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Sexiest Celebrities With Small Ears ( Male & Female 2023)

It’s a fact that ears may not be counted among the attractive features, but they can undoubtedly alter how you appear. In the list below, a few celebrities are listed as having relatively small ears. But they didn’t let their attractiveness fade; instead, they added another charm.

Sexiest Celebrities With Small Ears

1. Brad Pitt

Full NameWilliam Bradley Pitt
BirthdayDecember 18
Age59 years
Popular Movies/ SeriesBabylon, Troy, Fury, World War Z

Brad Pitt has taken on the responsibility of never disappointing his fans. Throughout his career, he has played countless roles as a leading actor and given justice to them all.

Pitt’s achievements and contribution to the industry remain untouchable, and he has become an unforgettable star. His handsome face has something else to notice, including his small ears, which keep his charm intact.

2. Ryan Gosling

Full NameRyan Thomas Gosling
BirthdayNovember 12
Age42 years
Popular Movies/ SeriesBarbie, Blade Runner, The Notebook

You can agree on the fact that Gosling has given some of the most memorable and entertaining films, which were commercially successful at the box office.

His work has made him a worldwide star and gained immense recognition and popularity. Ryan’s looks are another factor to appreciate and compliment, especially his ears, which just make him look right.

3. Hugh Jackman

Full NameHugh Michael Jackman
BirthdayOctober 12
Age54 years
Popular Movies/ SeriesX-Men, Logan, Les Misérables

The Australian actor has won many hearts and awards for his remarkable acting in several projects. Despite being in his 50s, he is maintaining his physique. Hugh is well-known for his role as Wolverine.

Jackman’s small ears suit his face and don’t give him an uncanny look.

4. Miley Cyrus

Full NameMiley Ray Cyrus
BirthdayNovember 23
Age30 years
Popular Movies/ SeriesHannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Titled Pop Chameleon, Miley Cyrus has been a sensational phenomenon in his entire career. She is one of the most powerful and popular celebrities and is highly admired and loved by her fans.

A singer, actress, and songwriter has won numerous accolades for her exceptional singing and acting talents. Her songs are undoubtedly badly addictive, and her character, Hannah Montana, remains one of the most iconic.

Miley has an attractive and appealing face, but she has relatively small ears as compared to others.

5. Colton Haynes

Full NameColton Lee Haynes
BirthdayJuly 13
Age35 years
Popular Movies/ SeriesTeen Wolf, Arrow, San Andreas

Do you remember Jackson Whittemore from Teen Wolf? Yes, that’s Colton, who played the role and instantly caught the audience’s attention.

He has worked in other films, television series, video games, and music videos. The actor and model have been one of the hottest personalities there. And I prefer you not to see his pictures from the 20s because it will be hard to resist.

Colton Haynes has a long, U-shaped face with small eyes. And on his long face, he has small ears, which are evident in photos.


These famous people have small ears, but they decide not to let that get in the way of their careers. Instead, they accepted it as one of their many traits. And it definitely gives them a sense of uniqueness. There’s no doubt that you can recognize them even from afar.

Do small things with great love. 

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