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(2021) Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach Ranked

Last updated on February 19th, 2022 at 10:00 pm

With Season 17 of the Bleach series set to be released in 2021, the hype has definitely pulsed higher than before. So commemoration of the new season, we bring you an article on the Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach. This article is based on manga events, so anime-only fans are requested to steer clear.

The series started by Tite Kubo in 2001, got an anime adaption in 2004 that stopped in 2012. The plot of the series showcases Ichigo Kurosaki, who gets entangled in a situation that makes him a Shinigami. Following various supernatural events, he and his friends face foes that require courage and growth.

Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach ranked
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Season 16 of the anime ended with Ichigo returning to the human world to bury Ginjo. Following the loss of his powers, we now have to prepare for some more growth and a war between Quincy and the Shinigami. 

Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach-

  • 20. Oetsu Nimaiya –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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Oetsu Nimaiya was a member of the Royal Guard and held the title of God of the Sword. Being the creator of the Asauchi, he understands the Zanpakuto the most and can draw its ability the best. 

With the knowledge of every Zanpakuto he’s ever created in the world, he possesses multiple Zanpakuto. 

In his fight against the elite Y Force, he managed to last for quite a while without using Shikai. Further, since a Zanpakuto is a reflection of one’s soul, he may be able to disable all other Zanpakuto. 

The only reason that he ranks this low is because he was taken out of the plot without letting us explore his true powers and possibly multiple Bankai.

  • 19. Byakuya Kuchiki –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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During the initial chapters of the series, Byakuya was known for being a master swordsman. Taught by the Goddess of Flash Step, he moves swiftly. 

Even his Zanpakuto allows him to cut off the spiritual energy flow of his opponent. Being the strongest leader in the entire history of the Kuchiki Clan, he is also skilled in Kido and has an immense amount of spiritual power. 

Further, he also has a superior Zanpakuto, which lets him attack his opponents with long and short-ranged attacks. Even his Shikai causes his blade to scatter like fine sakura petal blades that can be controlled mentally. 

  • 18. Yoruichi Shioin –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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She is one of the few characters in the series with the ability to shapeshift and is also known as a Goddess of Flash Step. In her cat form, she can channel spiritual power, disguise her voice, and move at incredible speed. 

She is one of the most accomplished at hand-to-hand combat in Soul Society. There was even a time where she took on 3 Shinigami Captains and 4 Lieutenant level and above opponents and managed to escape without any serious damage.

  • 17. Gremmy Thoumeaux –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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Gremmy is a Quincy and a member of Wandenreich’s Sternritter with the designation V – The Visionary. He possesses the power to convert anything he imagines into reality and can use it to drastically modify his body and create elements that can be used as a defense. 

He also can clone himself and create a void without oxygen. As a Quincy, he can gain energy from the environment and use it to fuel his attacks. 

However, the technique requires complete focus and understanding of the opponent’s strength to create an appropriate defense.

  • 16. Kisuke Urahara –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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Urahara is an intellectual who was the founder and the 1st President of the SRDI. His multiple inventions include the various types of Gigai and the Hyogyoko

He was extremely skilled in unarmed combat and knowledge of Kido, which he was able to use repeatedly without incantation. 

Further, he was a skilled swordsman with incredible slash techniques. His Bankai can restructure anything it touches, and his combat skills are strengthened by the experience he gained from Yoruichi.

  • 15. Askin Nakk Le Vaar –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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He is a Quincy who specializes in Lethal Dose Control, designated D – The Death-dealing. After he consumes something, he can increase the lethality of the substance in the opponent’s body. 

He can also induce healing and create an immunity to the substance for himself. He also possesses a spiritual attack called Gift Ball, which is a poison energy shot. 

When combined with his combat skills, perception, and Quincy powers, he’s almost left untouchable. However, he can only control something that resides in an opponent’s body, and his immunity is nullified during the Quincy: Vollstandig state.

  • 14. Pernida Parnkgjas –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach ranked
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This Quincy is called the Left Hand of the Soul King. He’s designated the letter C – The Compulsory and specializes in Evolution Governance

He can evolve by absorbing or consuming objects, gaining information, and changing his appearance according to its composition. 

He also possesses the abilities of regeneration and the ability to clone himself. Further, he can also use his body to extend and pierce his opponents to control their movements. 

Pernida also has access to the Quincy powers, and since he’s a part of the soul king, he has immense spiritual power. However, he’s perceptive to pain and can be defended against by concentrated Reiatsu.

  • 13. Toshiro Hitsugaya –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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This young soul was one of the most gifted prodigies in Soul society. He is a highly intelligent being and possesses a Zanpakuto that allows him to control water and ice. Using his Zanpakuto, he can create Ice Dragons that freeze his opponents.

He can also use Tenso Jurin, which allows him to control the vicinal weather. His Bankai is mostly indestructible as it can be reconstructed using the water vapor in the air. 

However, his completed Bankai causes the body to age to contain and control the power and also allows him to flash freeze opponents.

  • 12. Kenpachi Zaraki –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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Kenpachi was brought up in the Zaraki district, where he mastered a very raw form of swordsmanship. He also possesses a technique called Ryodan, which allows him to split his opponent down in the middle. 

Although untrained, he possesses an immense amount of spiritual power that requires regulation through an energy-sealing eye patch. 

He also can coat his own body with Reiryouku, which acts as armor and prevents damage. As the plot progresses, however, he does train and master his Zanpakuto and is then able to use Bankai and Shikai freely.

  • 11. Shunsui Kyoraku –

Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach

This ambidextrous captain uses two swords as a Zanpakuto. He can easily shift the balance of strength between the swords and relies on the element of surprise while attacking. He is a Kido user and can use up to number 78 without incantation. 

Further, he also has a unique Shikai ability which creates a boundary within which his sword makes people comply with a set of rules. His Bankai feeds off despair and ensures that all within range suffer similar effects of the attacks but different consequences.

  • 10. Gerard Valkyrie –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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Known as M – The Miracle who specializes in Damage Conversion, this Quincy is known as the Heart of the Soul King. Specializing also in Probability Manipulation, it is most effective when the probability of a situation is low. 

He can also convert the damage he suffers into strength and size and can regenerate and stitch his body back together. In addition, he can alter the hopes of his allies into a spirit called the Hoffnung. It reflects all damage it takes. 

In his Quincy: Vollstandig form called Aschetonig, he can release concentrated bursts of Quincy energy and can transform his body into a monster.

  • 9. Lille Barro –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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This Quincy is known as X-Axis and has the ability of spatial processing and phasing. Schrift allows him to use an equipment to pierce through anything within line of sight. 

His attacks cannot be blocked and can even pierce through attacks. It is called a Diagramm, and in place of the Quincy, Arrow releases bullets. 

In his Quincy: Vollstandig form, Jillel, can use teleportation and can even manifest wings that shoot out fire. He also possesses basic regeneration and can produce waves of energy that decimate entire cities. However, he can be harmed by his attacks, especially if his energy blast is disrupted.

  • 8. Uryu Ishida –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleacch
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 Uryu Ishida was the first Quincy we met. He has been designated the letter A, denoting Antithesis, and is said to be the Successor of Yhwach

Antithesis allows him to transfer damage within any two targets of his arrows. He also mastered the technique of Hirenkyaku, which could have been the eliminating shot of Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Throughout the plot, he also manages to overcome paralysis through Ransotengai. He’s also skilled in archery and can curve arrows effortlessly. Other than all this, he is also incredibly sensitive to spiritual power, which helps him locate people easily.

  • 7. Jugram Haschwalth –
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Known as The Balance and the other half of Yhwach, he is designated a letter M for Misfortune Misdirection. Despite being a Quincy, he cannot produce Heilig Bogen or Heilig Pfeil and so is armed with a sword. 

In most aspects, he is quite similar to Yhwach, but even though he gains The Almighty when ‘asleep,’ he cannot alter the future.

Like most other Quincy, he too has the power of Blut and Blut Vene, which allowed him to survive the spiritual pressure of Yamamoto. He also possesses a spiritual equipment called the Freund Shield, which allows them to absorb misfortune and redirect it.

  • 6. Genryusai Yamamoto –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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He was the Soul Commander and one of the oldest members of the Soul Society. Through his age, he gained experience in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills. 

He has one of the most powerful Reiryoku and his Shikai, Ryujin Jakka, allows him to release condensed spiritual pressure.

His Bankai form, however, makes his Zanpakuto absorb the flame of the Sun and can erase the existence of everything it touches. He is also the founder of the Genryuu style and is also known as the necromancer as he can raise the Dead to do his bidding.

  • 5. Ichibe Hyosube –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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The leader of zero division is known as the Monk Who Calls The Real Name by the Soul King. He specializes in name manipulation, which relies on the concept that those without names hold no power. 

The execution of this ability is through calligraphy. Due to his name curse, the voices of all those who speak his name are lost. 

With the Soul King’s blessing, he knows every name and can steal a name with a single brush of his Zanpakuto. He can also manifest spiritual appendages of a body and can regenerate himself. 

His Bankai is powerful enough to strengthen his allies and weaken his foes and was even used to cause great damage to Yhwach.

  • 4. Ichigo Kurosaki –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the series and is a hybrid of HollowQuincy, and Shinigami. In the initial stages of the series, he displayed quick development, not only in terms of character. 

He also improved in terms of the powers of Bankai and the use of his Hollow side in the Soul Society Arc

Further, he also learned to control and condense Reiatsu. Being a Quincy, he can absorb Reishi and has two types of Getsu, blue and black. 

Each color is representing his Quincy and Shinigami-Hollow side, respectively. He also has a beautiful Mugetsu form when he becomes Getsuga himself and loses his Shinigami form.

  • 3. Sosuke Aizen –
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He was one of the main antagonists of the series and one of the biggest plot twists. His most dominant quality is his shocking intellect that is supported by his manipulative behavior. 

During the Soul Society Arc, he displayed a cunning betrayal after stealing the Hogyoku with which he later fused. His Zanpakuto, too, is quite impressive as his Shikai ability called Kenzen Saimin causes irresistible hypnosis

As the plot progresses, we are shown five stages of his fusion with Hogyoku, which grants him hollow-like abilities, undetectable Reiatsu, super speed, and strength. He also merges completely with his Zanpakuto, which then makes his hypnosis ability have no weakness at all.

  • 2. Yhwach –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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The Father of the Quincy is designated the letter A – The Almighty. He is the son of the Soul King and is superior to all in strength and spiritual power. 

During his childhood touching him granted people what they lacked due to his ability of Soul Distribution. This distribution takes place in a give-and-take fashion.

He can steal the powers of any Quincy through Sankt Altar. The power of The Almighty allows him to see into multiple futures and then alter them to his liking. 

He can also absorb the powers of others by consuming them. And so it’s only right to call him one of the Strongest Characters in Bleach.

Most Powerful Character in Bleach-

  • 1. Soul King  –
Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach
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The Soul King is an omnipresent being who regulates the flow of souls in the Soul Society and the human world. He can see into the future and has immeasurable spiritual power. 

In the series, he is bound and held down to continue the working of the world. He is immune to precognitive abilities like The Almighty, and if he were freed from his restraints, he would probably have the power to cause all the four words to cave in and fold into themselves.

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And with this, we conclude our list of the Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in Bleach. We hope we’ve included some of the expected and unexpected characters that’ll get you excited for the upcoming season. 

Even with no official release date, do keep your eyes peeled for the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. Well, we’ll be back again with another interesting article, so until then, stay safe, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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