiple universes from the plane of existence in all paths of time. On top of that, he retains after destroying his current dimension by just moving into the future.

He easily erased and reinstated 11 other universes in the blink of an eye demonstrating ultimate sovereignty over every other creature in the multiverse. Although he never fought, he is stated to be undefeated nevertheless.

1) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Gurren Lagann)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

By combining his own Spiral Power with his comrades, Simon created the true titular entity, which he titles, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, in the final battle against the Anti-Spirals. Not actually a mecha by traditional means, the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is actually a mass of continuously materialized Spiral Power on the scale of a Super Spiral galaxy.

After absorbing the Multiverse Labyrinth, it could attack at the level of a Supernova’s Big Bang. Over reality wrapping, it can also create mass from nothing and manipulate time and reality itself.

These are the most powerful and influential characters in the anime universe to date. Be them on the side of good or evil; these are the unbeatables from their respective anime series. Subscribe to our website for more updates on power charts and lists like these. We will be back soon with more recommendations and similar titles to the most popular anime and manga out there. Until then, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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