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Kizaru vs. Fujitora vs. Ryokugyu: Who Is Current Strongest Admiral in One Piece

The admirals are the strongest officers of the Marines and some of the most powerful characters in One Piece. Currently, there are three admirals: Kizaru, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu, led by the new fleet admiral Akainu.

But between these three, who is the current strongest admiral in One Piece? Here’s our take on Kizaru vs Fujitora vs Ryokugyu.

Kizaru vs. Fujitora vs. Ryokugyu | Who Is the Strongest?

Kizaru vs Fujitora vs Ryokyugyu
Kizaru vs. Fujitora vs. Ryokugyu

All three admirals are extremely strong and quite close to one another in terms of power levels. To correctly assess who’s the strongest admiral, we have to look into their individual strengths and weaknesses, and how they would manage any situation. After doing just that, we have an answer to the Kizaru vs Fujitora vs Ryokugyu debate.

It turns out Kizaru is the current strongest admiral, at least from what we’ve seen so far. How did we get to this answer? Let’s find out below.

How Strong Is Kizaru?

How Strong Is Kizaru?

Kizaru is the codename of marine admiral Borsalino. He makes his debut in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and is the second admiral to clash against the Straw Hats.

Kizaru also participates in the Marineford War against Whitebeard Pirates. Out of the three current admirals, Kizaru is the only one left of the previous generation. 


  • Kizaru possesses the power of Logia-type Pika Pika no Mi which gives him the ability to manifest and manipulate light. Like every other Logia fruit, it also gives him the power to transform into light himself.
  • Thanks to his Devil Fruit, Kizaru can move at the speed of light i.e., 3×10⁸ meters per second. This makes him the fastest-known character in the series.
  • The Devil Fruit gives him a wide range of offensive choices. For example, he can shoot out high-speed laser beams and use bright flashes of light to blind his opponents.
  • Maintaining the property of light, Kizaru can send out light beams or even move as light in only straight lines. This means his movements can zigzag but will always have to be straight in line.
  • The most powerful thing Kizaru does with his Devil Fruit is enhance his physical attacks with his light powers. He infuses light beams into his very powerful kicks, making them even more formidable.
  • Apart from the Devil Fruit powers, Kizaru is also highly proficient in Haki. Like other admirals, he hasn’t shown to be possessing Haoshoku Haki but is very skilled in advanced Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki.


  • Like every other Devil Fruit user, Kizaru’s biggest weakness is the sea and sea stones.
  • Kizaru’s movements in straight lines make him easier to predict.
  • If the opponent is skilled in advanced Kenbunshoku like Luffy and Katakuri, it is not impossible to keep track of Kizaru’s movements despite his speed.

How Strong Is Fujitora?

How Strong Is Fujitora?
Issho is one of the two newcomers who join the position of admiral after Akainu’s promotion to fleet admiral and Aokiji‘s resignation. His codename is Fujitora.

Fujitora is a blind and righteous man who wants to do good for the world. He meets the Straw Hats in the Dressrosa Arc and plays a huge role in abolishing the Shichibukai System.


  • Fujitora ate the Paramecia type Zushi Zushi no Mi which allows him to control gravity. The control of the gravitational force can work on a minuscule area or a certain individual but also can cover a wide span of area, including a whole island.
  • His Devil Fruit powers are implemented through his sword, an unnamed Meito that works as both his cane and a katana in battle.
  • This fruit gives Fujitora the power to trap and stomp people with overwhelming gravity and can also keep them suspended in the air by decreasing the gravitational force.
  • The most dangerous power of Fujitora’s Devil Fruit is his ability to summon meteorites to a place by using gravity. It causes a widespread calamity that is lethal to anyone caught.
  • Fujitora can also repel attacks directed at him by reversing gravity.
  • As an admiral, it’s needless to say that he is very skilled in Haki. He’s been shown to possess Busoshoku Haki, fighting pretty evenly against Sabo and Logia powers and proficient Haki.
  • His Kenbunshoku Haki is very well developed. Being a blind man, Fujitora relies entirely on his Kenbunshoku Haki to get a sense of his surroundings. Aside from that, he can also sense people’s hearts and their true emotions, evident by when he understands that the people of Dressrosa don’t hate Luffy, but instead feel gratitude.


  • The sea and sea stones are the primary weaknesses of every Devil Fruit user.
  • Fujitora can’t unleash his complete power if he’s in the midst of a crowd. Not only does he become limited to only using his gravity on specific individuals but he also can’t summon a meteorite among many people. This limits his choice of attacks greatly.

How Strong Is Ryokugyu?

How Strong Is Ryokugyu?
Ryokugyu is the codename of Marine Admiral Aramaki. He’s the last of the admirals to be introduced in the story. Ryokugyu, along with Fujitora, joins the admiral position after Akainu is promoted to the fleet admiral and Aokiji resigns from the Marine. He properly makes an appearance at the end of the Wano Country Arc.


  • Ryokugyu holds the power of Mori Mori no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to manifest, manipulate and transform into a forest. His power is basically to control plant life.
  • He can increase already existing plants in number and can also create plant life out of nothing. This is shown when he makes plants bloom for the first time in Udon which is known for its barren soil.
  • Unlike other Logia users who turn into intangible elements, Ryokugyu’s Logia form is entirely tangible. However, as with other Logia users, normal, non-Haki attacks are useless to him since he can regenerate from them.
  • Ryokugyu can also turn any part of his body into that of a plant and even grow plant life on any part of his body. For example, he can transform his fingers into vines and has been seen growing a huge flower on his back to aid him in flying.
  • He can launch large-scale attacks by manifesting a whole forest that captures his enemies.
  • Ryokugyu also has an ability similar to that of Crocodile and Charlotte Smoothie. He can suck the fluid out of a person through his vines and leave them in a near-mummified state. The admiral can also do the same to inanimate objects, like how he absorbs wine from a barrel.
  • As expected of an officer of his rank, Ryokugyu is a master of Haki. He strengthens the tips of his vines through Busoshoku Haki to make them more pointed and lethal. The admiral also has a strong grasp on Kenbunshoku Haki as he is able to sense Shanks unleashing Haoshoku Haki hundreds of miles outside of Wano.


  • Naturally, the sea and sea stones are his enemy.
  • While Ryokugyu is immune to non-Haki attacks, Haki users can easily harm him. His powers often work on a large scale, which makes hurting him all the easier for someone with Haki.
  • It’s unknown if cutting the trees he manifests with Haki will also harm him. But it’s very possible that it does, and if so, then he suffers plenty of disadvantages against expert fighters.

Kizaru vs. Fujitora vs. Ryokugyu: Comparison

Kizaru vs Fujitora vs Ryokugyu Comparison
Kizaru vs. Fujitora vs. Ryokugyu

1. Based on Strength

All three admirals possess extraordinary physical prowess and brute strength. But in their forms of fights, there’s hardly any need for brute strength.

However, they have each showcased their physical strengths on separate occasions. Kizaru clashes against the kick Rayleigh and also fights Whitebeard during the Marineford War.

In Dressrosa, Fujitora clashes evenly against Doflamingo. And in Sabo’s flashback of Reverie, we see Ryokugyu fighting against Morley.

These incidents give us the idea that while the difference between their strength is minute, Kizaru is the physically strongest admiral, followed by Fujitora, and then Ryokugyu.


2. Based on Speed

When it comes to speed, there’s no competing Kizaru. So, he’s the clear winner here. However, we need to assess Fujitora and Ryokugyu’s speeds to decide which one of them is the faster one.

Neither of them is very fast movement-wise, contrary to Kizaru who moves at the speed of light. But the remaining two admirals have good reaction time. They are quick to act and react.

Fujitora uses his sharp Kenbunshoku Haki to keep track of the meteorites he summons and react fast enough for it to be a successful attack. But Ryokugyu hasn’t displayed any example of his speed yet. So, Fujitora ranks above him by default.


3. Based on Devil Fruit Abilities

Two of the admirals possess Logia-type powers while only one has Paramecia type. But all three Devil Fruits are extremely powerful, in fact, some of the strongest Devil Fruits in the series.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, if we see the picture objectively, Fujitora’s Devil Fruit which is very versatile also comes with some weaknesses not shared by the other admirals.

His inability to use his complete power in certain situations makes us place him in the third spot. Kizaru’s Pika Pika no Mi offers the mighty speed that easily makes it an asset.

But many characters have dodged and countered light beams from the Pacifista and Seraphim to make it so notorious anymore. Also, a character with advanced Kenbunshoku like Katakuri and Luffy would have an easy time dealing with Kizaru.

But Ryokugyu’s Mori Mori no Mi offers such a useful and versatile power that would work in almost every situation. Thus, his Devil Fruit is the best.


4. Based on Haki

While all three admirals are proficient in Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku, none of them has yet to be shown to possess Haoshoku Haki.

Their Busoshoku is all nearly at the same level, but it’s Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku that steals the spotlight. So, we have to give the Haki round of Kizaru vs Fujitora vs Ryokugyu to Fujitora.


5. Based on Durability

At their positions, it’s easy to guess that they all have good durability. They each withstand powerful attacks from strong opponents.

However, it’s Ryokugyu’s durability that catches the eye. He fasts for three years, absorbing only fluids through his vines, and remains as strong as ever.

The guy also takes an advanced Haoshoku Haki-infused attack from Yamato directly to his head and remains unphased.

That’s why we have to consider him as the most durable admiral. Kizaru and Fujitora are on the same level in this round of Kizaru vs Fujitora vs Ryokugyu.



Judging by our assessment, we’ve come to the conclusion that between Kizaru vs Fujitora vs Ryokugyu, Kizaru is the current strongest admiral. He has both speed and a powerful Devil Fruit on his side, not to mention his experience and high advantage in melee combat.

Ryokugyu has an amazing Devil Fruit, but his powers can have quite a few disadvantages. The same goes for Fujitora. These two new admirals are almost the same at their power level; the only difference between them is the execution of their powers.

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