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Everything You Need To Know About Mr. Tanaka In Chainsaw Man Part 2

The second part of the Chainsaw Man manga is getting as great a response from fans as the first part did. In today’s post, we will talk about a major supporting character, Mr. Tanaka in Chainsaw Man Part 2. Even though he is just an ordinary human with no fighting skills, he gets attention from fans.

So it is very obvious for fans to know how and why he deserves their attention. If you are currently reading the manga, then you are definitely aware of him and know everything about him.

If not, then no worries. Here you will share everything about Mr. Tanaka in Chainsaw Man Part 2, such as his important role, his relationship, and so on. So, let’s get started!

Who is Mr. Tanaka in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

Who is Mr. Tanaka In Chainsaw Man Part 2
Mr. Tanaka is a tall young guy with bangs and black hair with bangs. He is the main teacher in Asa Mitaka’s class and is known for his high-value lessons. Throughout his teaching career, he taught several valuable life lessons to his students.

Being a teacher, Mr. Tanaka usually wears an ordinary teacher-like outfit consisting of a white shirt, a coat, and a black tie. Aside from teaching academic lessons to his students, he also took care of their well-being.

After witnessing the class’s rude interaction with Asa Mitaka, Mr. Tanaka begins having extra support for Asa Mitaka so that he never feels alone and excluded. Moreover, he is also the one who apologizes to the entire class on behalf of Asa Mitaka for the death of Bucky (the chicken devil in Chainsaw Man).


Role of Mr. Tanaka

Mr. Tanaka made his debut in chapter 98, “Bird and War,” of Justice Devil Arc in Chainsaw Man Part 2. Just like the Chicken Devil in Chainsaw Man, he dies in the same chapter in which he debuted. He excellently shows his teaching skills by providing in-depth lessons.

Aside from academic lessons, Mr. Tanaka also teaches some of the most valuable life lessons to his students. As a result, he brought a chicken devil to the class in order to teach the preciousness of life.

At the end of his chicken devil class session, everyone in the class realized how important anyone’s life is, whether it’s a human’s life or a devil’s life. After the unfortunate death of Chicken Devil, he also comes in support of Asa Mitaka when everyone hates her for Chicken Devil’s death.

Mr. Tanaka not only comes in support but also apologizes to the entire class on behalf of Asa Mitaka, one of the best female characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2. At the end of chapter 98, he is unfortunately killed by the War Devil after being turned into one of her weapons.

Relationships of Mr. Tanaka in Chainsaw Man Part 2:

Relationships of Mr. Tanaka
  • Class President: Mr. Tanaka shares a romantic relationship with the class president that is not expected from anywhere. It was a big twist for fans when Mr. Tanaka’s relationship status with the class president was revealed. Despite having a teacher-student relationship with the class president, he does not hesitate to share a romantic relationship with her. Moreover, Mr. Tanaka also shares plenty of intimate moments with the class president. As a result, his teacher‘s personality is also criticized by fans for sharing a romantic relationship with one of his students. On the other hand, Class President is not an ordinary character; instead, she is a major villain in the Justice Devil Arc. She is in a contract with the Justice Devil, which grants her exceptional supernatural abilities.
  • Asa Mitaka: Mr. Tanaka feels more connected to Asa Mitaka. He sees her as his favorite student in the entire class. As a result, he always comes forward to support her and boost her happiness in life. Mr. Tanaka always tried to help Asa Mitaka mix up with the entire class in order to minimize her distance from them. The only reason behind helping her is that she does not feel excluded in the class. His immense care for Asa Mitaka is excellently shown when he apologizes to the entire class on behalf of her. However, Mr. Tanaka’s relationship with Asa Mitaka is completely different from his romantic relationship with the class president. Their relationship is a pure teacher-student relationship that was highly appreciated by manga readers. 


That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this post useful and know everything about Mr. Tanaka in Chainsaw Man Part 2. He does not have an attractive look, fighting skills, devil contracts. He even gets just a single chapter in the entire series.

However, Mr. Tanaka still grabbed every manga reader’s attention through his high-value life lesson, which he taught the entire class. Stay tuned with us for more valuable anime posts and wonderful anime recommendations.

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