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How Powerful is Kawaki? In Boruto manga

Kawaki has been consistently getting power-ups in the manga for a considerable time now. First, the series revealed his body modification abilities. Then came his ability to renew any part of his body. With it came his instant healing. With so much happening simultaneously, Kawaki’s real power levels are brought under question. So exactly how powerful is Kawaki?

Kawaki can now be considered one of the strongest characters in the Boruto manga under most circumstances. Sasuke no longer has his Rinnegan, and Kurama sacrificed himself to save everyone. Kawaki, on the other hand, only seems to get stronger.

At present., Kawaki’s fate as the antagonist is almost set in stone. However, with the redemptive qualities that create often associate with the series, Kawaki will probably get a saving act like Sasuke. Therefore, in this post, we will analyze Kawaki’s current power levels, compare him with other powerful characters, and finally draw a conclusion on his strength levels.

How Powerful is Kawaki?

Kawaki is one of the strongest characters in Boruto right now due to his karma, body modifications, and physical prowess. To know exactly how strong Kawaki is, we need to take a look at his background.

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Kawaki was freed from his abusive father by Jigen. Jigen performed various experiments on him and modified his body at the cellular level to make him the perfect Ōtsutsuki. Kawaki was chosen as one of the original fifteen candidates. Jigen embedded karma in Kawaki’s left hand to turn him into a perfect vessel.

Due to his intense training to become the perfect vessel for Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, Kawaki is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He also accidentally activated his karma and blasted Garo. However, with training, Kawaki has come to master his powers.

Kawaki at this point is easily stronger than Konohamaru, who is no slouch with his Rasengan, shadow clone Jutsu, and the summoning Jutsu. Some even consider him to be one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Kawaki is easily stronger than Mitsuki, even in his sage form. Fost most of his part, he is far stronger than his peers. He is stronger than Iwabee, Chōchō Akimichi, Delta, and even Boruto at this point. He can easily defeat them on the basis of simple abilities.

However, Jigen, Kakashi, Kashin Koji, Sasuke, and Naruto are still considered stronger than him. This is because they have greater battle experiences and better strategies. Sasuke still has the Mangekyo Sharingan, and despite the loss of his Rinnegan can still perform the Susanoo, Amaterasu, and other deadly techniques.

Is Kawaki stronger than Naruto?

No, Kawaki is not stronger than Naruto. Naruto doesn’t have an immense amount of chakra and Kurama right now, but he has more experience than Kawaki. Based on experience, he still has the upper hand. Kawaki has surpassed him based on abilities, but if presently Kawaki and Naruto fight one-on-one, Naruto will win. 

Naruto still has the sage mode. He did not use it earlier because Kurama said he felt jealous that Naruto had to depend on other sources when Kurama was present. However, with Kurama now gone, Naruto can use his innate abilities to his maximum potential.

While Kurama is gone, Naruto still has access to the other tailed beast’s chakra apart from his huge reserves. He can access the Kekkei Genkai, such as magnet, lava, and ink release of the other tailed beasts. He can also use Fuinjutsu or the sealing Jutsu, so even in this form, Naruto is still one of the strongest out there. Therefore, Kawaki at present is not stronger than Naruto.

Kawaki- Power & Abilities-


  • Body Modifications –

Kawaki’s body was modified at the genetic level to make him Isshiki’s vessel and the perfect Ōtsutsuki. He was found to be compatible with the mark which was embedded in him. Due to his modifications, he can absorb all five forms of ninjutsu and deflect them back. Along with Boruto’s help, Kawaki can also open dimensional portals.

His various body modifications give him the ability to use a variety of Kekkei Genkai. He has rapid regeneration and can harden his skin to prevent damage. He can also create a variety of weaponry from his body which can shoot projectiles. He can also produce shockwaves from his body and overall can be considered as a modified human.

  • Physical Abilities –

Even without his powers and body modifications, Kawaki is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Since he was chosen as Isshiki’s vessel, he was personally trained by Jigen. He can use a variety of techniques like the shadow clone Jutsu and the fire release Jutsu.

Also, he is quite a strong swordsman, was he was seen sparring with Boruto. Kawaki innately has the Ōtsutsuki ability of hiding his chakra signature. He was also taught ninjutsu by Naruto which makes him a formidable force.

  • Karma –

This is perhaps the strongest of Kawaki’s abilities, and the seal mark is embedded in his left hand. Kawaki has increasingly gained mastery over his karma and can weaponize it during battle. Kawaki also has the ability of Sukunahikona– which basically lets him shrink in size and later return to his normal form.

Kawaki can also use the Daikokuten to store and later summon objects. He also has the ability of using the Disruption cube. While using his karma, a small horn starts appearing on the left side of Kawaki’s head. Overall, ever since the severance of ties with Isshiki, Kawaki has mastered his Karma and used it for his own offensive prowess.

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Where to Read and Watch Boruto?

Boruto Manga

The Boruto manga is available on the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It began its publication in 2016. You can take Mangaplus or Shonen Jump subscriptions. It can also be read on the Viz website.

The anime series is available in the subbed version in Crunchyroll. You can also purchase individual episodes on Youtube, Anazon Prime, Google Play Movies, Funimation and Hulu. Boruto has over 200 episodes aired, very recently the Borutofans got the see Naruto’s Baryon Mode, so go check it out if you haven’t already.

So there you have it, a real indication of the actual powers of Kawaki. Have fun checking the mange and the anime out. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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