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Kingdom Chapter 764 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date (The Spy Network)

Kingdom Chapter 764 should give us more insight into these spy networks, as well as the future of this arc. It seems that 2 years had passed since Ri Shi had last met You Ka.

He apologizes for not sending regular updates, but it was because You Ka had been infiltrating Zhao state. Anyone who watches him going back and forth between Kanyou and Zhao would immediately get suspicious.

Ri Shi further says that You Ka’s insider information about Zhao was very useful to Qin. He asks him to keep continuing his good work. However, You Ka keeps pondering about his meeting with Kanpishi.

You Ka is in deep thought, as he understands that Kanpishi already knows about him. His thoughts also reach the point, of even trying to kill Kanpishi, but he also knows that it will create a huge fuss.

And, Ri Shi asks You Ka, if the great Trap of Ri Boku for Kan Ki, was impossible to notice him. You Ka is also ashamed of the fact, that Ri Boku’s information manipulation was of great value.

Since You Ka is in Kaku Kai’s group, it is also harder for him to collect more information on Ri Boku. But still, he had been trying to send people to infiltrate from Ri Boku’s side too.

Ri Shi asks him to be very careful, and cautious of Ri Boku. And finally, You Ka also says that he had found two spies in Ri Shi’s mansion. Ri Shi is extremely surprised, but this isn’t the end of You Ka’s information.

He further says that some of their people had tried to follow these spies. But, all of their trails had only disappeared at Kanpishi’s mansion. You Ka further says that this is his speculation, but Kanpishi might have other reasons to come to Qin.

You Ka continues and says that Han’s spy members are the most annoying of the lot. Ri Shi understands that this is a big deal, and he wants to report it to Ei Sei, before taking any action.

The scene shifts and we see Kanpishi talking to someone and asking how many are outside, to which the other guy replies 7. Kanpishi also understood the dangers and asks him to clean up.

On further inspection, 7 members were found, who were pretending as guards. Ei Sei and others discuss possible strategies and outcomes. Ri Shi is very angry about this and wants to talk to Kanpishi himself.

However, at the end of the chapter, Kanpishi says that You Ka is dangerous. He further says that You Ka is a double spy of Zhao, and had also known about Ri Boku’s trap.

Kingdom Chapter 764 Spoilers-Prediction

Kingdom Chapter 764 Spoilers & Predictions

As we can see, there has been much information about Spies. You Ka deduces that Kanpishi might also be the leader of the annoying spy organization of Han. This is how Kanpishi would get to know You Ka too.

However, this chapter tries to paint Kanpishi as the Spy Leader as the most. His talks with a mysterious person, and the number of spies also matched the number of suspicious guards.

Even if Kanpishi himself is a spy, we don’t know why he had to go out of his way to say that You Ka is a double spy. Supposedly this is the information he collected from his Spy network, it will be less believable for Ri Shi.

You Ka had been of great help to Qin, all thanks to his insider information about Zhao. It would not seem practical, for him to act as a double agent for both Zhao and Qin. It will only be a couple of chapters before we fully get to know about Kanpishi.

This might also be Kanpishi trying to throw the trail from around him onto You Ka. This arc had evolved into a full-on spy game now, and the one who has the most hold on information shall be the winner.

Han is also known for its ability to collect information, which could even let them win wars. They have been a weaker state for a long time, and this was probably the fighting path they chose.

Kingdom Chapter 764 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 764 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 764 should release on 18th July, if there are no delays. And, it also has been said that there won’t be any breaks for this manga, for the next week’s chapter.

So, we can also expect raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 764 to release in a couple of days. We will be updating the full raw scans and spoilers in this article, once they get released.

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