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Kagurabachi: Wiki, Characters & Plot Info

Manga fans might already know this; if they don’t already, we’re sure they will check this new manga out. Recently, a new manga named Kagurabachi was released and it took the world by storm with its intriguing plot and gorgeous art. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about Kagurabachi, including its wiki, characters, plot, and whether it’s worth reading.

The manga quickly overtook popular titles like Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and My Hero Academia, and grabbed the second spot on Manga Plus after only three chapters. Currently, with six chapters out, Kagurabachi retains the 3rd spot among the most popular titles on Manga Plus with more than 880000 views.

The popularity of Kagurabachi is phenomenal which proves how great the manga is and how much potential it carries. Such a title needs to be discussed and thus, we’re here with Kagurabachi: wiki, characters & plot info.

Kagurabachi: Wiki & Plot Info

Kagurabachi: Wiki & Plot Info

Kagurabachi is an action fantasy manga written and illustrated by Takeru Hokazono. The manga debuted on September 17, 2023, in the Weekly Shonen Jump and made its first digital appearance on Viz Media and Manga Plus on September 19. Like other titles under the popular manga magazines, Kagurabachi will be released on a weekly basis.

The story of Kagurabachi revolves around a young man named Chihiro Rokuhira who lives with his father and makes swords under his guidance. With determination and deep respect for both the craft and his father, he wants to become a master swordsman in the future.

Chihiro’s idle life is turned upside down on a fateful day when a group of sorcerers come to their home looking for the enchanted swords his father, Kunishige, forged during the war. Kunishige retrieved the powerful swords after the war and hid them to prevent the wrong hands from getting them.

The group, who call themselves Hishaku, injure Chihiro and kill Kunishige before stealing the enchanted swords. When Chihiro comes to his senses once again after Shiba arrives, he vows to hunt down the people who killed his father and retrieve the enchanted swords to stop them from being used against his father’s philosophy.

Armed with the last and most powerful enchanted sword forged by Kunishige, Chihiro sets out on a bloody journey with Shiba helping him.

Kagurabachi: Main Characters

The manga currently has only 6 chapters, having been released recently. So, the number of significant characters is also very low. As of yet, there have been five characters who are guaranteed to have a significant impact on the story. 

Some important characters, mostly antagonists, have been teased but since they are yet to appear in the story, we don’t know a lot about them. So, in Kagurabachi Wiki, we’ll discuss the five important characters who have already made imprints on the story.

1) Chihiro Rokuhira

Chihiro Rokuhira

The list of main characters of Kagurabachi starts with the protagonist Chihiro Rokuhiro. The first page of the first chapter of the manga shows Chihiro as a kid working with his father while on the second page, he’s shown in his current avatar, brutally decapitating Yakuza members.

He’s introduced in the story as a 14-year-old kid living with his single father. Chihiro works diligently as an apprentice swordsmith under the guidance of his father. Since his father is a carefree man, he ends up taking care of both of them. But he loves his father very much and respects his craft, wanting to be a swordsmith as fine and skilled as the man.

Chihiro’s life turns upside down when four sorcerers come to their house to look for the enchanted swords crafted by his father Kunishige. He is later found by Shiba, sitting by his father’s corpse with a gnarly scar on the left side of his face. 

Chihiro has been entrusted with the last and most powerful enchanted sword crafted by his father. Armed with the sword, he is now looking for the stolen enchanted hunting down the people responsible for the death of Kunishige.

2) Kunishige Rokuhira

Kunishige Rokuhira

The central motivation for Chihiro’s character is the murder of his father, Kunishige Rokuhira. Kunishige is the world’s best swordsman who crafted numerous swords during the war. At the beginning of the story, he lives with his son in a secluded house protected by an enchanted barrier.

Kunishige is very passionate about his job and believes that as swordsmiths, they carry the burden of how their creation is used. He teaches Chihiro not only the craft of swordsmanship but also the philosophy behind it and is moved when Chihiro says he wants to become a swordsmith just like his dad.

During the war, Kunishige made six enchanted swords that he retrieved after the war and hid them at his house to keep them from falling into the hands of the wrong people. It’s the hunt for the enchanted swords that leads the evil sorcerer group Hishaku to hunt him down and kill him before stealing them.

3) Shiba


Outside of his father, Shiba is the only person who has been a constant in Chihiro’s life. Shiba is a sorcerer and a close friend of Kunishige who visits them occasionally. The man is very familiar with Chihiro and cares about him. Shiba is seemingly one of the very people who knows about the location of the enchanted swords.

The day Hishaku visits the Rukohira household, Shiba comes late and finds Kunishige dead and Chihiro sitting traumatized beside his father’s corpse. Later, he helps the boy look for the enchanted swords that are stolen.

4)  Hinao


Hinao is the owner of Cafe Haru Haru, an establishment that serves as both a cafe and a contractor that connects sorcerers with Yakuza gangs and big business corporations that need their services.

The young woman has known Shiba for a while and meets Chihiro through him. She currently passes them both information on Hishaku to help him find the evil sorcerers and retrieve his father’s enchanted swords.

5) Char


A central character in the first arc of the manga, Char is a little girl who comes to Hinao’s cafe with information on the enchanted swords. She has clearly run away from somewhere, though she won’t divulge any information on how she reaches Hinao’s cafe or who is after her.

Char only reveals that a “bad guy” is after her and that she needs protection. When she comes to Hinao’s cafe, she is clearly starving and in need of some rest. After her information about the enchanted swords proves to be true and she is attacked by a sorcerer, Chihiro vows to be her protector.

Is It Worth It to Read Kagurabachi?

Is It Worth It to Read Kagurabachi?

Kagurabachi may be new but the manga is exceptionally exciting even with only six chapters. The plot already seems very exciting, the characters are likable, the power system looks intriguing, and the art is to die for. But the best aspect of the manga might just be the protagonist.

Chihiro Rokuhira is already coming off as a very interesting protagonist who has the potential to become as popular as Jujutsu Kaisen’s Yuji Itadori and My Hero Academia’s Izuku Midoriya and The Chainsaw Man’s Denji. He is powerful and clever and has a goal in mind as well as a tragic and heartfelt backstory.

The manga is pretty brutal and gory at times but only the appropriate amount for every kind of reader to enjoy. 


That is all for Kagurabachi: wiki, characters & plot info. The manga is available with its English translation on Manga Plus and Viz Media. The seventh chapter of the manga is due this Sunday, October 29. Catch up with the previous chapters until then and keep reading Otakus’ Notes.

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