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How Strong Are God’s Knights in One Piece?

There are many great forces in One Piece who are only becoming more significant in the plot as the story progresses towards its conclusion. The World Government, in particular, has many forces within itself to keep order in their created world. One of those forces is the recently introduced God’s Knights. Here is our opinion on how strong are God’s Knights in One Piece.

Who are God’s Knights?

God's Knights

God’s Knights is the highest fraction of law enforcement of the World Government. They are the protector and guards of the Celestial Dragons, and the law enforcer of the Holy Land, operating in Mary Geoise. Their authority is well above that of the Fleet Admiral, who commands over the Marines. 

The God’s Knights not only investigate problems on Mary Geoise, but they are also the one making the final judgment in a case. Their jurisdiction is even above the Celestial Dragons, whom they guard, but can issue judgment upon.

This is evident when the God’s Knights investigated the chaos on Mary Geoise created by Sabo and the Revolutionary Army during the Reverie, and later issued a death sentence on a Celestial Dragon, Donquixote Mjosgard, for having a hand at the escape of the suspects of Saint Charlos’ assassination attempt.

Known Member

Saint Figarland Garling

As of yet, there has only been one known member of the God’s Knights and that is Saint Figarland Garling. He’s an old man serving as the Supreme Commander of the God’s Knights. It’s revealed that Garling used to be the king of God Valley before he took the position as a knight serving the Celestial Dragons.

One aspect of Garling that intrigued fans is his connection to God Valley. Everyone knows that 38 years in the past, Rocks Pirates clashed against Roger Pirates and the Marines where Roger and Garp joined forces to defeat Rocks D. Xebec. During that time, some of the World Nobles were also present in God Valley for unknown reasons.

But now that we know Garling used to rule it, we can assume the World Nobles were there for Garling, or at least because of him. But it’s still unknown whether Garling was present in God Valley during the incident or not.

There are at least eight other members in the God’s Knights who are yet to be introduced in the story.

How Strong Are God’s Knights?

Given that they are the law enforcement of the Holy Land, it’s needless to say the God’s Knights are very powerful. Protecting the Celestial Dragons are the highest priority for the World Government, and even trivial problems concerning them bring the admirals into the scene.

So, it’s understandable that the God’s Knights who protect the home Though we don’t know whether the members of the God’s Knights have Devil Fruit powers of the Celestial Dragons will be of the highest caliber, stronger than even the admirals and the fleet admiral.

It’s still unknown what kinds of powers the members of the God’s Knights have, but Garling is seen to carry a sword with a broken hilt. Meaning he is a swordsman. This even goes with the theory of him being closely related to Shanks who also wields a sword named Gryphon.

Though we don’t know whether any member of the God’s Knights has any Devil Fruit powers, we can safely assume that they are all proficient in Haki, as all powerful characters of such caliber are expected to be masters of Haki.

Strongest Forces in Holy Land

In One Piece, there is no land as important to the World Government as their Holy Land, Mary Geoise. The most important and powerful members of the World Government reside there. If you rank them on the basis of their strength, we’ll get the following order of the strongest forces in Holy Land:

3) God’s Knights

The God’s Knights are the royal guards serving as the law enforcement and judiciary of the Holy Land. Their position clearly signifies that they possess powers above every Marine officer or they wouldn’t be given such an important task. 

One Piece has pretty much always been consistent with the relation between power and authoritative hierarchy, meaning the higher the rank of the character, the more powerful they are. Of course, there are a few exceptions, like Spandam, but it stands true for this case.

However, the God’s Knights’ high rank is still lower than two other forces in Holy Land.

2) Gorosei


For the longest time, Gorosei was the face of the World Government, with them making all the major decisions and having the fleet admiral report to them. Not only that but they also reside in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise and are above normal people, even admirals.

As we stated before, the authority of the Gorosei is an indicator enough to signify just how powerful they are. In the recent chapters, we finally learn the identities of the members of the Gorosei and get a glimpse of their powers.

The five Elders, Saturn, Mars, Valcurie, Nasjuro and Peter all possess unnamed Devil Fruits that transform them into huge beasts. 

1) Imu


The great Imu is a mysterious figure who sits on the Empty Throne at Mary Geoise. They rule the world, commanding the Gorosei and, in turn, the whole World Government. It’s unknown who they are, but the recent chapter suggests they are one of the first 20 kings who founded the World Government. But that remains uncertain.

Another uncertain thing is Imu’s powers. We’ve seen the silhouette of a huge, crawling beast that Imu transforms into, possibly through a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, but that is yet to be revealed.

However, given that Imu is practically the ruler of the world, they must be one of the strongest characters in One Piece, and the strongest force on Holy Land.


Our discussion on God’s Knights in One Piece ends here. The God’s Knights are going to be a significant part of the story soon, especially when the Revolutionary Army attacks Mary Geoise.

There’s also a chance that it’ll be revealed to have a special connection to Shanks who has already taken the fans off-guard by having a secret meeting with Gorosei. We’ll just have to wait to find out. Until then, keep reading Otakus’ Notes.

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