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(Updated) Power of Kafka Hibino’s Kaiju Form in Kaiju No. 8 / Monster #8 | 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:41 am

Kaiju No. 8 / Monster #8 has become the hottest manga of the year only with the release of 53 chapters. This series has secured the 7th position among Shueisha’s manga. According to the reports, more than 386k people have already loved this new release. 

Matsumoto sensei has made this series enjoyable with a new storyline. The plot revolves around the protagonist, Kafka Hibino, a man who became a monster, and his life changed over a night. Not only this, now everyone knows about him, and he has also shown a glimpse of his Kaiju powers. Therefore, in this article, we will unveil the power of Kafka Hibino in Kaiju No. 8. 

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Power of Kafka Hibino’s Kaiju Form-

Kaiju No 8
Source: mangaplus.Shueisha

At the beginning of the series, the protagonist, Kafka Hibino, has accidentally becomes a kaiju. We will know in the future why he was the only one chosen by the monster? Now, he is a high-grade monster. Also, during the exam to save Kikoru, he showed his true power of resilience 9.8

No monster in history showed this number of toughness. It means based on resilience; he is the most dangerous and powerful monster ever witnessed. Even Monster #9 witnessed his strength and warned him after absorbing Commander Isao (Monster #2) that he would come back for him.

Kafka Hibino in Monster #8’s form has been fought a lot of powerful monsters, including Monster #10 and Monster #9. Moreover, with the introduction of Monster #2 & #1, we can expect that the other monsters are also going to be revealed one by one. It can also shed more light on the real identity of Monster #8

Regarding the present scenario and all the monsters that Kafka Hibino has fought, no one has even come close to defeating him except Monster #9 (after completely absorbing Monster #2). It alone gave a tough competition both to the commander of the First Team of Defense Force, Commander Narumi, and Kafka Hibino. But still, it recognized that he needs to completely take over Monster #2 in order to fight #8. 

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Abilities of Kafka Hibino’s Kaiju Form-

Power of Kafka Hibino’s Kaiju Form in Kaiju No. 8 / Monster #8
Image Source: omnitos
  • Raw Strength and Toughness

From the beginning of the series, we have already witnessed how powerful he is on the basis of strength and toughness. He only needs one punch to blow away the powerful monsters. With the resilience of 9.8, one can estimate the toughness of his kaiju form. 

The series has also displayed that lightning sparks inside his body when he uses all his power. At that instance; his body transfers the power at one point. He is powerful enough to wipe out the defense squad in a moment.

Also, during the fight with Commander Isao, the monster took over the control of his body, and after that, Commander Isao got no chance against him. It showed that if he lost his control during the last fight with Monster #2, he might have eliminated that Kaiju at that time.

  •  Regeneration and Bones Extension

He is a monster, which means he has monster abilities too. Monsters in the series can regenerate themselves as long as their inner organs are safe. It means he can also regenerate his arms and legs. During his fight with Commander Isao, he showed advanced regeneration abilities. Maybe he can regenerate his organs too. 

He also has the ability to extend or change the location of his bones. When he was charging his punch, his bones were extended from his legs to provide support. It means he can subconsciously extend his bones according to the need. Also, the frame structure of his Kaiju body is full of bones and muscles. He can also change his body form and manipulate his size. His original form is far more terrifying than his normal form. 

  • Immense Durability-

The body of Kaiju No. 8 is made of a thick layer of skin like most other monsters. It provides him resistance to extreme conditions and allows him to take maximum damage without getting hurt himself.

We saw how Kafka managed to blast apart the huge exploding after beast with a single punch, and the explosion couldn’t even lay a single scratch on him. Even during the fight against Monster #2, he was able to stand up even after being attacked with Sonic Blast and Twin Blast.

His outer layer of skin is too durable. Also, in his original form, his skin resistance increases exponentially. 

  • Berserk-

This ability of Kafka’s Kaiju form is a double-edged sword since, after activation of this technique, he has no control over himself. He loses control over his body and consciousness, which is taken over by the Kaiju inside his body.

It makes him extremely violent with a temporary surge in power and speed, which is capable of destroying anything and anyone inside him. We saw how this state was enough to almost defeat Isao Shinomiya, but thankfully Kafka punched a hole through his heart and managed to stop himself.

  • Energy Blast-

Similar to other monsters, Kafka can generate a large ball of energy from his mouth and fire it straight towards his opponent. It is a great offensive move that can allow him to fight at a long-range by keeping his distance from the enemies.

The only downside to this is that it takes a few seconds for the formation of the energy ball, leaving Kafka wide open to his enemies’ attacks. These energy balls damage more than Monster #9’s attacks. Although Monster #9’s energy projection has speed but in terms of damage, Kafka has the upper hand. 

  • Instincts and Speed-

Based on speed and instincts, he has also surpassed everyone in the defensive force. His speed and instincts are faster than the beam of the monster. He easily deflected that beam only with his bare hands. With sharp instincts, he can divert any attack from opponents. He has the highest response time rate against the opponent. However, still, he is slower than Commander Narumi’s (Monster #1’s eyes). Maybe in the future, we may witness a comparison where Monster #8 surpasses even Commander Narumi.

This is the brief estimation of Kafka Hibino’s monstrous power. As the series goes on, we will witness some new abilities. Kaiju No. 8 / Monster #8 is a weekly scheduled manga under Shonen Jump Plus, written by Naoya Matsumoto. Fans can read the latest chapters of Kaiju No. 8 from Mangaplus Shueisha.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Who is the main character of Kaiju No. 8?

Ans. Kafka Hibino is the main character of Kaiju No. 8.

Q2. Will Kaiju No. 8 get an anime?

Ans. Yes, Kaiju No. 8 will get an anime once the story is manga progresses further.

Q3. Should I read Kaiju No. 8?

Ans. The story of Kaiju No. 8 is simple yet engaging and is definitely worth a read.

Q4. How many chapters does Kaiju No. 8 have?

Ans. At present, Kaiju No. 8 has 53 chapters.

Q5. Who is the weakest Kaiju?

Ans. The weakest Kaiju is an after beast that had attacked Leno.

Q6. Who is the strongest Kaiju?

Ans. Kafka Hibino’s Kaiju form is the strongest Kaiju in the series.

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