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How Many Are Not Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence In Boruto (With Reasons)

Ever since the manga revealed Eida’s omnipotence, she changed the whole course of the series. It affected almost everyone on Earth, and the entire order of events and people’s memories altered.

But, she still didn’t manage to charm everyone, as they were still a select few who still remember the original incidents. Who are those characters, and how did they retain their memories in the face of Eida’s Divine Power?

It will be the main question we tackle in our article. There might be spoilers for the recent Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter, so catch up to the manga series.

Eida’s Omnipotence Explained

Eida's Omnipotence Explained

Eida’s Divine power is pretty simple, as it realizes the deepest wishes of someone and grants them. Eida had merely granted the wish of Kawaki, making his deepest desires a reality.

Kawaki had wanted to change places with Boruto, and this is what had happened. It was mentioned that this power is comparable to God’s power who utilizes it to create new worlds.

This divine power has no flaws, and most characters think that Kawaki is the son of Naruto and Boruto is an outsider. This alone is enough to show how powerful this reality-altering spell is.

The only flaw in Eida’s case is that some people still remember the original events. Other people have noticed that some things aren’t making sense in this new reality.

And most of all, Eida does not have control of this power, nor does she know what it is. This info drop was by Momoshiki when Eida used this power for the first time in the series.

How Many Are Not Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence In Boruto?

How Many Are Not Affected By Eida's Omnipotence In Boruto?

In the series, only two characters have been confirmed not to have been affected by Eida’s Divine power. This is a surprise, as Eida’s energy is said to possess no flaws and should logically charm everyone.

1) Sarada Uchiha 

The first character who noticed the change in events was Sarada. Even after Eida used her powers and other characters were hell-bent on saying that Boruto was the one who killed Naruto, she still couldn’t buy it.

She also tried to prove the innocence of Boruto, but she has no claims to back her arguments. Even now, she still tries to convince other characters like Shikamaru that Boruto is not guilty.

Because of her, Sasuke noticed something was amiss and saved Boruto. Sarada still tries to find ways to negate Eida’s power and prove Boruto’s innocence.

Now, coming to the main reason for not being affected by Eida’s power. Eida’s ability isn’t directly love but is the stimulation to make your heart pound for someone or something.

Since Sarada had already cared about Boruto’s well-being for a long time, she could remain unaffected. Another critical part is her particular Uchiha lineage. Sasuke also had Otsutsuki Chakra before Sarada’s birth.
Some of this chakra might have been gifted to her, which would then negate the effects of Eida’s power.

2) Sumire Kakei 

The second character who was completely unaffected by Eida’s power was Sumire. However, we know from previous chapters that she was never once charmed by Eida’s power.

Shikamaru also said that this could come into play later, and she could kill Eida if the latter becomes an enemy of Konoha. This secret was only known to a select few people, which said that Sumire was immune to Eida’s charm.

That’s why she also tries to play safe when talking with Eida. First, we know that Sumire has a tailed beast called Nue inside her. This tailed beast was made from Hashirama’s cells, which also have some concentration of Otsutsuki chakra.

All of this implies that Sumire has at least a shred of Otsutsuki’s chakra inside of her, which automatically makes her immune to Eida’s powers. She might also have a crush on someone, which would also negate Eida’s powers.

Characters Who May Not Be Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence

Characters Who May Not Be Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence

These characters might not be affected by Eida’s omnipotence, and they might be acting as being charmed by her power. And some of these characters have already noticed something wrong with their memories and the events.

1) Shikamaru Nara

First, we have the most intelligent person in Konoha and probably the whole series, Shikamaru Nara. We see that he became the next Hokage after Naruto, but he seems to believe Boruto is guilty of betraying Konoha.

It could be an act since he is too intelligent and will notice that some of his memories and events aren’t consistent. He might be putting up a front because he is the Hokage now.

Shikamaru will only act after realizing the full capability of Eida’s power. He would only make a move once he understood her ability fully and found ways to negate her divine power.

Even if his memories are changed, he would still remember that Sumire is immune to Eida’s power. This is Shikamaru’s plan for now, given his IQ level.

2) Himawari Uzumaki 

We cannot say that Himawari wasn’t affected by her power. Instead, she doesn’t believe Boruto killed her father. She knows how Boruto kept his life on the line to protect Naruto

Even if Eida’s charm is active, she cannot believe that Boruto could kill Naruto. Also, she believes that Naruto isn’t dead and still alive somewhere. Himawari also says that she would like to become stronger to help Boruto. 

She has some Otsutsuki chakra, so she doesn’t believe the altered memories fully. Although she still doesn’t retain all of her original memories, this will likely happen once she confronts Boruto. 

3) Sasuke Uchiha

Finally, Sasuke noticed that some events and his memories didn’t make sense. According to his memories, he also noticed that Boruto had the headband, which Kawaki should have possessed.

He was also only able to realize that something was wrong after the pleas of his daughter Sarada. Sarada also managed to activate Mangekyo Sharingan when explaining this to him.

These are all confirmed and possible characters who weren’t affected by Eida’s omnipotence. Check some of our articles here for more exciting and similar content.

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