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Blue Lock Chapter 215 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date (Uber’s Counter Attack)

Last updated on April 16th, 2023 at 12:19 am

Blue Lock Chapter 215 increases our expectations for what is about to come in this match. Aiku thinks that Isagi’s new weapon is like a cheat code, and he also manages to figure out something else besides this.

Lorenzo says that he is worth 50 million, and he will mark both Kaiser and Isagi as the double ace. Isagi retorts, but Lorenzo shuts him off by saying that it was only a lucky goal.

Ubers is still raring to go after this. Isagi notices that Lorenzo is not moving up, and other players are maintaining possession with a slow tempo. He thinks the attack point is still Barou and focuses on him.

The scene shifts to Italy Stratum when everyone else meets Snuffy for the first time. He first asks them what football is to them and what would happen if they are unable to play football.

Just when no one has any answers, he says that football is just another job. And he further adds that he had prepared strategies based on everyone’s talents and covered most of their situations.

If they still manage to lose, Snuffy said that he would take full responsibility for the loss. Niko thinks that this is very interesting, and they can be exponentially stronger than they were before.

Just when Isagi gets the ball, Barou says get him, and three players come at full speed in a coordinated attack to do a high press. Isagi does not get the time to use his meta vision or pass the ball as Niko already stole the ball.

Isagi understood that Uber’s tactic now could be broken down into three steps. The first one is attacking slowly through low-risk strategies. In case the ball is intercepted, the players will do a fast and coordinated high press to regain control.

Lastly, they use this chance to counter. Isagi perceives that this is impossible for one player and that every player in Uber now has the same ideas and visions, making all of them a single organism.

Blue Lock Chapter 215 Spoilers-Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 215 Spoilers-Predictions

The first thing in the next chapter should be Uber’s scoring a goal or coming close to scoring one. Kaiser’s whereabouts are unknown, and he might have already read this attack.

Knowing how and when the attack would be most vulnerable would give Kaiser and Ness a chance to strike back on what they lost. Of course, Lorenzo would constantly be on the look for Kaiser, so he might have to use some other strategy.

Raichi still has to prove his worth at times like these when Lorenzo is not dribbling. This way, it would become easier for him to use his weapon and read his opponent’s center of gravity.

Kunigami also has not done much in this match, and he also needs to show the reason behind his selection in Basterd Munchen. Coming to Uber, it seems that their attack pattern would be very fast, as they utilize this small delay to launch a counter.

Most probably, they would end up scoring, using all the tactics and techniques they have learned. This would showcase their team’s strength and the way they fight.

Even if Kurona had understood some of the player’s moves, he still might be unable to stop this attack. The same goes for other BM players, too, as this kind of formation might be the first time Uber’s showing it.

Blue Lock Chapter 215 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 215 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 215 should release on April 16th. The title of the next chapter is Succession, and it might focus on how Snuffy passed on his tactics to the team.

The raw scans generally release around each Saturday, so we will also be updating the same in the article when the full spoilers are released.

With this, we close off our article on Blue Lock Chapter 215. With more interesting and newer topics, we will be back again with another post, so make sure to check these in the meantime.

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