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All Six Fingers Ranked in Iruma Kun

Due to its huge popularity, it’s difficult to find people who haven’t, at the very least, heard of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun. The comedy-supernatural manga by Osamu Nishi currently holds one of the top rankings in Weekly Shounen Magazine. The popularity of the manga has prompted an equally successful anime adaptation, which currently has three seasons.

Due to the many good-natured demons surrounding our beloved protagonist, Iruma Suzuki, it is quite easy to forget that he lives in the Netherworld, which at the end of the day, is not all sunshine and rainbows.

The Misfits… The Babyls staff… Sullivan and Opera… Yes, they are all kind and hardworking demons. But what life has taught us is that it doesn’t matter if it’s humans or demons. When there is good, there will also be bad.

Thunder Lord Baal has one thing different from the rest of the Thirteen Crowns. He is truly vile and has shown to use any means necessary to realize his goal of reforming the Netherworld into the chaos it once was. He commands the terrorist group Six Fingers under him. As the name suggests, it consists of six demons, extremely loyal to Baal.


The Six Fingers were first introduced in the Walter Park arc. They are shown to carry out every mission given by Baal, whether it be to infiltrate Babyls or unleash powerful beasts at Walter Park to break into the infamous prison. Since they directly report to Baal, they obviously possess exceptional abilities.

Today we will be ranking the members of the Six Fingers. Keep in mind that most of them haven’t revealed their abilities yet, as they mostly work from the shadows. But, we will be basing our ranking on the number given to each member in the manga as it seems to correlate to their abilities and seniority in some way.

Don’t worry, as we will be keeping our readers updated as new chapters are released!

All Six Fingers Ranked in Iruma Kun

6. Maemaro 


The Sixth Finger of the group, Maemoro, is a rather unique demon. He is made of only bones and is akin to a walking, talking skeleton. He has red eyes, which seem to glow when is excited or high on emotions. At Walter Park, he was one of the staff members who worked at a shooting stall with Atori.

Maemoro hasn’t outwardly shown any of his abilities yet. But his unique appearance suggests that either he is some kind of unique necromancer or came back from the dead, perhaps by his bloodline ability.

He can rearrange his bones after being stuck by blunt force. This probably means that he is not easy to kill.

5. Atori


A sadomasochist demon and a battle maniac who has a sarcastic way of talking, Atori is the Fifth Finger. Apart from posing as a Walter Park staff member, he later infiltrated Babyls with Shiida to work as the Misfits’ new teacher. Of course, he was sent as a spy by Baal to recover anything they can, related to Derkila and bring Iruma to him.

During the Heartbreaker arc, Atori lost control and attacked Sabro, forcing Sabro to take an evil cycle pill. It wasn’t enough to defeat him, which forced Balam to intervene.

Atori has enhanced speed and strength which helped him during his fight with Sabro and Balam. His masochistic tendencies also make him so that he enjoys getting hit during the fight.

The most shocking discovery, however, was after Balam supposedly defeated him, and he revealed himself to be a spider demon. This shouldn’t even be possible since there is no such thing as a spider demon in the Netherworld.

In this form, he can sprout multiple arms and shoot cobwebs to entangle enemies. He was able to escape from Ipos’s and Orias’s attacks too.

He was eventually caught by Sullivan. Overall, he is an extremely powerful demon.

4. Miki


Not much is known about the Fourth Finger yet. She posed himself as one of the Walter Park staff and appeared to be rather bright and professional during that arc. She worked in the shopping mall as a clothing shop employee along with Hyudarin.

Miki appears loyal and close to the other Six Fingers as well. She hasn’t revealed any of her abilities yet, but since she is ranked the fourth finger, she is possibly stronger than even Atori.

3. Hyudarin


Hyudarin is an older demon with small stature who posed as another member of the clothing shop with Miki. Like Miki, he has only made one major appearance in the series as of now.

Hyudarin may be from a small-sized demon species, but his strength is anything but small. He easily took down the huge infamous deputy warden of Oraboras Prison, Triton, without even breaking a sweat, showing exactly why he is the Third Finger. Atori also calls him Hyuu-sama.

2. Shiida


Possibly the least diabolical of the Six Fingers, Shiida met Iruma during the Walter Park arc when he got lost in the back alleys. She rescued him, and they had a lot of fun together. Despite her rather stern face, she seems to enjoy Iruma’s company.

Although she infiltrated Babyls with Atori, it seems that Shiida doesn’t have any intentions of harming Iruma (despite Baal’s orders).

As the Second Finger, she is incredibly strong and capable. She has amazing strength and reflexes, easily breaking through Chima’s ice and evading Iruma’s arrows. She also easily kicked down Atori during his rampage, saving Iruma again.

Shiida has shown to be genuinely interested in being a teacher despite her involvement with Baal. Currently, she is the Misfit Class’s Practical Teaching Assistant under Opera.

1. Wett


The First Finger and the one all the other fingers seemingly report to, Wett is a man of mystery. He hasn’t shown any of his physical combat abilities yet, but it seems that he is the brain of their group.

Wett was the one who wiped off everyone’s memories about the Six Fingers’ presence after the Walter Park arc. This includes photographic proof, which hints at him having a rather strong ability since even the Babyls’ teachers don’t remember them.

He also appeared rather undeterred when Amduscias attacked him and was able to recruit him to their side successfully.

Wett’s ability is strikingly similar to the Purson family bloodline ability – Anti-Recognition/Detection-Warding magic. Thus, it is quite possible that Wett is the missing older brother of Purson Soi.

Soi remembered how his brother vanished without a trace which seemed to be Wett’s signature. Additionally, Atori told Soi that he was able to detect him during the Heartbreaker arc because he knows someone who is good at magic similar to his.


We still don’t know many things about the Six Fingers and Baal. What are their pasts, and why are they even helping Baal with his sadistic goal? How strong are they? Does Atori’s existence suggest that they have the ability to bring out new ‘types’ of demons? There are many questions but not enough answers.

Hopefully, Nishi-sensei will soon give us some more hints in the near future. Until then!

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