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How Strong is Nakime in Demon Slayer? (Compared To Other Demons)

Nakime is one of the Twelve Kizuki of Muzan Kibutsuji who receives the position of Upper Moon Four after the death of Hantengu. She is one of the antagonists of the Infinity Castle Arc, and provides great support to Muzan in the Hashira Training Arc. In this article, we’ll be discussing how strong Nakime is in Demon Slayer.

Nakime is always seen playing a biwa, and she controls her Blood Demon Art through this action. Because of this, she’s called the Biwa Demon. Here are her powers and abilities:

I. Nakime: Blood Demon Art

Nakime: Blood Demon Art

Like every demon, Nakime also has a Blood Demon Art that grants her special abilities outside of the ones she gained after turning into a demon.

Blood Demon Art is unique to every demon, and Nakime’s Blood Demon Art is especially useful. Because of this, she is one of the favorites of Muzan, despite not being very strong at the offensive standpoint.

Her Blood Demon Art is Infinity Castle which grants her access to an extra-dimensional space that contains a huge castle with countless rooms.

Each room in the Infinity Castle is unique in some way, and Nakime has control over every one of them. She sits at the center of the castle and has the ability to control the entire Infinity Castle.

Nakime’s control over the Infinity Castle includes the ability to alter the shape and layout of the castle with her will by strumming her biwa. She can manipulate the shapes of the rooms into sharp objects to use as weapons or use the pillars in the rooms to crush her enemies. 

But the most useful thing about the Infinity Castle is Nakime’s ability to change their locations and manipulate the layout of the entire castle. By doing so, she can position a specific room beside another or keep two rooms as far apart as possible.

Nakime’s control over the rooms of the Infinity Castle resembles one’s control over their own limbs. Maybe because of this, she becomes totally immobile while using her Blood Demon Art. To protect herself from attacks, she uses the rooms of the castle instead.

1. Portal Creation

Portal Creation

Another part of Nakime’s Blood Demon Art is her ability to create portals. She can create portals anywhere, both inside and outside of the Infinity Castle, and uses this to transport the Upper Moons to their missions, and possibly this is how Muzan moves around completely undetected by the Demon Slayer Corps. 

Nakime also uses her portals in fights, as a means of dodging powerful attacks. For example, during her fight against the Love Hashira in the Infinity Castle Arc, Nakime creates a portal to get rid of Mitsuru’s Love Breathing attack.

2. Abilities


Like every demon, Nakime also has a set of special powers aside from her Blood Demon Art that differentiates her from humans.

Being one of the Twelve Kizuki and later an Upper Moon demon, her powers are understandably superior to those of most demons.

Some of Nakime’s special powers include immense strength, fast regeneration and extraordinary speed and reflexes.

As stated before, Nakime’s strong point isn’t fighting, given how her Blood Demon Art is more of an assist than an offensive ability. However, that is to not say that she is weak.

She thwarts the efforts of not one but two Hashira who want to slice her head off. Both the Love Hashira and the Serpent Hashira give their all to kill the Biwa Demon. However, she is smart enough to hold them off with her Infinity Castle.

3. Eye Detachment

Eye Detachment

After the death of Hantengu and Gyokko, when Nakime receives the position of the Upper Moon Four, she most possibly receives more blood from Muzan.

This gives her a new and a very useful ability. After becoming one of the Upper Moons, Nakime gains the ability to detach several eyeballs from herself.

The eyeballs are movable at her will, and she uses them to scatter to spy on everything around her. This ability becomes very useful to Muzan, as Nakime uses her eyeballs to locate the secret location of where Kagaya Ubuyashiki and his family are hiding.

Thanks to this information from the Biwa Demon, Muzan is able to kill the head of the Demon Slayer Corps and half of his family.

Nakime also uses her Eye Detachment power to keep track of the Upper Moons and the Hashira.

4. Weaknesses

  • When Nakime is using her Blood Demon Art, she becomes completely immobile, only able to use the Infinity Castle as her limbs.
  • If the opponent is faster than she can move the Infinity Castle, then beheading her is exceedingly easy.

II. How Strong is Nakime Compared to Other Demons?

How Strong is Nakime Compared to Other Demons?

Given that she receives the rank of Upper Moon Four, it stands to reason that Nakime is considerably stronger than most demons. However, when it comes to the Twelve Kizuki, her power can be compared to the rest. This is how she compares against the other Twelve Kizuki demons:

1. Compared to Hantengu

Nakime and Hantengu might hold the same position in the Twelve Kizuki, but from an offensive standpoint, Hantengu is much stronger than Nakime. His Emotion Manifestation is a greater asset in battles than Nakime’s Infinity Castle. This is why Nakime doesn’t get her position as the Upper Moon Four until Hantengu dies.

2. Compared to Kaigaku

Like Nakime, Kaigaku receives his position in the Twelve Kizuki after the death of a previous spot-holder. In Kaigaku’s case, that’s Gyutaro and Daki. He becomes the Upper Moon Six after the death of the siblings.

Kaigaku’s Blood Demon Art is Thunder Breathing, which again, is stronger in battle than the Infinity Castle. But Nakime’s Blood Demon Art is more versatile and more useful than Kaigaku’s, which is why she holds a higher position than him.

3. Compared to Other Upper Moons

Compared to the rest of the Upper Moons, Nakime is undoubtedly the weaker party. The Upper Moons above her: Akaza, Douma and Kokushibo, are all so overwhelmingly strong that there is no real competition.

III. How Strong is Nakime Compared to Hashira?

How Strong is Nakime Compared to Hashira?

As an Upper Moon demon, Nakime’s powers can be compared to Hashira. In fact, she deals with two of them simultaneously, and shows her proficiency and versatility of her Blood Demon Art. While she doesn’t have any considerable attack, her Infinity Castle is more than enough to protect her.

The troubles that Mitsuri and Obanai face against her will pretty much be the same for the other Hashira, except for the Stone Hashira whose overwhelming power can easily take down Nakime. 

Other Hashira with greater speed, like the Wind Hashira and the former Sound Hashira, would also do well against Nakime since they could behead her before she can control the Infinity Castle.


And that’s how strong Nakime is in Demon Slayer. The Biwa Demon’s true strength lies in her versatile Blood Demon Art and how capably she uses it. She might not be the strongest opponent out there, but she undoubtedly plays a huge role in the final battle of demon slayers vs the Twelve Kizuki.

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