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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Spoilers & Release Date (Cell Max Awakens)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 would get even better, and we can expect some good fights too. The chapter starts with Bulma recruiting people to help Gohan and Piccolo in their battle against Hedo.

We see that Orange Piccolo is super strong, and he easily overpowers Gamma 2. Pan also joins in the fight, taking down several of Dr Hedo’s soldiers. Gamma 2 also quits fighting, and Piccolo asks Gohan and Gamma 1 to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Magenta is rushing to activate Cell Max. Dr. Hedo is trying to stop him, as Cell Max wasn’t entirely constructed. Magenta, however, is stung by Hachimaru and is about to die.

In his dying moments, he manages to activate Cell Max. Bulma also reaches the location of Gohan and Piccolo with extra reinforcements. We see Goten, Trunks, Android 18, and Krillin are what she came up with.

Dr. Hedo tries to stop this process but to no avail. Cell Max is finally unleashed but in his imperfect state. Cell Max starts his destruction, and the Gammas are now searching for him.

They try to avoid Cell Max’s attacks and land a spell on him, but it doesn’t do any damage. Gohan understands this situation and tosses a Senzu bean to Gohan, but the latter cannot catch it, and it falls into the crevice.

So, Goten and Trunks transform into their Saiyaman costumes to fight against Cell Max.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Spoilers & Raw Scans

We expect to see Beast Gohan in the following few chapters. The next chapter should be filled with the fights of Cell Max, with some of the other characters.

  • The Gammas know that there is a weakness in Cell Max, which is on the top of its head
  • However, they should first penetrate Cell Max’s skin to reach this. 
  • Orange Piccolo now also joins in this fight against Cell Max. 
  • He aims an Explosive Demon Wave right at Cell Max’s weak point. 
  • This attack does not damage Cell Max, as he easily shrugs this attack off. 
  • Goten and Trunks try to fuse up to defeat Cell Max. 
  • Unexpectedly, they transform into the fat version of Gotenks but still try to create problems for Cell Max. 
  • Cell Max uses Gotenks as a pinball to damage the other characters. 
  • Despite this, Gotenks manages to headbutt Cell Max exactly on his weak point, which also develops some cracks in that area. 
  • Gamma 2 tries to sacrifice himself, putting all of his energy into a special attack. 
  • He charges himself fully and is ready to pierce through Cell Max. 
  • And, with the help of the other members, he also gets the timing to attack. 
  • But Cell Max still manages to avoid this attack, but he loses his arm in the process.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 should release on September 20th, bringing us some of the most exciting fights of the manga series. We have been waiting for this long, and it is finally in manga format.

The raw scans and spoilers will release a few days before the release date of the official chapter. We will update them in this article, so make sure to check this article once the full spoilers are released.

This will conclude our article on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 spoilers & raw scans. Check some of our other articles over here for similar and more exciting content.

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