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Power of Kafka Hibino’s Kaiju Form in Kaiju No. 8 / Monster #8

Kaiju No. 8 / Monster #8 has become the hottest manga of the year only with the release of 19 chapters. This series has secured the 7th position among Shueisha’s manga. According to the reports, more than 319k people have already loved this new release. Matsumoto sensei has made this series enjoyable with a new storyline. The storyline revolves around the protagonist, Kafka Hibino, a man who became a monster. The series has shown a glimpse of his Kaiju powers. Therefore, in this article, we will unveil the power of Kafka Hibino’s kaiju form in Kaiju No. 8.  

Kaiju’s Abilities and Power-

Kaiju No 8
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At the beginning of the series, the protagonist, Kafka Hibino, has accidentally become a monster. We will know in the future why he was the only one chosen by the monster? Now, he is a high-grade monster. Also, during the exam to save Kikoru, he showed his true power of resilience 9.8. No monster in history showed this number of toughness. It means based on resilience, he is the most dangerous and powerful monster ever witnessed.

  •   Raw Strength and Toughness– From the beginning of the series, we have already witnessed how powerful he is on the basis of strength and toughness. He only needs one punch to blow away the powerful monsters. With the resilience of 9.8, one can estimate the toughness of his kaiju form. The series has also displayed that when he uses his all power, lightning sparks inside his body. It means at that instance, his body transfers the power at one point. He is powerful enough to wipe out the defense squad in a moment.
  •   Regeneration and Bones Extension– He is a monster, which means he has monster abilities too. Monsters in the series can regenerate themselves as long as their inner organs are safe. It means he can also regenerate his arms and legs. There is a possibility that he possesses advanced regeneration abilities. Maybe he can regenerate his organs too. When he was charging his punch, his bones were extended from his legs to provide support. It means he can subconsciously extend his bones according to the need. Also, the frame structure of his Kaiju body is full of bones and muscles. He can also change his body form and manipulate his size.

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 16

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Instincts and Speed-

Based on speed and instincts, he has also surpassed everyone in the defensive force. His speed and instincts are faster than the beam of the monster. He easily deflected that beam only with his bare hands. With sharp instincts, he can divert any attack from opponents. He has the highest response time rate against the opponent.

This is the brief estimation of Kafka Hibino’s monstrous power. As the series is going on, we will witness some new abilities. Kaiju No. 8 / Monster #8 is a weekly scheduled manga under Shonen Jump Plus, written by Naoya Matsumoto.


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