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(2023) Top 20 Most Powerful Magic in Black Clover | Based on Manga

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:44 am

Yūki Tabata‘s manga series is stepping up its game with every new chapter and is rumored to be on its last arc. Fans have spent several years with its introduced characters in the fantasy-action magical world.

Built around its protagonist Asta, a boy without manaBlack Clover‘s story focuses on his challenging adventures in a magic-dominated society. Despite having no magic, he strives to become the Wizard King.

Throughout these years, fans have seen various kinds of magic and its formidability. This has only led us to ask questions like – which is the strongest of them all? Which one is powerful than the other? So for the fans of Black Clover, based on the Black Clover manga, we bring you the ranked list of 20 most powerful magic in Black Clover so far.

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Top 20 Most Powerful Magic in Black Clover-

  • 20) Sealing Magic (Secre) –

Sealing Magic- Secre
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Being one of the strongest magic in Black Clover, Secre Swallowtail’s Sealing Magic is the best start for these top rankings. We have seen her magic in action from the beginning of the series, as she used to keep appearing in the form of an anti-bird.

This form was nothing but the result of using Sealing Magic, using which she had sealed herself and had survived for 500 years more. Sealing Magic allows the user to close, open and seal any object. Its effects can extend from working on a human body also to preserve the durability of any magic and so on.

  • 19) True Briar Magic (Charlotte Roselei) –

True Briar Magic- Charlotte Roselei
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Progressing to the top, the next is True Briar Magic, which is the evolved or pure form of our Blue Rose captain: Charlotte Roselei‘s Briar Magic attribute. She had unlocked this using Heart Kingdom’s True Magic Method.

Just like Briar Technique, it uses runes and briars but is multiple times stronger and uses red roses in place of blue, being independent of Charlotte’s curse. This magic has opened various attack options and spells for Charlotte.

  • 18) Painting Magic (Rill) –

Painting Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Painting Magic’s power is a simple recreation of a fancy fantasy, which many of us has probably had once in our life. What if what we drew came to life! Such is Aqua Deer‘s captain: Rill Boismortier‘s power.

This is genuinely Black Clover’s most potent magic and as it can manipulate and use paint as a weapon and put life into one’s paintings. We give it the eighteenth spot because as we believe that it can carry a lot more potential in the series.

  • 17) Natural Element Magic –

Natural Element Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Natural Element Magic is the original and truest of all the magic in the magic world. It consists of the four elements- Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. These four are each strongest by themselves and use the magic of their respective types.

Wind Magic lets one manipulate the wind using the air around them. One can use the ground to their advantage using Earth Magic. Fire becomes the most terrorizing offense of Fire Magic. Finally, Water Magic allows its user to use Water spells and dominate the water-based topography.

  • 16) Dream Magic (Dorothy Unsworth)-

Dream Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Another magic that appears to be something straight out of any fairytale is the Dream Magic. It is a perfect literal application of ‘living your dream’ or instead living inside your dreams.

It is Coral Peacock‘s captain: Dorothy Unsworth‘s power. She can capture anyone inside her world of dreams, a space where whatever you think of comes true. And if the user is learned in the art of manipulative thinking and entrapment, escape from here is close to impossible.

  • 15) Food Magic (Charmy) –

Food Magic- Charmy
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

We all once recognized Charmy as the one with a child-like appearance and a food-lover until someone disrespected food in front of her. Charmy turned into a fierce magician and introduced us to the Food Magic.

Using this magic makes Charmy’s physical appearance older, freeing her of her child-like small body. Then the next moment, we see her consuming her opponent’s magic and using it against them. It is no doubt among the most powerful magic in Black Clover.

  • 14) Shadow Magic (Nacht) –

Shadow Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

This magic, just like its name suggests, gives its user the authority to control shadows and use these to their advantage. One can move from shadow to shadow just like teleportation and attack the opponents using their own shadows on them.

Shadow Magic is possessed by Black Bull’s vice-captain: Nacht Faust’s. His magic is also effective against devils.

  • 13) Mercury Magic (Nozel) –

Mercury Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Mercury Magic is all about using the chemical element ‘mercury‘ to its full potential. Ranking thirteenth, it is Silver Eagle‘s captain: Nozel Silva’s ultimate defense and ultimate offense.

Nozel Silva can control mercury which is fluid and can take any shape. Moreover, its attack can inflict severe damage, entering the opponent’s body.

  • 12) World Tree Magic (William Vangeance)

World Tree Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

World Tree Magic is used by Golden Dawn‘s captain, William Vangeance, who is also considered the strongest of all the squad captains in the series. This power allows him to control trees and use their properties.

The user can grow enormous trees from the ground and use their roots, trunk, wood, etc., as dominating force on the battlefield. Adding to this, it is also effective for Healing Magic.

  • 11) Curse-Warding Magic (Megicula) –

Curse-Warding Magic- Megicula
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Magic practiced by a devil, Curse-Warding Magic is a magic that is open to various possibilities. Where on the one hand, it can destroy someone, it can also heal.

This magic is in possession of the devil Megicula by which she can make curses and inflict them upon anyone. Using it on her enemies, she weakens her enemies and uses it on herself to boost her power. In a way, it is pretty similar to Secre Swallowtail’s Sealing Magic.

  • 10) Blood Magic (Witch Queen) –

Blood Magic- Witch Queen
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Starting for our top 10s is the magic used by the queen of a world, which exists away from the human world, i.e., the ruler of the witches- Witch Queen. This magic had given the fans quite a scare with its ability to drive its target into tormenting mind-control.

The user can use their own blood as a weapon and armament. Then once getting in contact with the enemy’s blood, it can control them like puppets.

  • 9) Sword Magic (Licht) –

Sword Magic- Licht
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

If you know the true history behind Asta’s sword, then you know where all the power of Licht comes from. Power of an elf, Sword Magic was Licht’s forte through which he could make powerful swords to accompany his swordsmanship.

The swords: Demon-Slayer SwordDemon-Dweller Sword, and Demon-Destroyer Sword are Licht’s creations.

  • 8) Spirit Magic- Saint Stage Mage (Yuno, Noelle)-

Spirit Magic- Saint Stage Mage
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Spirit Magic‘s Saint Stage is a more evolved nature of Spirit Magic. It seems to get awakened when an element user reaches a full 100 percent resonance with their Element Spirits.

Currently, Yuno, with his Wind Spirit: Sylph, and Noelle, with her Water Spirit: Undine, are the known Saint Stage mages. Their forms are called Saint Spirit of Zephyr and Saint Valkyrie Armor, respectively.

Yuno’s Wind Magic and Noelle’s Water Magic, in this form, boost up to the point where they grow capable of heavily injuring the devils.

  • 7) Star Magic (Yuno) –

Star Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Star Magic is the power of House Grinberryall, and Yuno is now the sole user. Another unique magical attribute, this magic lets Yuno use stars as his attack and teleportation medium. The user can make stars appear like small spiky glowing orbs in numbers.

  • 6) Light Magic & Demon Light Magic (Patolli/Patri) –

Light Magic & Demon Light Magic- Patolli
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Patolli was once among the most destructive antagonists of the Black Clover series, and what supported his acts profoundly was the Light Magic. With this magic, one can attack using the light element. Owing to its properties, the light attacks are fast-paced.

Later, Patolli’s Light Magic had evolved itself to take the form of Demon Light Magic. It is a faster, denser, and more lethal version of Light Magic, which can even land hits on devils.

  • 5) Gravity Magic (Lucifero) –

Gravity Magic
Image Source: black-clover-kingdom-fall.fandom

Our fourth choice is the Gravity Magic, which, true to its name, allows a magician to dominate gravity. Whether it’s an object or a human or his surroundings, Dante Zogratis can control its gravity. This Gravity Magic emerges from the high-ranking devil LuciferoDante is a host to him.

So by increasing gravity, he makes things or his attacks heavier, and by decreasing it, he makes his attacks faster. And when he uses this as tricks upon his opponents, he catches them off-guard and puts them at a disadvantage.

  • 4) Dark Magic (Yami) –

Dark Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Dark Magic is an existence diametrically opposite of Light Magic. It uses darkness as its main element.

Having its connection with the underworld, it can render damage upon devil opponents. We remember when nothing was working against devil Zagred‘s Kotodama Magic, Sukihiro Yami‘s Dark Magic was still considered valuable.

Yami is one of the strongest characters, and his Dark Magic is absolutely among the most powerful magic in Black Clover.

  • 3) Kotodama Magic (Zagred) –

Kotodama Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Kotodama Magic starts our lineup of the top three since this magic is another superior existence in the series. It is probably based on another fancy fantasy. Its limits are not confirmed yet, and its subject is the power of speech – what one says comes true.

In the series, we were given its quintessence through the high-ranking devil, Zagred. Dark Magic and Anti-Magic are known to have the quality to counter it.

  • 2) Time Magic (Julius) –

Time Magic
Image Source: blackclover.fandom

Time Magic’s application has been seen in the series through the Wizard KingJulius Novachrono. The power of the one considered strongest in the series, Time Magic allows the user to control time.

If the user wants, he can stop time, control its flow, age someone, or can even make something new. Thus, it has various options and usages for its disposal.

  • 1) Anti-magic (Asta) –

Image Source: powerlisting.fandom

On the top place, it’s none other than what our protagonist Asta uses- Anti-magic, a power that can reign over the effects of any magic. All the Magic attributes we have seen yet can be canceled by Anti-Magic. It is devil Liebe’s power, and working on Licht’s swords; it can nullify any magic.

Anti-magic is used through tools like swords, just as Asta uses and stores them in his grimoire. Its potential is so grand that it cancels any mana or magic. So, it can be handled only by a user who doesn’t possess any mana or has an infinite flow of mana.

Here we conclude our top 20 rankings and bring the list to a close. We hope you had fun checking out these magic attributes. The situation in the Black Clover world is getting more and more intense, and there is still probably a lot in store for us in the upcoming chapters that will feed our curiosities. So friends, keep track of the manga updates and keep reading the Black Clover manga on Viz as you have been.

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