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Kingdom Chapter 787 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Shi Ryou vs. Ji Aga)

Kingdom Chapter 787 continues the hype of this Battle of Hango arc, as we can expect some more surprises in the next chapter. Shi Ba Shou’s army looks very surprised by Sou’Ou’s attack. 

Ou Sen also understands that Sou’Ou and Den Ri Mi had divided their army to fight with Ji Aga, Kan Saro, and then Shi Ba Shou’s army. After seeing the situation, Ou Sen orders his army to take Shi Ba Shou’s head.  

Meanwhile, Shi Ba Shou seems unfazed despite the Sou’Ou’s attack. He asks his army to take care of the rear without worrying about him. Shi Ba Shou asks his army to let the intruders in so that he can deal with them. 

However, he gets stopped by one of his older soldiers. Despite his warnings, Shi Ba Shou keeps on killing Ou Sen’s soldiers to protect his soldiers. Meanwhile, we see that Shi Ryou is fighting with both Ji Aga and Kan Saro. 

Kan Saro further orders Ji Aga to kill her, but Shin Kaku Gaku and Sanshuu show up. However, Kan Saro instantly sends Shin Kaku Gaku flying away with his monstrous strength. 

Shi Ryou’s condition is not looking too well, as she looks half dead now. Shin Kaku Gaku tells her to take a step back, as they know they cannot win in this fight, and this is only to buy time for Sou’Ou’s army to succeed. 

Kan Saro’s soldiers report that Shi Ba Shou’s attack force keeps weakening. Ji Aga believes killing Shi Ba Shou in this war will be impossible, but he knows he might be wrong and resolves his will to defeat Shi Ryou.

Shin Kaku Gaku and Sanshuu plan to drag Kan Saro down, and both block him. Shi Ryou also reacts to their plan, and so does Ji Aga. The chapter ends with Shi Ryou cutting into Ji Aga’s neck.  

Kingdom Chapter 787 Spoilers & Predictions

Kingdom Chapter 787 Spoilers & Predictions

This war is becoming another interesting battle as things start getting heated up. Qin had successfully bested Shi Ba Shou and Zhao’s plans as of now, and they are holding well on all fronts. 

However, it is still too early to make predictions as we cannot expect Shi Ba Shou’s next move. Ji Aga is in a dangerous spot right now, as Shi Ryou is close to killing him

If she does manage to kill him, it will be a very unexpected loss for Zhao, and their attack power will take a huge hit. Kan Saro is also surprised after seeing that Ji Aga took Shi Ryou’s head-on hit. 

Another possible conclusion is that Ji Aga understood that he would be dying and would try to land one last attack on Shi Ryou. Whether this might succeed, we will have to wait until the next chapter to find out.  

Kingdom Chapter 787 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 787 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 787 will be released on 13th February since the manga is scheduled to be on a break for the next week. This means that the chapter’s raw scans and spoiler summary would also be delayed. 

The release date for the raw scans will now be February 10th or 11th. Check out our article later once we have updated the raw scans and full spoilers summary in this post. 

These are all the history spoilers and predictions we could gather about Kingdom Chapter 787. For more interesting and similar content-based articles, check out some of our other articles here. 

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