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Who is Shion in Jigokuraku? The Infamous Sword God Child, Explained

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku is a recently released action-fantasy anime that rapidly gained popularity among fans. This series has a similar concept of forming an organization filled with powerful sword users like Hashira in Demon Slayer.

As a result, fans are eager to learn about the Asaemon Yamada clan and its powerful members. Out of all the members of Asaemon Yamada, some are exceptionally strong and get enormous love from fans.

So, in today’s post, we will talk about Shion, one of Asaemon Yamada’s strongest members. Due to his exceptional swordsmanship, he is also known as the “Infamous Sword God Child” in the Hell’s Paradise series. So let’s get started and learn everything about Shion in Jigokuraku.

Who is Shion in Jigokuraku?

Shion in Jigokuraku

Shion is one of the significant characters in Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. He is a member of the Yamada clan and holds the fourth-ranking position. Moreover, he is highly respected by his fellow clan members and has the potential to become a leader in the future.

His short and spiky silver hair gives him a highly attractive look and makes him one of the most handsome characters in Hell’s Paradise. Aside from his high rank and good looks, his personality is quite captivating.

His kindness, compassion, and virtuous nature set him apart from the other clan members. As a result, he is also considered as one of the most beloved characters in the series. He shared a good relationship with Tenza and Nurugai and had a deep feeling for them.

Even though he was born blind, he has developed a remarkable ability to perceive the world around him. To understand his surroundings, he uses his other senses and his special gift of sensing Tao.

Shion: Power Level

Power Level of Shion

As the fourth-ranked and strongest Asaemon Yamada, he possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills. He also shows his unwavering determination by becoming one of the few survivors on Kotaku Island’s mission.

On Kotaku Island, Shion faces countless dangerous challenges and formidable enemies. However, he succeeded in becoming one of the few surviving members thanks to his unwavering determination.

In his fight against Mu Dan, he not only defended himself but also landed a decisive blow to defeat him. In this fight, he shows his finest swordsmanship skills and formidable Tao abilities. By killing Mu Dan, he also succeeded in taking revenge on him for killing his buddy, Senta.


  • Shion has exceptional speed, lightning-fast reflexes, and unparalleled agility. That’s why he is able to get Nurugai quickly away from Zhu Jin’s attack.
  • He is an incredibly skilled swordsman and has an endless supply of stamina. His swordsmanship is so impressive that he can seamlessly switch between normal and reverse grip styles.
  • Shion not only had speed and skill but also had more than enough physical strength. As a result, he easily sent Mu Dan away with a single kick.
  • He used four unique yet powerful sword techniques, such as Demon Rain, Long Autumn Rains, Autumn Shower, and Two-Wheeled Moon.
  • He possesses the wood attribute Tao and has demonstrated proficiency in using it. This ability helps him throw his sword accurately and defend against attacks from all angles.
  • Aside from her powerful abilities, he also has a sharp mind, which makes him an excellent swordsmanship teacher. His intelligence enables him to impart his knowledge and expertise in sword combat with skill and effectiveness.
  • His greatest power and abilities will be shown in the fight against two powerful Lord Tensens: Mu Dan and Zhu Jin. Moreover, these two fights are also one of the best and deadliest fights in Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku.

Why is Shion Important in Jigokuraku?

Shion is Important

  • Shion is an exceptional member of the Yamada clan. He is crucial because he has the potential to become their leader one day.
  • He is an extremely talented swordsman and can use a variety of sword styles. He also enhanced his swordsmanship skills and power to the fullest extent by using his Wood attribute, Tao.
  • Another important aspect of Shion is that he is an excellent teacher. He knows a lot about sword fighting and teaches others how to do the same, which makes him a valuable aspect of the Asaemon Yamada clan.
  • He has unwavering willpower and is capable of using one of the most powerful Tao techniques. Despite being born blind, he used his sword with great precision and was capable of defending himself from all sides.
  • You will be surprised to know that Shion won first place in the Hell Paradise popularity poll with a total vote of 2797. These votes perfectly indicate how important Shion’s character is. After all, he won more votes than the main characters, despite being a supporting character in the series.
  • Shion is also the first human in mankind’s history to succeed in killing a Tensen (Mu Dan).

Final Thoughts

That’s it for the post! We hope you enjoyed the post and know everything about Shion in Jigokuraku. He is enormously powerful and excellently uses his greatest sword fighting skills along with his Tao abilities. So, there is no doubt why he got the title of “Infamous Sword God Child”.

Shion just showed a brief preview of his incredible powers and abilities in the Hell’s Paradise anime. On the other hand, most of his powers and skills will be shown in the upcoming season of the series when he fights some of the series’s strongest villains.

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