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Is Whis Stronger than Beerus? Whis vs. Beerus, Based on Dragon Ball Manga

In this article, we will be pitting the two most known-about and widely popular godly entities in the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, against each other – Beerus and his Angel attendant Whis and answering the question, “Is Whis Stronger than Beerus?”

The answer is yes. All Angels are stronger than Gods of Destruction. But that doesn’t make Beerus less powerful. Based on destructive powers, Beerus has the upper hand over Whis.

In the manga, it is mentioned numerous times that Whis is stronger than Beerus, but Whis, himself, unveils that no one is stronger than Beerus, and if he fights seriously, then the whole universe gets destroyed.

Therefore, in our opinion, Whis and Beerus demonstrate Goku and Vegeta. We all know that Goku is more powerful than Vegeta, but that doesn’t make him weak. Every time they push their limit and learn different techniques to oppose each other.

Since in Dragon Ball Super, the manga is ahead of the anime adaptation; we will be comparing these two based on their powers and abilities in the manga.

Early on in the Dragon Ball Super verse, Goku and his fellow fighters were introduced to Beerus and Whiz, who were godly entities, far more powerful than they could ever imagine.

In a Throwback to Dragon Ball Z, the Old Supreme Kai mentioned Beerus as an evil being who sealed him.

Later in the story, however, we eventually get to know that both of them are supposed to be neutral entities who don’t adhere to a universal sense of justice or rightfulness.

Who is Whis? Power & Abilities


Whis is the Angel companion and attendant for the God of Destruction of Universe 7, Beerus. He is also the martial arts master and trainer for Beerus.

His primary weapon of choice in training seems to be his staff which also allows him to use various abilities and act as a catalyst of sorts in situations such as traveling in space and using power to rewind back time. Even after this, Whis is proficient in terms of hand-to-hand combat, as seen in his training Goku.

His staff also doubles up as a communication device, providing access to other dimensions which Whis uses to store materials and to travel through space with Beerus or by himself.

He comes from the realm of Angels and is the son of Grand Priest. Being an Angel, Whis can use Ultra Instinct on a different level which is called the Autonomous Ultra Instinct. He was trained by his elder sister, Vados (the Angel attendant for Universe 6’s God of Destruction), thousands of years ago.

Autonomous Ultra Instinct can be used by Whis since he was born as an Angel. This form is on a different and higher level than the Ultra Instinct.

 Autonomous Ultra Instinct is the honed version of Mastered Ultra Instinct. It is also highly likely that Whis and the previous God of Destruction of Universe 7 taught Beerus to use Energy of Destruction and Ultra Instinct.

As of the end of Granolah the Survivor Saga, Whis is training Goku and Vegeta as a successor candidates for the post of God of Destruction. 

Broly was also seen on Beerus’ planet, learning to control the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, and since he was allowed to train on the planet, it means that Whis sees him as a potential candidate for a God of Destruction.

Although on a surface level, most of his actions seem to be motivated by food and other culinary delicacies, sometime Whis also acts in favor of Goku and his companions, for when Freeza destroyed Earth when he lost to Vegeta and when he saved Gowasu from Zamasu thus preventing Goku’s death.

Whis also feels proud when Vegeta and Goku show the results of their training, as when Vegeta first realizes his near ascension to Super Saiyan Blue and Goku’s transformation to Ultra Instinct and, furthermore, Mastered Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power.


  • Autonomous Ultra Instinct – Born as an Angel, Whis was able to use Ultra Instinct from the beginning, and as Beerus mentions to Vegeta, Whis is always in his “Instinct State.”
  • Control over time – Using his staff as a catalyst of sorts, Whis is able to turn back time when it is absolutely necessary to do so, instances such as Earth’s destruction by Freeza, preventing Gowasu’s death, and when Beerus destroyed a planet without need.
  • Access to other dimensions – Whis’s staff also lets him go to special dimensions, one of which we see him sending Goku and Vegeta to train their ki control.

Who is Beerus? Power & Abilities


Beerus is the main antagonist in the Dragon Ball Super series in Destruction God Beerus Arc and later a supporting character from the protagonist’s side, although he’s supposed to be a neutral entity.

As a God of Destruction, Beerus is supposed to “destroy” beings and objects to maintain the balance of the universe he’s tasked with. Naturally, there are times when others pose resistance to him but to no avail, as he has mastered the energy of destruction, which allows him to completely erase anyone in existence.

This power is only relatively inferior to the Angle’s time control (temporal do-overs) and the Super Dragon Balls. This is shown on several occasions when races on various planets that couldn’t satisfy his gourmet side were destroyed without much thought.

At face value, it is very clear that Beerus is the most powerful being to be allowed to use his power to the full extent, as opposed to Angels, if the situations demand fit, making him a cut above all the Z warriors and other previous antagonists like Cell and Majin Boo.

The differences in powers of the Gods of Destructions cannot be taken into consideration since it is taboo for two Gods of Destructions to fight each other as it would result in the Universe in place to be destroyed as well.

This is mentioned by Whis and Vados when Beerus and his brother, the God of Destruction of Universe 6, Champa, fight each other over petty differences.

In other instances, it is claimed by various characters that Jiren as a mortal, has surpassed the Gods of Destruction in terms of strength, which is highly debatable.

The Gods of Destruction are the strongest warriors in their respectable Universes and generally have their power suppressed since they don’t use their Energy of Destruction every time.


  • Ultra Instinct – As seen in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 28, we see all Gods of Destructions fight against each other, and Beerus quite easily dodges all attacks from other Gods of Destruction using Ultra Instinct which was taught by Whis to him.
  • Energy of Destruction – The original power of a God of Destruction, which allows them to use Hakai and can erase anything.
  • As an ascended being, he has immune to poison and has immense power and speed. He can also use Ultra Ego, which he taught Vegeta in the Granolah the Survivor Saga.

Whis vs. Beerus in Dragon Ball | Comparison

Whis vs Beerus
Whis vs Beerus

1) Based on Power

Being the God of Destruction for millions of years and having expertise in the technique and use of Energy of Destruction, Beerus edges over Whis in terms of power.

Whis cannot use his full power in battle, but Beerus can since he has the authority to wield his power to its maximum limits if the situation demands so. This makes him stronger in-situational battle.

2) Based on Abilities

Users of two different techniques – Autonomous Ultra Instinct and Energy of Destruction makes it difficult to compare these two, but since Whis is the teacher of Beerus, he is on a higher stage, if not equal, to Beerus in terms of Abilities.

3) Based on Defense

Angels’ Ultra Instinct techniques surpass that of Gods of Destruction and mortals, and since it also strengthens the body physically, as seen via Goku’s Ultra Instinct, hence Whis has a better defense than Beerus.

Beerus’ specialty, use of the Energy of Destruction, is solely focused on destructive power, while Ultra Instinct prioritizes defense over offense, although it varies from its user.

4) Based on Experience

On one hand, Beerus has 75 million years of experience; on the other hand, Whis is the one who taught Beerus but is merely an attendant to the God of Destruction, which puts but of them on near equal terms since Beerus can and has used his power in battle, but Whis has never, even though he’s stronger.

Since Whis’ job only requires him to provide support to the Beerus, he never has to step into a battle-like situation.

5) Based on Techniques

As Beerus said to Vegeta in a Chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, the Gods of Destruction have a technique comparable to the Angels’ Autonomous Ultra Instinct which puts both of their techniques equal, but it highly depends on the user of the technique and their strength.

So, we’ll have to keep Whis a step above Beerus in this category since we have seen more drawbacks of the Ultra Ego technique rather than Ultra Instinct.

Is Whis Stronger than Beerus?

Whis is overall stronger than Beerus, but unfortunately, the law of Angles prohibits him from using his full power in either battle or training. So we will most likely never get to see Whis at his full power, but Beerus himself claims that Whis is stronger than him after his fight with Super Saiyan God Goku.

Whis was born as a godly entity, that is, an Angel, and as said by Beerus, Angles are always in Instinct, which implies that Whis had more time to hone his Autonomous Ultra Instinct since he was born with the ability.

Being born a mortal, Beerus could have only learned about the powers and duties of a God of Destruction after having reached a certain power level before. Whiz then taught him about Ultra Instinct and the Energy of Destruction.

Even though Beerus claim that the Gods of Destruction have a technique comparable to the Ultra Instinct of the Angels, when asked by Vegeta in chapter 68 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, The Ultra Ego, the fact remains that Whis is stronger than Beerus till now.

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