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Power of Sukuna Explained in Jujutsu Kaisen

The manga series of Jujutsu Kaisen has explained a glimpse of Sukuna’s power. He is known as the “King of Curses.” Itadori has successfully controlled his body over Sukuna, but up to how many fingers? In the anime adaptation, he has eaten only 3 fingers. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the story of Itadori alongside Sukuna’s real power. Fans who don’t want to get spoiled can stop now. 

Sukuna is the primary antagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. The anime series has shown the one-finger power of Sukuna. But the manga series has displayed the combined power of Sukuna’s 15 fingers. We have already discussed the power of Satoru Gojo. But is he powerful enough to overpower Sukuna with 20 fingers? So, let’s discuss this.

Abilities of Sukuna-

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Ryomen Sukuna, known as the King of Curses, was a demon of 1000 years ago. According to Satoru Gojo, he was the most powerful demon with the appearance of a human. He had a human body of two heads and four arms. At that time, Shamans gave their best and defeated him by sacrificing their lives. But, it was impossible to destroy his body. So, they bounded him in a ritual and divided his powers into 20 fingers. 

Satoru Gojo vs Ryomen Sukuna
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The second episode of the series has shown a glimpse of Sukuna’s one-finger power. Only with the power of three fingers, he has already surpassed many sorcerers. If Sukuna is fully revived, then only Satoru Gojo is the one who can confront him in strength, speed, and reflex. In the manga series, Sukuna gets the power of 15 fingers, and he has easily surpassed every high-grade sorcerer and cursed spirits. He has also defeated the ancient demon who is said to be the enemy of the Gojo clan.  

Cursed Techniques and Domain Expansion-

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The regeneration and durability power of Sukuna makes him immortal. It means Itadori has to die to kill Sukuna. Sukuna’s cursed technique allows him to Dismantle and Cleave anything. His slashing attack adjusts itself according to the opponents’ cursed energy and toughness. 

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In the Jujutsu Kaisen series, he has sliced every opponent in just one swoop. His domain expansion is the most unique and powerful expansion in the series. He can construct a territory that spans and covers the surrounding area with blood. His domain doesn’t create a separate barrier. Instead of a barrier, a binding vow is formed between the opponent and Sukuna. The territory of Sukuna is cover with blood and skulls. These are the cursed techniques that have been explained in the series so far. There are still many unknowns. So, we have to wait to witness the full power of Sukuna. 

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