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(Kikoru’s Resolve) Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 Spoiler-Predictions & Release Date

We further get a closer look at Kaiju No 15, and we can see how closely it resembles Kikoru Shinomiya. This is also recognized by the other characters, as she looks like the polar opposite of Kikoru.

Also, the command of the Kasumigaseki area has been transferred under Kikoru’s command so that she is free to fight the Kaiju in her way. Right away, Kikoru starts giving orders and sets a danger zone to lessen the collateral damage.

Kikoru’s resolve is once again tested, as neither Kafka nor Captain Ashiro nor her master Gen is here to help her out of this pinch. The Kaiju, on the other hand, surprised her with a teleporting attack that Kikoru dodged.

The fight starts on almost equal standings, as we are yet to see Kaiju No. 15’s true power. A heavy exchange of blows goes on between the two of them, as even one mistake would be fatal to Kikoru.

Even after her numerous attempts and attacks, Kikoru takes a couple of hits head-on from the Kaiju. This puts her in terrible shape on this battlefield. She is unable even to use her shield, as she keeps getting thrashed by the opponent Kaiju.

At last, we hear that her shields are breached, and a few of her organs are damaged in this ensuing fight. With this, we can understand the fighting prowess of the Kaiju and that this fight might be too much for newbie Kikoru Shinomiya.

The last page of the manga ends on a huge despair note, with the Kaiju releasing a powerful attack. The Kaiju releases a huge axe spanning a few meters, which is already bad news to the injured Kikoru, as she might not be able to win this.

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 Spoilers-Prediction

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 Predictions

Since Kikoru is on the brink of defeat, we can imagine Kaiju wanting to finish her off with a final blow. And this axe move should be one of Kaiju’s strongest moves.

If Kikoru is not able to dodge this, then she will be greeted by death. Even an 85% power release wasn’t enough to fight this powerful foe. This is a horrible situation for Kikoru, as all odds are against her, and she may die.

Furthermore, there is neither backup nor her Defense Force members to help her in this battle. Even Gen Narumi will not be able to lend his help to his student in this situation.

This is a dire situation, as everyone is caught up in fighting the other Kaijus that appeared. In the case she dies, she would just be remembered as one of the rookies whose talent got wasted fighting a powerful opponent.

Of course, we would not like these turn of incidents to happen, and we would love to see more of Kikoru unleashing 100% and fighting the Kaiju.

This might be the most probable case, as Kikoru will unleash 100% and fight decently with the Kaiju till someone else appears. We still have yet to see Kafka anywhere on the battlefield, and he might be the key to turning around this battle.

It would be best if we could witness Kikoru fighting this Kaiju alone, but that might not be possible. Her doppelganger is way stronger than her in every aspect. So, Kafka might be going across the warzone now and might be able to find Kikoru in bad shape and then take on her fight.

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 Release Date

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 Release Date

Kaiju No 8 is a weekly manga, and we would need to wait for two more weeks until we get the next chapter. The next chapter should release on 2nd February. 

The manga is available to read on the official Shounen Jump website, as well as some other websites. The official Shounen Jump website also has an additional timer for the release of the next chapter and gets updated accordingly.

This marks the end of our article about Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 predictions and release date. We will follow all updates regarding this manga, so stay tuned and keep checking our website regularly. We also follow many other manga series, so you can check in your free time about some of your other favorite series.

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