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(2024 Updated) Top 20 Most Powerful Monsters in Kaiju No. 8 (Ranked)

Last updated on February 17th, 2024 at 10:59 am

Kaiju No. 8 is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. It started serializing on Shonen Jump in July 2020. It has been prevalent and surpassed 30 million views last year. Kaiju No. 8 follows Kafka Hibino, who has a lifelong dream of joining the Defense Force and fighting against the monsters. However, due to a sudden turn of events, a small talking monster flies into his body, and Kafka ends up turning into a Kaiju himself. He later became known as “Kaiju No. 8” by the Defense Force.

Over the course of the series, we have seen the Defense Force fight against many powerful monsters. All of these monsters have been one above the other. Each of them had its own unique abilities, and the Defense Force had to apply different measures against each of them. In this article, we are going to rank the various monsters according to their power level and the threat that they possess. So, let’s begin the ranking of the Top 20 Most Powerful Monsters in Kaiju No. 8.

Top 20 Most Powerful Monsters in Kaiju No. 8

20) After Beast

After Beast

The After Beast was the first live monster to appear in the series. It appeared out of nowhere and tried to attack Leno. It had great jaw strength and used that to attack the members of the Defense Force. It did not seem to have any other capabilities and was more of a one-trick pony. It was easily taken down by Commander Mina Ashiro. This is why it takes the number 20 spot on our list.

19) Fungal-Type Yoju Monster

Fungal-Type Yoju Monster

The Fungal-Type Yoju Monster was produced from its base form. They were numerous in number and were also faster than the base form. They also possessed proliferative organs which helped them to multiply themselves without any help from the base form. This was a major advantage in fighting against their enemies. Although they were not strong individually like the base form, they could overpower the enemy with their dominant number.

18) Pterosaur-Type Flying Monster

Pterosaur-Type Flying Monster

They were flying-type monsters who had launched a sudden attack on Tachikawa Base. They usually remain solitary but they had been influenced by a new humanoid monster who was acting as their leader. However, as a group, they could launch a well-coordinated attack by communicating with each other. Their front was also hardened since that side was the most vulnerable to attacks. The ability to fly already gave them an upper hand over other monsters.

17) Base Monster

Base Monster

The Base Monster first appeared in Chapter 6 during the examination. Apart from having strong jaws, it could also crush its opponents using its claws. It walked on four legs like any typical monster but also had slightly better mobility. It attacked Hibino suddenly, even though Hibino was used to its fighting style. It did not have any eyes, and it detected enemies using its heightened senses. Although it was taken down quickly by Shinomiya, it possessed a mid-level threat.

16) The Lizard Monster

The Lizard Monster

We did not get to see the Lizard Monster in action. The series started with Commander Mina Ashiro subjugating the monster. The Lizard Monster was huge in size and destroyed much of its surrounding building even while dying. We can only speculate that it did not possess much of a threat other than its gigantic size. Thus, on that note, it takes the sixteenth position in this ranking.

15) Ant-Type Monsters

Ant-Type Monsters

These are massive ant-shaped monsters that frequently travel in packs. They have the power of spitting an acidic liquid from their mouths.

These monsters usually don’t appear in tunnels, much less on the surface, but they were easily manipulated by No. 9 and attacked Shinagawa. They are usually easily defeated by the Defense Forces but were enhanced and led by No. 9 during their attack.

14) Revived Base Monster

Revived Base Monster

The dead base monster was revived by Monster No. 9. The revived base monster was larger and more powerful than the original base monster. It had a high resilience of 6.4, which was quite unusual. It had insane strength as it swept aside Shinomiya easily. In addition to this, the revived base monster could also shoot powerful energy beams. Thus, the revived base monster was a huge upgrade to the original base monster.

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13) The Third Wave

The Third Wave

The Third Wave is a series of Daikaiju with a glowing building-sized, skeletal white body. They were created by No. 9, and although not as strong as No. 11 – No. 15, each of them has a fortitude level of 8.0. The sheer number of them that have appeared during the cataclysm has made it difficult for everyone to hold onto hope.

These monsters seemed to be silent and thoughtless, unlike the numbered monsters made by No. 9. They specifically appeared to slow down Kafka so that No. 9 could wreak more havoc and absorb Mina.

12) Kaiju #4

Kaiju #4

Kaiju No. 4 was a flying-type monster with a centipede-like body. Its speed seemed to be its main specialty. Sometime in the past, it was killed by the First Division and turned into Numbered Weapon 4.

Formerly used by Second Division Captain Hikari Shinomiya, it is currently used by Kikoru (her daughter). Known as the fastest-numbered weapon in history, it is perfect for Kikoru’s agile but hard-hitting fighting style.

11) Kaiju #1

Kaiju #1

The first monster to ever receive an identification number, Kaiju No. 11, was known as The Future Sight Kaiju. A fearsome foe with inescapable attacks, it was killed by the Defense Force in the past. Its Pseudo-Foresight could look through enemy attacks and pinpoint their weakness.

Kaiju No. 1 was turned into a Numbers Weapon, which is currently held by Gen Narumi. It allows Narumi to discern the synaptic impulses of his enemy and gain a kind of precognition to predict their movements. After fighting with No. 11, Narumi was able to push the weapon past its limits and is now able to sense even the electrons, temperature, and the whole terrain around him.

10) Kaiju #2

Kaiju #2

A massive brown dinosaur-like monster, Kaiju No. 2, was able to unleash attacks so destructive that he almost annihilated Sapporo until it was killed by the Defense Force. It was converted into Numbers Weapon 2 and was used by Isao Shinomiya. Director General Isao was said to be the only one who was capable of controlling this weapon.

By utilizing this weapon, Isao could unleash extremely destructive sonic attacks and energy beams.

9) Kaiju #14

Kaiju #14

Kaiju No. 14 first appeared in Ageo City, Saitama, along with several other Daikaju-level monsters created by Kaiju No. 9.  He takes the form of a jet-black floating parallelepipedon with four pink human-like faces appearing with eerie smiles.

Unlike the other monsters who appeared during the Compatible User Arc, Kaiju No. 11 didn’t have much of a personality and was not shown to speak. It used its teleportation abilities to appear in Tachikawa during the Second Wave. With a Fortitude level of 9.0, The Defense Force struggled to do any real damage to it until Mina appeared.

Kaiju #11 tried to dodge Mina’s bullets but was promptly hit and killed by her.

8) Kaiju #15

Kaiju #15

One of the monsters created by Kaiju No. 9, Kaiju No. 15, first appeared in Shibuya ard while assuming the form of a slender female humanoid with black sclerae and red irises. Her appearance was quite similar to Shinomiya’s except for her eyes and dark hair.

During the cataclysm, Kaiju No. 15 appeared in the National Diet area and engaged in battle with Kikoru Shinomiya. Her immense strength, shapeshifting, and speed were no joke, but her specialty was psychological manipulation, which proved difficult for Shinomiya to break through. But Shinomiya got over her insecurities and defeated Kaiju No. 15 both within the mental space and outside.

7) Kaiju #11

Kaiju #11

Kaiju No. 11 first appeared in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, where it sucked all the fish from the sea. During the cataclysm, it appeared in the Sumida Ward and faced off against First Division captain Gen Narumi.

His hydrokenesis was specially made to fend off Narumi’s ability to sense his enemies’ electrical input to predict their movements. A Daikaju-level monster with a Fortitude reaching 9.0, he also possessed immense strength and resistance.

Kaiju #11 easily blocked and countered Narumi’s attacks until the latter awakened the full potential of his numbered weapon and killed him.

6) Kaiju #12

Kaiju #12

Kaiju No. 12 was created by No. 9 as the finished version of No. 10. Contrary to its prototype, he appeared to be silent and apathetic. He also seemed to be able to strategize better mid-battle.

Kaiju No. 12 appeared in Chofu Airport during the Cataclysm and engaged Senshiro Hoshina (with Kaiju No. 10) in battle. As someone who was made to combat Hoshina specifically, it was a master swordsman whose dual-blade fighting style was quite close to Hoshina’s style. If not for Hoshina’s proficiency with multiple blade-wielding styles and Kaiju No. 10’s partnership, it would have quite possibly won. However, Hoshina and No. 10 were able to defeat him together.

5) Kaiju #13

Kaiju #13

A monster created by Kaiju #9 who appeared to be rather apathetic to his surroundings, unlike the others created with him, Kaiju #13 was first seen on the Tohoku expressway, Tochigi, racing the cars by running at high speed. During the cataclysm, he appeared in Oizumi and was engaged by the First Division in a battle.

Kaiju #13 had overwhelming raw strength, and his only personality seemed to be his competitive nature. Platoon leaders Tachibana and Shinonome were overpowered and almost killed by him, prompting Kafka to go against Shinonome’s orders to change into his Kaiju form. Seeing Kaiju #8, he was able to raise his Fortitude to 9.2 and would have probably wrecked more havoc if Kafka hadn’t killed him.

4) Kaiju #10

Kaiju #10

Kaiju No.10  was the leader of the Pterosaurs who had organized them to launch an attack. He was extremely fast and made it difficult for Hoshina to keep up with him. He had a thick skin that was hard to pierce through and possessed brute strength, as we saw how he crushed a metal door with just one hand.

Unlike other monsters, No. 10 seems to be only concerned with having fun while battling, which is why he himself asked Hoshina to turn him into a numbers weapon for Hoshina to use. When they are able to cooperate, the two are unstoppable on the battlefield. They even defeated No. 12, which was supposed to be the finished version of No. 10.

3) Kaiju #6

 Kaiju #6

Deemed the King of Kaijus, Kaiju No. 6 was a theropod dinosaur-like monster. Ten years ago, he was at the center of various cataclysms that claimed the lives of over 200 Defense officers and 3 captains, including Hikari.

Its fortitude level was 9.6, the second-highest in the series (so far), rivaling only Kafka’s Kaiju No. 8. It had a mastery over cryokinesis and has been known as the symbol of despair even till now. It has been converted into a Number Weapon and is currently wielded by Leno Ichikawa.

2) Kaiju #9

Kaiju #9

The main antagonist of the series, Kaiju No. 9, is a monster unlike any other. It is the only monster known who can take the appearance of humans. When it first appeared, it surprised everyone by speaking since before it, the monsters never displayed any human-like qualities.

No. 9 first appeared with a fortitude of 8.5. Still strong, it would have been killed by Kafka had he not been interrupted. Since it has the power to absorb other monsters though, it has grown extremely strong, especially after absorbing Isao Shinomiya.

The dread of No. 9 comes mostly from its unpredictability. It has an endless amount of skills, can create and absorb other monsters, and is extremely clever. Next time they come face to face, there is no doubt that even Kafka will struggle against it.

1) Kaiju No. 8 (Kafka Hibino)

Kaiju #8 (Kafka)

The first position in this list deservedly belongs to Kafka Hibino’s Kaiju Form. At the beginning of the series, a flying monster entered his mouth and turned him into a Kaiju. During the examination, he showed a resilience of 9.8, which was insane compared to other monsters.

Kafka could also hold his own against Monster #9 and was almost able to defeat him. He had raw strength and toughness that he himself wasn’t aware of. He could also regenerate fast, and he had great instincts, which allowed him to dodge the enemy’s attack easily.

This concludes our ranking of the Top 20 most powerful monsters in Kaiju No. 8. There were very few surprises in the list, and the top 3 members in this list are on a whole other level. The series is in its initial stages and we can expect to see more powerful monsters in the future that may take their place in the list. Fans can read Kaiju No. 8 officially from the Mangaplus Shueisha website. We will be back soon with another Top 10 article. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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