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15 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Chainsaw Man, 2024

Since the Chainsaw Man anime was released, fans have kept imagining his battle with the strongest anime characters from different series. As a result, they were eager to know about the characters who can beat Chainsaw Man. However, you don’t have to imagine further.

In today’s list, we will bring you some of the strongest anime characters who can beat Chainsaw Man. So let’s get straight to this wonderful list and know how these characters withstand Chainsaw Man and his devil abilities.

15 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Chainsaw Man

1. Kamina 


Anime: Tengen Gurren Lagann

Kamina is another challenger who can defeat Chainsaw Man with his ultimate spiral power. He is a gifted fighter and has excellent martial arts and swordsmanship skills. Aside from his superhuman strength, speed, and willpower, Kamina is also a great strategist and has other gunmen abilities.

His battle against Chainsaw Man will be incredibly thrilling, as they are both nearly equal to each other. However, Chainsaw Man will not be able to defend himself for much longer and will eventually be defeated by Kamina.

2. Usagi Tsukino 

Usagi Tsukino

Anime: Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino is the Sailor Guardian of Love and Justice in the Sailor Moon franchise. Being the legendary Sailor Moon, she is blessed with a wide range of supernatural abilities, such as supersonic waves, spiral heart attacks, crystal eternal power, moon healing, sailor kicks, and many more.

She is entirely in a different league than Chainsaw Man and possesses more powerful abilities than them. As a result, Usagi Tsukino will defeat Chainsaw Man by using her powerful sailor moon abilities.

3. Nanika 


Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Nanika is a mysterious creature that comes from the Dark Continent and currently takes possession of Alluka Zoldyck’s body. Being a mysterious creature, her ability is also quite mysterious, which allows her to grant anyone one wish.

In the Hunter x Hunter franchise, she already shows the extent of her wish-granting ability by killing people with ease. So, if she grants Chainsaw Man’s death, none of Denji’s abilities will be able to save him from death. As a result, it is a completely unfair battle for Denji, and he needs to accept his defeat against Nanika.

4. Koro Sensei 

Koro Sensei
Anime: Assassination Classroom

Koro Sensei is a god-tier anime character who is more than capable of wiping out the entire planet. Even though Chainsaw Man is so powerful on Earth and in hell, he definitely is not strong enough to destroy the planet.

Being the greatest reaper, he had a wide range of assassin skills, which will definitely work on Chainsaw Man. Moreover, he also had some other supernatural abilities, such as the ability to control his fluidity, explosions, energy lasers, poison immunity, and so on. So, Koro Sensei is surely capable of defeating Chainsaw Man in their ultimate face-off.

5. Anos Voldigoad 

Anos Voldigoad

Anime: Misfit of the Demon Academy

Anos Voldigoad is the Demon King of Tyranny and possesses immense magical powers. He also had an extremely wide range of magical spells, which proved to be very useful in tough situations. No matter how strong Chainsaw Man is, he always faces trouble battling magical users.

Moreover, Anos Voldigoad is not an ordinary magical user; instead, he is the demon king himself. As a result, it became so hard for Chainsaw Man to fight him that eventually he was defeated.

6. Alucard 


Anime: Hellsing

Now, it’s time to introduce Alucard, the strongest Dracula from the anime world, who comes to challenge Chainsaw Man. His abilities are quite similar to those of Denji, such as consuming blood to restore energy, exceptional regeneration ability, and superhuman strength and speed.

Aside from these abilities, he also had so many other powerful abilities, such as shapeshifting, manipulating blood, intangibility, teleportation, and hypnosis.

These are the supernatural abilities that Chainsaw Man found nearly impossible to control, rendering him helpless. So, we have another winner, Alucard, who can defeat Chainsaw Man.

7. Maitreya 


Anime: God of High School

Maitreya is the ultimate god form of Jin Mori, the main character in God of High School. Being a god, he can do anything with others, such as remove their existence, change their fate, nullify their power, and many more.

As a result, Chainsaw Man can do anything against Maitreya if all his chainsaw attacks are nullified against him. Just like the chainsaw man’s ability to remove all devils from existence, Maitreya is also capable of removing anyone from existence.

So, it is very thrilling to see who is going to be first removed from existence. However, Maitreya still has other divine powers, which are more than enough to defeat Chainsaw Man.

8. Giorno Giovanna 

Giorno Giovanna

Anime: Jojo Bizarre’s Adventure

Giorno Giovanna is the strongest character in the Jo Jo Bizarre adventure franchise and one of the best characters who can defeat Chainsaw Man. He had an extremely rare supernatural ability that allowed him to create and manipulate life, such as plants and animals.

Moreover, it also provides him an incredible boost at his power level and makes him more invincible. Giorno’s most special ability is that Chainsaw Man does not even realize when he is killed by him.

This is because whoever was killed by Giorno was trapped in a death loop and did not ever reach the truth behind their death.

9. Shigeo Kageyama

Mob Psycho 100

Anime: Mob Psycho

Chainsaw Man faced plenty of powerful devils who had devilish abilities, superhuman strength, and exceptional regeneration abilities. However, he never faces any psycho characters and is not aware of their formidable psychic abilities.

So, how did he face Shigeo Kageyama, the all-time favorite psychic, especially in his strongest state called “???”? In the ultimate fight against Chainsaw Man, Shigeo Kageyama will easily defeat him without even touching him. So, there is no doubt Shigeo Kageyama is one of the most popular characters who can beat Chainsaw Man.

10. Griffith 


Anime: Berserk

Griffith is one of the most popular anime villains of all time that fans will never forget. He is invincible in everything, whether it be swordsmanship skills, manipulative skills, leadership qualities, or hand-to-hand combat.

After being incarnated as Femto, he became more invincible and got some more supernatural powers, such as flying and the ability to manipulate gravity and space. As a result, Chainsaw Man will definitely face problems stabilizing himself in the manipulative gravity created by Griffith.

If Chainsaw is facing a problem just standing properly on the battlefield, then he will not be able to defend himself from Griffith’s lethal attacks.

11. Meliodas 

Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas is a popular yet strong anime character who can beat Chainsaw Man in a one-on-one battle. Compared to Chainsaw Man’s devil abilities, Meliodas’s demonic power and abilities are way more invincible. This is because he is not an ordinary demon; instead, he is a demon king himself.

Their face-off is going to be a thrilling anime battle as they both have similar weapons, such as Denji’s chainsaws and Meliodas’s swords. However, Meliodas also had magical powers, which Denji lacked and made him helpless against him. As a result, Denji will be easily defeated by Meliodas.

12. Truth 


Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Truth is the absolute being, or can also be referred to as a god in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. He has the ultimate power to forcibly take anything from his opponents, whether it be their body parts or someone close to him. Moreover, he does not have any physical body and can’t be cut by Denji’s chainsaws.

As a result, it is pointless for Chainsaw to engage in one-on-one fights with Truth. If he ever faces him, it will totally be an unfair fight for Chainsaw Man, and he will be easily defeated by him.

13. Ichigo Kurosaki 

denji vs. ichigo

Anime: Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki is the strongest character in Bleach, one of the Big Three in the anime world. Aside from his incredible strength, speed, and durability, he is also blessed with an extremely wide range of supernatural abilities.

Some of his powerful abilities are quincy, hollowfication, bankai, shinigami power, and spiritual power. These are the supernatural abilities that are nearly impossible to counter with Chainsaw Man’s devil abilities. If Denji miraculously withstands these supernatural abilities, he will never compete with Ichigo’s advanced growth in the fight.

14. Saitama


Anime: One Punch Man

There is no doubt that Saitama will be on the list of characters who can beat Chainsaw Man. Saitama is without a doubt one of the most overpowered anime characters of all time. He is so overpowered that he can defeat several of the strongest characters from different popular series in just a single fight.

His physical strength, speed, and durability are way higher than those of a chainsaw man. In addition to Saitama’s power, he also had the deadliest series of serious punches, which are more than enough to be handled by Chainsaw Man. If these powerful punches are not enough for Chainsaw Man, then Saitama also has a time-travel technique.

15. Goku


Anime: Dragon Ball 

Every time a new invincible anime character makes his debut in the world of anime, fans first compare him with Goku. This is because he is a legendary dragon ball character and a fighting inspiration for fans around the world.

Goku had multiple legendary transformations, especially Master Ultra Instinct, that granted him godly powers. Chainsaw Man can’t be able to just touch Goku when it transforms into Ultra Instinct.

On the other hand, Goku had exceptional fighting skills, and each of his blows easily destroyed planets. As a result, Goku will easily defeat Chainsaw Man within a matter of time.


That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this list of anime characters who can beat Chainsaw Man useful and enjoyed it. Each of these characters possesses enormous power levels and abilities that make them overpowered anime characters. Stay tuned with us for more valuable anime posts and wonderful anime recommendations.

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