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Kingdom Chapter 753 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date (Riboku’s Victory)

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 05:32 pm

Kingdom Chapter 753 finally brings us the awaited conclusion to this war, and this was one of the most tragic losses for Shin in the series.

There is a flashback where Naki says to Kanki that if the situation looks grave, he could try to fall back. Naki assumes that Kanki has been like this since Raido died.

Kanki disagrees with his notation, and we understand the motives of Kanki finally. Naki comes in time to help Riboku, and he starts by killing some of the enemy soldiers.

Robin instantly dies in this havoc, and the order is now passed to slaughter all of the remaining members of Shin’s army. Naki kills Lord Ungen while protecting his allies, and many soldiers gang up on him to kill him in a state of frenzy.

In his dying moments, Naki thinks that Kanki is not trying to reach Riboku. Kanki and Ringyoku are only able to watch Naki die helplessly in front of them.

The scene shifts to Shin as we see his conversation with Maron, Io, and Shou. Kanki always looked to protect Saki Clan and always kept them away from the main army.

Shou says that they were always being protected by Kanki because the Saki clan was like his hometown. He wanted to return home alive with all of their army intact.

Kingdom Chapter 753 Spoilers-Predictions

Kanki still was unable to accept Shio’s death, which amplifies his rage in battles even now. Shou says that Kanki is very fond of Shin and shows him his burnt face.

Kanki was the only person who accepted Shou for what he was, even in that state. Shou thanks Io, Rin and sets off earlier than others, and proclaims that he will meet them at their sanctuary.

Meanwhile, the scene pans out to Duke Kohaku, who is determined to slaughter the opposing forces. Ringyoku comes to fight him but gets his arm cut off.

Kanki comes in the save and kills Duke Kohaku. Only five members are left now, including Ringyoku and Kanki, and they still keep marching.

The soldiers kill Ringyoku, and only Kanki is left now. They all gang up on Kanki and keep on stabbing him, but Kanki still keeps marching bravely.

Kanki sees visions of his dead friends and allies looking happy. Finally, with his shattered sword, he stands a few meters away from Riboku, dead after being stabbed multiple times.

Kingdom Chapter 753 Spoilers-Prediction

At this point, it looks like Kanki knew very well that he could die in this battle. But he still went into this battle with his surprise attack, even if Naki had warned him.

Kanki probably wanted to soothe his rage, as he was unable to bear the loss of any more of his men. The only way in which Kanki thought he could achieve this was by killing Riboku or dying in that process.

He got a glorious death in battle but at least managed to save some of his other friends and allies. Riboku stands tall as the victor of this war after killing General Kanki.

Kingdom Chapter 753 Release Date

Shou seems like he is willing to do anything to see Kanki for one last time. After learning about his past with Kanki, we can understand how much he respected Kanki.

And even in his dying moments, Kanki only tried to save his hometown, Saki Clan. Shou is probably trying to desperately reach for Kanki so that he can at least see how Kanki valiantly died in battle.

The next chapter will focus on the aftermath of the war and how it affected everyone. Both sides suffered huge losses, but it was one of the worst losses for Shin until now.

Shin now has to recruit more members if he wants to take revenge against Riboku after this war. Maron also swore that he would kill Riboku no matter what it took after Kanki’s sacrifice.

Kingdom Chapter 753 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 753 will be released on April 6th. The manga will be on a break the upcoming week, so the release date for the chapter is delayed.

The raw scans generally release a week before the chapter. We will be updating the full spoilers and raw scans in this article once they are released.

With this, we shall conclude our article on Kingdom Chapter 753 Spoilers & Predictions. We keep coming up with newer and more interesting posts, so make sure to check them out here.

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