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How Higurashi’s Bucket List Is Different From Akira’s List?

In the first major arc of the Zom 100 manga series, we also met with a minor antagonist Higurashi Kanta. We also saw Higurashi’s bucket list and all his wishes in the same arc.

Even though there are a few similarities between him and Akira, their bucket lists are vastly different. And today, we will be looking at how different Higurashi’s bucket list is when compared to Akira’s list.

There might be a few spoilers, for the Zom 100 anime-only gang, so make sure to catch up on the manga too. With all that’s said, let’s get to know how vastly different both of their bucket lists are.

How Higurashi’s Bucket List Is Different From Akira’s List?

How Higurashi's Bucket List Is Different From Akira's List?

Coming to Higurashi, we knew he was a NEET, well before the zombie apocalypse started. And after he knew about the apocalypse, he also decided to make a list of 100 things he wanted to do before he died.

But, his list was only filled with sinister things he wanted to do. Along with him, there were also three others, who shared the same goals as him. With all of them, Higurashi had created a sinister bucket list.

We do not know how many wishes, he had completed in this list. And, we also do not know how he made his way inside of Gunma. Gunma was used as his guinea pig to fulfill some of his sinister wishes.

He wanted to transform people who hated him into zombies, and Akira, and Kenichirou were also present. This gave him more incentive, to move forward with his plan of turning everyone into zombies.

This is why, he had released the zombies from the blockade, which the villagers had put up. And, he also changed the supply voltage of the fence and made sure that no one will be able to cross it.

Higurashi thinks that because society had rejected him, he now has the right to take revenge against them. Gunma was just one part, of all the other things, which he had written on his bucket list.

Other than this, we can also see that he wanted to try drugs from around the world. Deceiving people, shooting real guns, and setting up dynamites were some of his other bucket list items.

Higurashi thinks that this is his way of having fun, by making a mess of the same society that rejected him. This is what makes Higurashi’s bucket list vastly different from Akira’s bucket list.

Akira doesn’t do anything, which would hurt anyone. All of the things on his list can be called genuine fun, and childish wishes. So, he goes on to complete his favorite things, without harming anyone.

There are also other things on his list, which rather help people more. This shows that Akira genuinely cares about others’ feelings too, even during times like these.

This marks the end of our article on Higurashi’s Bucket list. After looking at everything so far, we could say who is on the good side, and who is on the bad side here. For more interesting content and articles, make sure to check our posts here.

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