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(2021) Top 30 Most Powerful Characters in Noblesse Ranked

Last updated on January 20th, 2024 at 04:36 pm

Noblesse has been the most popular among the old Webtoons, and it was among the first manhwas to get an anime adaptation. Even before collaborating with Naver Webtoon, Noblesse had enjoyed a lot of popularity since its release back in 2007.

The series ended  in 2019 with a total of 544 chapters. It has had a spin-off novel named ‘Alpha,’ which was discontinued later, and a non-story novel named ‘Noblesse S,’ the daily life of Raizel, RK, and other friends.

Throughout the story, the action never disappoints; rather, it just keeps building the craze for more. So let’s lay down the Top 30 Most Powerful Characters in Noblesse.

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters in Noblesse-

  • 30) Seira J. Loyard-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: @looyardjs (twitter)

She is a noble and the current head of the Loyard Clan. She is indifferent towards her surrounding but strongly abides by the beliefs of nobles.

The stories related to the Grimm Reaper in human folklores trace its origin to this clan.

Seira possesses the soul equipment Death Scythe also known as the Death Scythe of the Grimm Reaper which is a really powerful equipment.

She unleashes deadly blows from this scythe which can cut through almost anything and almost instantly.

  • 29) M-21-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: @BoobyRoss03 (imgur.com)

He is one of the earliest experiments of the Union that were deemed failed and were discarded by Doctor Crombell. However, laters he develops the ability that of werewolves.

He realizes the true essence of his power when he is awakened by Raizel. Initially, he was only able to transform his hand.

But after the correct guidance of Frankenstein, he was able to unleash his true werewolf form. Just like the werewolves, he possesses immense physical strength and explosive regeneration capabilities.

  • 28) Rozaria Elenor-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: tumbral

She is a noble and one of the current clan leaders of Lukedonia. She possesses Blood Witch through which she can release deadly beams of energy.

Also, she possesses unique teleportation skills. Her most deadly attack Divine Judgement consists of a magic circle which once activated unleashes her wrath on the enemy.

This attack consumes a lot of time and energy hence, she is not able to conjure another magic circle instantly.

  • 27) Ludis Mergas-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: @Jessica Fraze (Pinterest)

He is a noble who is the current head of the Mergas Clan. He is the Guardian of Lukedonia as it is the responsibility of the Mergas Clan to protect Lukedonia against any external threat.

He can create barriers that were able to withhold the effects of the battle between Raskeria and Raizel.

Later, when Gradeus invaded Lukedonia he trapped him in his barrier, and it was really difficult for Gradues to break through one.

He fought bravely and was ready to give his own life to protect the Lord and his home- Lukedonia.

  • 26) Karias Blerster

Image Source: Devaintart

He is a noble and one of the current 8 clan leaders in Lukedonia. After his father entered eternal sleep with the previous Lord, Karias inherited the seat of the clan leader of Bester.

He seemed like a jolly-loving character most of the time in the story, but soon as the last fights commenced, he showed his serious nature.

He became extremely powerful when he saw his younger siblings get overpowered in the battles.

Being one of the eldest of the new clan leaders, he has immense strength and outstanding maneuver.

His Kor. is ‘Amore,’ long Black Bow, which shots huge arrows made of his aura.

Which, when released, turns into a red fireball and blasted off many buildings in a row.

When released in the air after a power-up,the Kor. hails wide-ranged fire arrows from above. He can concentrate his aura and create a force field immune to most physical attacks.

  • 25) Real Kertai-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: @Arthifis (Pinterest)

He is a noble who treats modified humans as garbage and does not adhere to the beliefs of nobility at least on the outside.

However, deep down he is like his brother Rajak who is loyal to the current Lord Raskeria.

On the death of his brother, he assumes the responsibility of Kertai Clan Leader.

He initially possessed an incomplete soul weapon Grandine which was completed after his brother entered eternal sleep and he was awakened with new abilities.

He masters in stealth a specific characteristic of the Kertai Clan. He possesses immense agility and speed and can completely conceal himself in the surroundings and launches an attack on his enemy.

  • 24) Yuri-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: noblesse.fandom

If few words can describe a person – ‘a conniving snitch’ describes Yuri.

He worked under the 12th Elder along with Dr. Aris but he was the most loyal servant of Dr. Crombell who infiltrated the Union to provide classified information to Crombell.

He has a sadist personality and can shoot powerful beams of lasers.

After, undergoing physical enhancement for a second time he possesses monstrous abilities and was able to annihilate almost an entire city on his own.

  • 23) Ignes Kravei-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: @Juan Molina (Pinterest)

She is the daughter of Roctis Kravei for whom Roctis betrayed Raizel to save her.

She is a maniac who is obsessed with experimentation and physical enhancement for which she has mercilessly sacrificed countless people.

She has a twisted personality and only believes in world domination. She is enraged by the younger nobles who became clan leaders after the great betrayal.

After Raizel defeated Roctis she got the soul weapon of the Kravei clan.

Armed with the soul weapon and her army of physically enhanced blood-hungry monsters she is a force to reckon with.

  • 22) Zarga Siriana (The 7th elder)-

Image Source: Pinterest

He was a noble and a previous clan leader of Lukedonia. He was one of the six noble clan leaders who declined to enter eternal sleep with the previous Lord.

And then betrayed the current Lord about 400 years before the start of the series.

He was the 7th elder of the Union. He once was the most loyal of followers of the Noblesse.

Near the end of the story, he surfaces and showcases the true power of the previous clan leaders.

He showcases immense speed and physical strength when he easily defeated Seira, a new clan leader.

His soul weapon is ‘Lontrick,’ a double-hung blade attached with a Chain.

His soul weapon features long-distance damage and high defense at the same time; it also packs a heavy punch. Moreover, Zarga has an extreme aura and can propel concentrated aura beams from his hands.

  • 21) Urokai Agvain (The 6th Elder)-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

He, too was a noble and a previous clan leader who betrayed the previous Lord and declined eternal sleep.

He became the 6th elder in the Union and helped in the creation of these malicious human weapons.

He, too, surfaced in the near end with Zarga. Urokai was highly jealous of Frankenstein for being the nearest to Raizel.

He manifested his own arrogance and anger into the tremendous physique and godly speed.

His soul weapon was ‘Dragus,’ a shape-changing Glaive. This gave him a sharp but wide-ranged tool, this offensive attack posed as a good defense too.

He had a very keen control of aura, through which he could create many black snakes with a strong bite and a heavy punch in them.

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  • 20) The 3rd Elder-

Image Source: Pinterest

The 3rd elder is typically a quiet individual, and he doesn’t venture into the outside world often.

Despite this reclusive behavior, he is very observant and calculative, acting methodically and shrewdly in everything he does.

He is neither a Noble nor Werewolf; being a modified human, he has shown the most growth in terms of power.

He has immense strength, but there was never an instance where he crossed blows with an enemy because it never came to it.

He increased his aura manipulation ability to such a level that he could concentrate the aura in his eyes.

Once the cells in his pupils are full of energy, he can release the focused aura as a highly volatile, invisible beam at whatever he is looking at.

The beam is released at blistering speeds and explodes when it comes into contact with the target.

Even Karias, who is formidable even among the Clan Leaders, struggles to keep track of and react to the incredible speed of his blasts.

  • 19) Lunark (The 5th Elder)-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

Lunark is a werewolf warrior and had served as the 5th eld-er of the Union until after she withdrew from the Union along with the rest of the werewolf clan.

She was the only female Union elder. Lunark was heavily powerful; she could face Frankenstein for some time even when he was possessed by the Dark Spear.

Like other Werewolves, she transforms into a wolf-like form, and she grows fur on her body, and her hair grows even longer.

Her senses and strength increase alarmingly. She could blow up a building just by a mere slash of her claws.

Although she reformed later in the story, she posed as great trouble when she was against them.

She has a very fast regeneration ability and has a high aura. She could perform the legendary attack of her Clan; by immense Aura, she could create a huge wolf mouth packing a heavy bite and damage.

  • 18) Gayare-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: noblesse.fandom

He is a werewolf warrior and one of the most loyal followers of Maduke.

His thoughts are corrupted by Maduke and he believes that there is nothing wrong with harming the weak members of their society to gain power and make the society overall powerful.

He has lost the way of a warrior and blindly follows Maduke’s orders. Owing to the excessive experimentation done by Ignes he easily overpowers Kentas.

However, Kentas stands again and fierce battles take place. A deadly bloodbath between two ferocious werewolves and later, he is defeated by Kentas.

  • 17) Kentas-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: noblesse.fandom

He is a werewolf warrior in its true sense. He abides by his duty of serving his people and if required die while protecting them.

He along with Lunark are the only ones who have denied physical enhancement as they want to cultivate their power and strength on their own without any help just like the previous werewolf warriors.

Upon discovering that Maduke used their people for experimentation, he is shattered and vows to avenge them.

He goes to find Muzaka to put a stop to Maduke’s ruthless hunger for power.

He fought Gayare who is almost 10x powerful than him due to physical enhancement. He is easily outweighed by Gayare.

However, on remembering his vow he rises again, and through his enormous strength cultivated over time, he defeats Gayare.

  • 16) Zaiga-

Image Source: tvtropes.org

He was the oldest werewolf warrior; last, he served for Maduke when he was the Werewolf Lord.

He had a group of his own and easily overpowered many new clan leaders.

He competed against Maduke and Muzaka a lot of times for the position of the Werewolf Lord but lost all the time.

He was adept at spell casting and sorcery. One of his skills involved using paper talismans that exploded after coming in contact with the enemy.

He was shown to cast spells that entailed golden runes to appear and formed a ring around him.

He could also create crimson-colored energy blasts and discharge electricity. When transformed into his werewolf-like form, he could display super fast regeneration and sonic speed.

He could summon a pack of golden aura wolves, which could even counter the special attacks by the Noble clan leaders themselves.

Additionally, he could create a wall with his aura to shield himself against the impact of enemy attacks.

  • 15) Kei Ru-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

Kei Ru is a Noble and one of the eight current clan leaders of Lukedonia. He is the head of the Ru clan.

He is acknowledged as the strongest of the current clan leaders by both nobles and werewolves.

His power is so great that all werewolves acknowledge his strength and grow excited at the thought of challenging him.

He defeated Drakon, a very powerful werewolf warrior, without much effort and was able to fight on par with Zaiga, one of the most powerful werewolves who fought Muzaka for the position of the Lord.

Zaiga states that out of all the current werewolf warriors, none of them could face him and also states that Kei would have defeated him if he had more time.

His soul weapon is ‘Garant,’ a pair of red heavy gauntlets.

When imbued with his aura, his soul weapon would become red hot and get ablaze.

His physical strength would skyrocket, and he disregards his Aristocracy, becoming a complete warrior. His big scar on the face and marks all over his body is proof of his hulk Legacy.

  • 14) Rajak Kertia-

Image Source: Devaintart

He was a Noble and the previous clan leader of his family. He was the son of Ragar Kertia and the older brother of Rael Kertia.

After he passed away in the end, he was overtaken by his younger brother, Rael Kertia.

As a former clan leader, he was extremely powerful and followed the art of dignity.

After training with Frankenstein, he became more and more powerful; at some point, the royal guards mentioned, Rajak as obviously surpassing his predecessor.

Rajak has supersonic speed or beyond and excels in stealth. He could dodge laser beams at point-blank range and even evade surprise attacks.

He had a soul weapon previously; when using the soul weapon ‘Kartas,’ he could completely erase his presence and take out many enemies.

With his high aura manipulation, he could create clones of himself and confuse the enemy for stealth.

  • 13) Roctis Kravei (The 4th Elder)-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

He was a Noble and the clan leader of Lukedonia’s Kravei clan. He was one of the six Noble clan leaders who had declined to enter the eternal sleep with the previous Lord.

And then betrayed the current Lord about 400 years prior to the start of the series. He was the 4th elder of the Union and was also the Noble contract of the 12th elder.

In the past, he devoted reverence to the Noblesse and always cared about his well-being.

But indulging in evil strays him from his path, and he joins the Union. Being one of the oldest previous clan leaders, he was immensely powerful.

His soul weapon was a long whip with a golden handle. With just one shot, he could destroy the whole laboratory in Seoul.

When powering up the whip with his own aura, he could clear the whole forest in Lukedonia and upheaval the land into the air.

He had the unique ability to convert his aura into a physical force and emitted green electricity when powered up.

  • 12) Garada-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

She was a very powerful female warrior and was secretly admired Muzaka since she was small.

She was the last person to be beside Muzaka when he was betrayed by Muzaka and Zaiga.

She was the second in hand for Muzaka when he was the Werewolf Lord.

After he voluntarily left the pack, she got alone under the rule of Marude and was betrayed and sold off to the Union for more experiments.

She was drugged and made to attack Muzaka relentlessly in a dreadful form.

Garada was a very powerful Werewolf; when transformed, she could display speed and strength rivaled by none other werewolves.

Having been put through countless experiments for centuries, Ignes gave Garda a special ability that allows her to stop Muzaka’s regeneration with her attacks.

This came as a huge shock to Muzaka, and he could not keep up longer with her.

Only After he transformed into a mysterious form, he could take her down, but it cost him a lot to destroy his comrade, someone he watched since she was small.

  • 11) Titan the Chimera-


Image Source: tvtropes.org

Titan was a powerful chimera made by the joint efforts of the werewolves and Ignes.

Originally, it was created by the werewolves by sacrificing countless members of their own race (including powerful warriors ).

Under Maduke’s orders, but then Ignes upgraded it with the data she collected from experiments on humans, nobles, and werewolves.

Titan was extremely powerful, able to fight the Noblesse on equal grounds.

It was revealed that Titan could develop partial immunity to enemy attacks and got stronger each time he regenerated.

He even destroyed Raizel’s blood field many times. He could transform and grow Wings; he had supersonic speed and immense punching power.

Titan possessed immense amounts of aura, shown when he destroyed Ignes Kravei’s lab with the shock wave of his scream, and from everyone in the werewolf, the territory being able to feel his.

He could fire extremely destructive blasts of aura from his mouth, his eye, and his hands that caused massive destruction.

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  • 10) Dorant-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

He is a werewolf warrior working under Maduke. Muzaka believed that Dorant has enough natural talent to succeed him as the Lord of the werewolves in the future.

As, Muzaka had been bad-mouthed to the entire pack, filled with lies, Dorant started despising Muzaka.

This made Durant more and more devoted to Maduke, whereas he previously looked up to Muzaka Only.

Dorant has shown ever-increasing power throughout the final fight.

He was a true warrior with magnificent golden fur and very long claws.

He could fight two clan leaders at once and fight with Frankenstein’s toe to toe. He could even outpace the supersonic Rael and could create craters whenever he punched Frankenstein.

He had enough potential to become the next Werewolf leader when he came of age, but the course of actions was not in his favor.

After so much planning, they could damage him a little, but it was nothing compared to his godly regenerative powers.

  • 9) Gradeus-

Top 30 Most Powerful Characters In Noblesse
Image Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

He is one of the six traitorous clan leaders who betrayed the previous Lord. One should not confuse his strength with his short frame as underneath he is a mad berserker who is hungry for power.

He has given up on his ideals as a Noble and only believes in a simple dream of inflicting pain and world domination.

He along with Lagus and werewolves tried to invade Lukedonia.

He mercilessly eliminated Rajak Kertai and later brutalized hundreds of Central Knights of Lukedonia.

He possesses high agility and immense physical strength along with explosive regeneration capability.

He gave a tough fight to Frankenstein forcing him to use his powers contracted through Raizel. Later on, he was defeated and engulfed by the Dark Spear.

  • 8) 1st Elder-

    Image Source: Pinterest

The self-proclaimed ‘King of the humans,’ he was the strongest scientifically enhanced human in the world.

It is a real feat to attain such a high ranking in the list of being a normal human before. He can fight on par with Frankenstein and even overwhelm him, enough to make him use the Blood Spear.

The 1st elder controls a satellite name Armageddon, which he seems to control mentally.

There seems to be more than one Armageddon, as the 3rd elder stated that if the 1st elder were to die, the remaining Armageddon would activate, which will result in countless lives being lost.

Half of his body has been turned into a cybernetic exoskeleton. Using the Blood Stone, the 1st elder undergoes a dramatic transformation.

The other half of his body turns into a cybernetic exoskeleton, which he then becomes very large and muscular.

When in battle, the 1st elder uses a sword that’s energy source is similar to Frankenstein’s Dark Spear but is very different.

With his aura, he can create a lightning spear with the same effects as the Dark Spear. Later he was surprised and crushed by Dr.Crombell.

  • 7) Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia-

    Image Source: Pinterest

She is the current Lord of the Nobles. Being just under “The Noblesse,” she has the most authority because the Noblesse does not intervene much even among the Nobles.

As Lord of the Nobles, Raskreia is tremendously powerful. The traitorous clan leaders consider her to be weak, a rumor they passed on to the Union, which on the observation of the 3rd and 5th elder, proved to be wrong.

According to Lagus Tradio, when Drakon, Kaiyo, Mount, and Edian try to attack her, Raskreia awakens her latent power when she becomes enraged after finding out Rajak has gone into eternal sleep.

Her soul weapon is ‘Ragnarok,’ a double-edged sword with immense destruction capability as the strongest Soul Weapon.

The previous Lord had split his soul into two, so there were two Ragnarok.

When she got the other Ragnarok back, her powers skyrocketed, she managed many traitor leaders and the royal guards with ease.

She can make swords rain from the sky on her enemies.

When using her soul weapon, she can create a blood field like Raizel and showcase immense abilities. She has telepathy and mind-reading, and her aura could shake the whole Noble palace.

  • 6) Lagus Tradio-

Image Source: Noblesse.fandom

He was a former Noble clan leader and one of the six traitor clan leaders of Lukedonia. He is the main antagonist of season 7 in the manhwa.

His soul weapon is ‘Dolor,’ a cane with a black shaft and a bronze head.

He can create red vines with deadly spikes that can impale the enemy from anywhere within a range and imbibe their energy.

He could also control their density and strength from thin to thick, depending on the enemy.

They could also be bunched together to be used as a shield, which was strong enough to defend against attacks from Frankenstein, Rozaria, and Raskreia.

He learned a new ability being a noble who lived for more than 3000 years, ‘Blood Mist Technique,’ in that mist, he can damage anyone he wanted.

And even if someone evaded his attack, someone else would get stuck for sure. Moreover, this mist had poison in it, which slowed down Rajak Kertia and crushed him. Lagus, after using the Blood Stone, his powers soared high.

With the enhanced power, he was able to not only match up with Raizel’s power and easily nullifies his blood field, he even temporarily overwhelms The Noblesse.

  • 5) Maduke (2nd Elder)-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

He was the current Werewolf Lord and the final antagonist of the story.

He was an extremely powerful Werewolf, next only to Muzaka, he was very cruel and sunk in jealousy against Muzaka.

Maduke, after embedding the Blood Stone in his body he snatched the aura of all the werewolves in the pack and unlocked the third transformation, which not even Muzaka could do.

Maduke transformed into a complete Wolf. So huge and daunting that he easily overpowered Muzaka for a long time. He had very sharp and long claws, which, when embedded with aura, can even send hefty slashes forward.

His physical strength and speed are worth to be noted. He did not have a wide range of abilities, but his over-sturdy body and mighty regeneration make all other powers bend before him.

  • 4. Dr) Crombell-

Image Source: Noblesse.forever.blogspot

He is a recurring antagonist of the series. A high ranking scientist of the Union who has been promoted to the rank of the 13th elder after being recognized by elders for his talents.

He is also in command of the assassination squad, members of which have infiltrated into almost every sector of the Union and are acting as Crombel’s eyes and ears.

Dr. Crombel has been shown to possess superhuman powers that can compete with Frankenstein, although Frankenstein was still fighting with his full powers sealed at the time.

His abilities are far superior to what others know, and they are certainly stronger than his experiments like Mari and Jake.

Using Bloodstone, his body becomes huge, and veins start bulging, giving a very muscular Look.

He has the unique ability of mind link, through which he could share the sense and status of his assassins and keep a log of everything they feel and happens.

Dr. Crombel has been shown to possess immense energy powers while clashing with Frankenstein.

His aura is completely white, the opposite color of Frankenstein’s.

However, they are very similar in potency, appearance, and usage. Yuri even once remarked that Frankenstein and Dr. Crombel’s powers seemed to be similar.

  • 3) Frankenstein-

    Image Source: Wallpapercave

He is Raizel’s devoted servant and has loyally served him for over 820 years.

He is a brilliant scientist whose abandoned research notes helped to bring the Union’s scientific knowledge and technology to the advanced level it has reached in the series.

He is now the latest addition to the RK-5 bearing the title of “Number 0.”

Frankenstein is the strongest human in the whole series; he is stronger than all clan leaders, the current Lord, all Werewolves except Lord Muzaka, and all the Union elders.

He has a very mysterious power known as the ‘Dark Spear’; it serves as a soul weapon in battles too.

It is so mysterious that it took 100s of years for him to find it and more than 500 years for the next human to even grow compatible with it, i.e., Dr. Cromwell.

Frankenstein’s personality is what makes him the sole bearer of the Dark Spear, after transforming into a hideous dark form, that too after taking permission from his master, Raizel.

He has the most ominous and darkest aura ever; he can manipulate his aura into a wide range of weapons.

He can make dark tentacles, spears, dark projectiles, and a dark shield too.

After making a blood contract with Raizel, he gained a new weapon on his other hand, names ‘Blood spear.’

He also has the ability of mind control and moreover can even negate mind control of others, except Raizel.

  • 2) Muzaka-

Image Source: Pinterest

Muzaka is the former Lord of the werewolves and the only equal friend of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

As of the end of the series, he has been reinstated as lord. It is revealed that he is the one responsible for Raizel’s 820-year long hibernation.

800 years ago, Muzaka’s only daughter got slayed by humans.

To avenge her, Muzaka turned mad and went off to wipe the humans off the face of the earth.

The Noblesse, his only friend, had no other choice but to use immense strength to stop Muzaka.

He did succeed, but it made Raizel sleep for more than 800 Years. Muzaka has the most mighty transformation of all; after growing fur and Claws, he is the strongest Werewolf ever.

His age and experience make him the strongest of all nobles, humans everyone, except Raizel.

He has the unique ability of sonic howl, which decimated most of his foes just at the beginning of a fight.

As former Lord of the werewolves and the strongest in their entire history, Muzaka possesses an immense amount of aura.

His transformation releases enough aura energy to cause the surrounding mountains to shake. He can make huge claws out of aura and use them for defense and offense. Moreover, he can use all the other abilities used by the other Werewolves.

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  • 1) Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (The Noblesse)-

Image Source: Noblesse.wikia

He is the protagonist of the Noblesse manhwa series. He is a Noble from Lukedonia who holds the special title of the Noblesse, which distinguishes him from all other Nobles as their hidden protector, their judge, and if necessary, executioner.

He is no doubt the most powerful character in the whole series.

Being over every species on earth, he has sovereignty over blood itself.

He can manipulate blood and can read minds, telepathy, and control the mind too. No matter who it is, he can stop them on their trails, no matter what they are doing.

Being an overpowered character, it is shown that he has not recovered from his fight against Muzaka yet.

So he has a limit to his powers now, making him pay a heavy price whenever he uses too much power to save his friends.

That is why Frankenstein tries his best to manage everything without his master having to intervene.

He has the highest aura manipulation, as he can form force shields not only for him but to safeguard even fallen friends.

He grows magnificent long redwings when used too much power, notably, fighting against Muzaka, Marude, and Lagus.

Overusing his power makes him shed tears of blood, but his dignity as the Noblesse tells him to save everyone even if at the cost of his own life.

There are many other characters that would have had a place in this list, but there are no notable fights or feats regarding them—for example, the brother of the Noblesse and the previous Noble Lord.

Raizel could manifest such godly powers only at high damage to himself, significantly decreasing his life span.

Nearing the end of the series, Raskeria gave the other half of Ragnarok back to Raizel in the hope of replenishing his life span.

The manhwa ended with Frankenstein coupled with the 3rd Elder, researching more to save his master, The Noblesse, by finding the truth about his immortality.

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Where to Read Noblesse-

Noblesse manhwa  ended in year, 2019. You can read the manhwa at Webtoon site or app and other paid platforms.

Do read it and experience a spectacular story of supreme aristocracy and dignity. The anime adaptation of Noblesse has been serialized under Crunchyroll in collaboration with Webtoon. One can find it on the Crunchyroll website.

Noblesse has been on a long run, had millions of copies, and been the most viewed manhwa for quite a time till its end.

The plot lives up to its reputation and showcases marvelous story-building. Moreover, the manhwa is famous for its wide range of powerful characters and deadly fight sequences.

Moving on to the story premise, Noblesse follows Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (referred to as Rai) – who has been asleep for 820 years with no knowledge of mankind’s advancement and scientific successes.

In the modern world, he wakes up in an abandoned building in Seoul and goes to a school out of nowhere.

There he reunites with his loyal servant, Frankenstein. With Frankenstein’s help, he learns the ways of the new world, but closing the gap of more than 800 years naturally takes a lot of time.

He enrolls in the School and befriends an athletic teenager Shinwoo, a computer geek Ikhan, and Yuna, and a few others.

The story follows the introduction of a scientifically enhanced human with explosive powers and abilities who run havoc in the city.

And as these fights go on, we dwell deeper into the secret behind Raizel and his reason for such a long sleep.

Slowly we learn about the dark truth behind the man- made monsters by the Union.

Little into the story, we find out that Raizel is “The Noblesse,” The Noble among the Nobles.

An extremely powerful being, with extraordinary abilities and the most important thing, elegance.

Nobles are a powerful race who are nearly immortal and don’t interfere in human society.

Rather they take up the initiative of safeguarding all the weak species in this world, including humans. Other than Nobles, there is one more old and immortal race called the “Werewolves.”

Similar to the Nobles, they too are extremely powerful and follow non-intervention with humans. Later in the story, we find the modified humans and chimera monsters.

The Noblesse is the highest in command, who is responsible for all the races and species living on this planet; so naturally, he harbors the strength and nobility required to attain this feat.

Of course, the manhwa features stunning fights, hulk warriors, otherworldly magic, and a wide range of supernatural abilities.

Do small thing with great love.

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