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(Baryon Mode) Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo (Reiatsu Generation): Who would win?

Last updated on February 19th, 2022 at 10:03 pm

The big three anime series- Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are often considered to be the pioneers of evolving the anime communities all around the world. Very often than not, therefore, there are comparisons of the protagonists that actually make these series what it is.

However, with the new season of Bleach coming out this October 2022, and considering Luffy’s recent power buff with advanced Conqueror’s Haki in the Wano Arc and Naruto’s final push in Baryon Mode, the characters are not getting any stronger than this, and perhaps it is time to settle this debate once and for all.

In this post, therefore, we’ll take all the characters at the peak of their battle prowess, make a complete analysis of why who wins and do in-depth research on the abilities and powers that they would be able to use in the battle and what makes these characters so different and finally conclude with who comes out on top so stay on till the end to know the answer.

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(Baryon Mode) Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo (Reiatsu Generation): Who would win?

Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo
Image source: CBR

Naruto Baryon Mode would be able to overpowered both Monkey D. Luffy and Ichigo, the perfect bankai form. 

Based on raw abilities, Ichigo is outperforming the other two. But here we are comparing Naruto in his Baryon Mode, in which Kurama sacrificed himself.

Let’s discuss the reason behind this answer. After going through this article where we have compared them based on various factors, you’ll also get your answer until and unless you’re biased on one character.

Naruto Baryon Mode: Power and Ability Explanation

Naruto Baryon Mode
Image Source: Fandom

As Kurama puts it, Baryon Mode is like nuclear fission. It represents a similar exchange of power in the context that the fusion of chakra that combines both Naruto’s and Kurama’s chakra to create an entirely new form of chakra.

Just like Hydrogen and Helium are combined in nuclear fission to create a different brand of energy. In this form, Naruto has to refrain from making any unnecessary movements to prevent the burning out of Baryon Mode at a faster rate. While in this mode, Naruto gains certain powers and abilities, as explained below.

  • Increased speed and Mobility –

This is really the staple of the powerup, and the jump in speed is exponential. Naruto was already one of the fastest ninjas, and while he did not use Kunai like his father Minato (known as the Yellow Flash), his speed was always a rank higher than even the faster.

In addition to his natural speed, Naruto got an exponential boost to his mobility, so much so that Sasuke had difficulty tracking his movements even with his Sharingan.

In this mode, he can catch Isshiki’s cubes and toss them back at him, which really shows his ability to speed track objects, catch them, and throw them back, which makes him deadly.

  • Hand to hand combat – 

Naruto was already a master at Taijutsu by the time he had to use the Baryon Mode (well, he was not made the Hokage for no reason). At the same time, he was not the ultimate epitome of Taijutsu prowess like Might Guy, who was able to open the eight gates in his fight against Madara.

Naruto is quite the skilled combatant in a physical fight, and especially in his Baryon Mode, he sent Isshiki flying (hugely satisfying), showing the immense boost that Baryon Mode had given him, provided that he wasn’t able to land his Isshiki moments earlier.

  • Energy and Power Drainage –

This is perhaps the most powerful feature of Baryon Mode. Kurama explains that since all Chakra is connected, Naruto is able to drain Isshiki’s lifespan upon contact, which means there is actually no real way that Naruto can be attacked and overpowered.

Kurama did not propose this to Naruto during the fight against Madara since Madara’s lifespan was longer and would only end up hurting Naruto. However, in this form, with absolute control over his Chakra, Naruto is simply undefeatable.

Ichigo Reiatsu Generation: Power and Ability Explanation

Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo
Image Source: @Gray Hackinson (quora)

Reiatsu refers to the physical force created by an individual Reiyoku upon its release. Ichigo’s Reiatsu is naturally black; however, it turns red on the edges. Ichigo’s abilities allow him to draw energy from the Quincys, the Shinigamis, and Hollows.

This is because Ichigo’s father was the former captain of the Shinigamis; his mother was a Quincy who was infected before Ichigo’s birth, which allows him to draw energy from three sources.

However, Ichigo finds it difficult to control his Reiatsu, which makes him unpredictable in battle and gives him certain powers, as explained below:

  • Energy Draw –

This is one power that allows Ichigo to draw his energy from Shinigamis, Quincys, and Hollows simultaneously, giving him an almost inexhaustible source of energy that is quite really the opposite of Naruto’s Baryon Mode, which lasts for only a short period of time and takes an immense toll on the user.

Due to this ability to draw energy, Ichigo has the added advantage of gaining the upper hand in a long drawn fight, allowing him to maintain his battle prowess for a considerable length of time.

  • Increased speed and reflexes –

This goes without saying. With his increasing control over his Reatsu, Ichigo has increased mobility due to his exponential energy draws, which he can expend without much consideration. The only limit of this technique is his own body, and its ability to take toll of all Ichigo makes it go through.

  • Increased durability and strength – 

This is the most powerful way of manipulation of Reatsu, which can be consolidated to increase both offense and defense in a significant manner. In its hollow form, it became unreadable at its lowest point and at its highest point greater than that of the fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer.

This really means that the unpredictability that Ichigo’s Reatsu brings to the table provides him with an unknown threatening component that can be unleashed both against a flurry of attack and launching into one of his special moves.

Luffy Advanced Conqueror Haki Form: Power and Ability Explanation

One Piece
Image Source: Fandom Wiki

Unlike the other Haki forms, which can be practiced and gained, this one is special since this can only be acquired at birth. Conqueror refers to the power of an individual on exerting his will on the others, and through this exertion knocks out the weak and the faint while intimidating the rest.

Combined with Gear 4, which was shown in the battle against Doflamingo, Luffy’s ability to combine a series of attacks and exert his body makes him a formidable opponent. Luffy’s gear 4, therefore, combined with his advanced Conqueror Haki, grants him certain powers as discussed below:

  • Advanced Offense –

By coating his arm with Busoshoku Haki before biting into it, Luffy distributes an immense amount of air uniformly in the musculature of his upper body, which increases his offensive output exponentially.

It goes without saying that the use of this form increases Luffy’s mobility greatly and gives him the ability to jump high.

He can also use his arms in the form of a projectile motion that allows him to use the KongGun with a relative height advantage and increased precision, increasing his offense and giving him an upper hand in battle.

  • Increased defense and consolidation –

Busoshoku Haki increases the strength of Luffy’s arms, which means his prior ability of resistance against projectile attacks is now greatly amplified by his increased defensive maneuvers.

Despite coating his arms with Bososhoku Haki, Luffy still retains the rubbery texture which grants him flexibility, and the opposition’s attacks simply bounce off him or can even be used against them in the form of a counter-attack.

It gives a simultaneous offensive and defensive mechanism with Gear fourth, which increases his attacking prowess when combined with the advanced form of Conqueror Haki.

  • Infusion –

This is an advanced technique that only a handful of Haoshoku Haki can actually use, which allows them to exert their superior will and dominance, allowing them to infuse their will over the said equipments, much like Bososhoku Haki, greatly augmenting their attacks.

This advanced technique allowed Luffy to stand against Kaido, the strongest man in the world, where he was able to deflect Kaidou’s kanabo with a kick. In contrast, the best he could do with his highly trained Busoshoku was barely block a strike from the kanabo with both arms, and his arms were left in pain afterward.

This really shows the extent that Luffy’s Conqueror’s Haki can be utilized and the impact he can have on the battle.

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Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo: Power Level Comparison-

Naruto vs Ichigo vs Luffy
Image Source: @Yokohai (Pinterest)

Alright, so if we make these characters fight each other, who would come on top and why? Who has the better techniques that can overarch their rival, and how exactly do these abilities shape up in the midst of the intensity of a battle?

This is best done through a thorough comparison of various powers and abilities that these three characters possess in order to make a confirmation decision regarding the victor of the battle between these three. The comparison will be undertaken under the following categories:

  • Based on Speed –

Starting on a simpler note, all three characters are fast at their prime, so the question is, who is the fastest among the three? Luffy is definitely fast, but Ichigo, in his hollow form, can easily overtake him.

However, Naruto in his Baryon Mode is an entirely different story as he is considered to be as fast as lightning. So while Ichigo and Luffy are delimited by their own bodies, Naruto, due to Kurama’s immense chakra reserves, takes this round.

  • Based on Reflexes –

For those fans of Dragonball Z, this is the Ultra Instinct Mode that Beerus asked Goku to master. The ability to fight without even thinking. So who exactly takes this round? Well, Ichigo is eliminated because, despite his supreme reflexes, he has a sword to carry, which is a burden when it’s a conflict of reflexes.

Luffy, in his Gear Fourth Snakeman, has extraordinary instinctive reflexes, but Naruto has achieved the Ultra Instinct of precognitive knowledge of the battle, which means he does not even have to rely on his reflexes to win a fight as seen against Isshiki. So year, Naruto takes this round as well.

  • Based on Strength –

A battle, as such as it is one of the techniques, is also a competition of the physical strength of various characters. Without raw strength, it becomes extremely difficult to stand up against brute force.

Well, Ichigo is quite the tactical fighter, so we can eliminate him from this equation. The fact that Naruto uses Jutsu against Kaguya shows his reliance on his techniques.

For Luffy, however, it’s all about brute force. You hit a wall; you punch through it. So Luffy is definite to take this round if it is only a fight of brute strength without inner chakra or hollow form.

  • Based on Hand-to-Hand Combat –

How can we talk about strength and not consider hand-to-hand combat? Ichigo uses a sword and which pretty much disqualifies him for this round. The remaining, Naruto and Luffy, are the ones quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

While Naruto is a trained taijutsu user, Luffy’s eccentric ways of fighting inlaced with the Busoshoku Haki make for extremely strong punching rods? However, is it enough to take down Naruto, that too, in the Boryon Mode?

Unfortunately, the answer is no since we saw Naruto’s fight against Isshiki, which really proved that while Luffy may have him outmatched in terms of brute force, Naruto’s instinctive prowess and his taijutsu training can pack a mean punch. Naruto, therefore, takes this round.

  • Based on Durability –

Of course, Luffy, in terms of durability, no one can outstand Monkey D. Luffy, the rubber man. Naruto is definitely strong enough to hold on his own in a conflict; it is different in the case of durability.

And Ichigo has his own sense of durability, but still, he is no match for Luffy, who has even more Willpower than him.

  • Based on Intelligence –

Both Naruto and Luffy have a similar policy while fighting opponents. Take them head-on and punch your way through. Well, Ichigo is almost the same, just that he is a bit more tactical.

Naruto in Baryon mode is so overpowered that there is pretty much nothing for him to do but throw his punches and see his enemies get crushes. For Luffy, too, it’s just practice punching.

Ichigo, therefore, takes this round since he has a greater battle IQ that he’s him take on a fight more strategically and outfight better opponents than himself.

  • Based on Godly Techniques –

Neither Ichigo’s nor Luffy’s techniques qualify them to be God-level fighters, at least in the present scenario.

Naruto, though, has this pretty sorted since his Baryon Mode not only enhances every physical aspect but also saps away the opponents’ life force upon contact. Sorry Luffy and Ichigo, but Naruto is just way above you guys in a fight.

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Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo: Final Battle 2022-

So, hypothetically, if all of these characters would be pitted against each other, Luffy, at his strongest, can combine and use his advanced Conqueror Haki with Gear Fourth. At the same time, Ichigo’s manipulation of Reitsu and his battle intelligence will probably wait for them to exhaust their energy.

However, if Naruto chooses to go all out in Baryon Mode, unfortunately, there will be no battle since the battle will be over before it has even begun. Considering how Baryon Mode elevates Naruto into God mode fighting level, the fight will be over before it would have even begun.

Yes, these two literally have to struggle to fight out the Baryon Mode, so basically, Naruto takes this fight by an overwhelming majority.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Who is faster Naruto or Luffy?

Ans. Naruto is definitely faster than Luffy.

Q2. Who is stronger Naruto or Luffy?

Ans. In terms of purely raw strength and removing all battle techniques, Luffy is stronger than Naruto.

Q3. Who is stronger Naruto or Ichigo?

Ans. Ichigo is more of a tactical fighter, so Naruto is stronger than Ichigo.

Q4. Is Naruto stronger than Luffy?

Ans. No, on the basis of pure raw strength, Luffy is stronger than Naruto.

Q5. Is Naruto stronger than Ichigo?

Ans. Yes, Naruto has Ichigo beat in terms of physical strength.

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