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(2024) Top 10 Strongest Teachers of Babyls Demon School in Iruma-kun Ranked (Updated)

Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 07:23 am

Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts best describes some of the qualities of an excellent teacher in our ordinary human world. With that being said, the demon teachers in the prestigious Babyls Demon School are second to none. 

They are fierce nurturers shaping the future of the Netherworld. While some are lenient and cool, others are harsh and strict; however, such a mixed bag is necessary to control the rowdy hormonal demons and uphold the dignity of the academy.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a fantasy-school life-based shonen manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Nishi. It has managed to garner a wide fanbase in such a short period since its release in March 2017. It is based on the life adventures of a 14-year-old boy Iruma Suzuki, navigating his way through the dark world of the Netherworld.

Since childhood, Iruma had to work hard for the necessities of life due to his good-for-nothing parents, who were always concerned about themselves. One fine day, while working a part-time job, suddenly, Iruma is kidnapped by a demon and is escorted to the demon world. 

To his surprise, the demon Lord Sullivan offers Iruma to be his grandson. Owing to no choice at all, Iruma agrees and is enrolled in the Babyls Demon School. Thus from here starts his journey in the demon world. Here, we have compiled a list of the Top 15 Strongest Teachers of Babyls Demon School, spanning both the anime and manga series.

Top 10 Strongest Teachers of Babyls Demon School In Iruma-kun

15. Raim 


She teaches an all-girls-only seduction class at the academy. Being a succubus by nature, she is a powerful demon that enchants people by her looks and uses them as her minions. She also possesses a peculiar ability- Ero Scope, which lets her measure the sensual levels of other beings. She was tasked with training Elizabetta and Valac during the Harvest Festival.

14. Morax Momonoki 

Morax Momonoki 

She is in charge of the Magic Foundation subject. Momonoki specializes in transformation magic and is responsible for teaching the same to her class. She is introduced in chapter 44, where she teaches her class how to change the color of a toad’s skin. Later, during the school festival arc, she is seen commanding an army of toads when giant barriers appear throughout the school.

Top 10 Strongest Teachers of Babyls Demon School In Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun
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13. Orias Oswell 

Orias Oswell

He is in charge of teaching Astrology at the prestigious Academy of Babyls. Oswell is introduced during the Royal One arc when he is challenged by Shax and Elizabetta of the Abnormal Class for a game of Demon Chess in exchange for his approval seal. His bloodline magic –Lucky Happy (Stellar Fortune ), grants him immense luck, and things always favor him no matter the odds, thus making him one to watch out for.

12. General Furfur 

General Furfur

He was introduced during the Harvest Festival Arc, where he was responsible for training Andro Jazz and Allocer Schneider of the abnormal class to achieve the unprecedented Rank 4 Daleth for the first-year students. He is a jolly chap hiding a thing or two up his sleeves. Nothing can escape his eyes due to his agility and sleight of hand-making him almost invincible during gambling, a sport that he enjoys very much.

11. Vepar 


She is one of the professors at the Babyls Demon School who was tasked to train Agares Picero and Gaap Goemon during the Harvest Festival Arc. A shy and timid person who keeps apologizing to everyone, she is the living proof of the saying – ‘appearances can be deceptive. Despite her personality, she possesses water manipulation magic, whereby she conjures immensely strong currents of water.

10. Stolas Suzy 

Stolas Suzy 

She is in charge of the Diabotany class, where they use magic to make the flowers bloom. Suzy has a friendly aura and never happens to lose her temper, no matter the situation. With her magic, she can grow monstrous vines from seed and can control them at will. A glimpse of this can be seen in Season 1, Episode 6, when she uses her vines to stop the fight between Sabnock and Asmodeus.

Top 10 Strongest Teachers of Babyls Demon School In Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun
Image Source: @ Tsubaki Asano (Pinterest)

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9. Bars Robin

Bars Robin

The hyperactive, childish teacher at Babyls, Bars Robin, teaches about familiars. He was the juniormost teacher until Shiida arrived at the school. Although Kalego appreciates his strength, his immature mentality makes it difficult for Kalego to cope with him.

Being from a side family of the Barbatos clan, Robin, too, is an archer. He is a skilled marksman who wields a blazing bow styled like a phoenix. His bloodline ability allows him to pierce through every obstacle, which cannot be stopped until it reaches its target.

8. Shiida


Shiida is a member of Six Fingers who infiltrated Babyls with Atori as a new teacher. Her strength during the Walter Park arc was kept rather ambiguous, and she showed more of her power during the Heartbreaker arc.

The series is yet to reveal her Bloodline ability but she has exceptional strength, speed, and reflexes. Her fighting style is similar to Opera in that sense. She took Atori down easily after he acted out, and even Iruma was really shaken by her strength.

7. Ipos Ichou

Ipos Ichou

Ipos Ichou is the Tactics teacher at Babyls, and his Bloodline Ability Round-Up reflects that. It can pull anyone whose face he can see towards himself, after which he can give the enemy a dose of thorough beating. Of course, being a Babyls teacher means he is adept at various advanced offensive magic. His Grand Fractal allows him to concentrate mana in his fists and punch with a force enough to pierce the ground. He can also conjure giant iron cages to trap his enemies. He works well with Orias.

6. Ifrit Djinn Eito

Ifrit Djinn Eito

Ifrit works as part of the security at Babyls. He is a confident demon who may appear nonchalant at first but gets fired up whenever he engages in a battle. Ifrit can wield the flames of the demon Ifrit, and his fire magic is said to be the best in the Netherworld. In the past, his blue flames impressed Delkira so much that he requested a flower made from them.

Even when he wasn’t fighting at full strength, Azz’s flames couldn’t match his, although he expressed his frustration at Kalego keeping Azz at rank 4 when he clearly surpassed it.

5. Balam Shichiro 

Balam Shichiro 

He is responsible for teaching the ‘Imaginary Biology of The History of the Demonic Realm’ at the academy. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is a compassionate and gentle giant who is fascinated by the human world and all the mystical creatures around him. He is immensely powerful and possesses Rank 8: Chet. His bloodline magic- Buzzer and Extensive Skinship help him to detect any lies or wrongdoings.

4. Naberius Kalego

Naberius Kalego

He is the homeroom teacher of the Misfits Class and a strict disciplinarian at heart. He is extremely powerful as he possesses the high Rank 8 Chet. His familiar Cerberus Butte is an immensely powerful, massive, three-headed golden anima. He was the only teacher who was able to momentarily break the barriers at school, which could only be broken by Yod Level Demon.

3. Barbatos Bachiko 

Barbatos Bachiko 

One of the professors at Bablys Demon School was tasked with training Iruma and Shax during the Harvest Festival arc. She is a termagant woman who likes things done a certain way- her own. The Barbatos family bloodline magic: Full marks allow her to draw out a powerful bow and arrows whose targets are never a miss, no matter the barriers or restraints.

2. Opera


Lord Sullivan’s most trusted right-hand and security demon, Opera, took up the position of the Misfits’ practicals teacher as Atori’s replacement. They are well-known to be one of the strongest demons in the Netherworld. They are the only demon whom Kalego seems to fear greatly.

Their bloodline ability is currently unknown, but they usually fight with their absurd amount of super strength. Their keen intellect and fast reflexes can make the greatest of foes shiver in their boots.

1. Dantalion Dali

Dantalion Dali

Dali is currently one of the greatest enigmas of Iruma-kun. He teaches Demonic History at Babyls and acts as the Teaching Supervisor of the Academy. Currently, he hasn’t really showcased his full fighting potential.

Dali looks incredibly kind and unassuming, but his strength has been mentioned more than a few times in the series. His wicked phase is said to be so bad that he is forced to take a leave every time it occurs. The biggest tell of his strength is the Chapter 270 Sukima, where Kalego mentions how it would have been the “end of Babyls” if he had been called upon during the Heartbreaker events.

Honorable Mentions-

Lord Sullivan 

Lord Sullivan

He is the principal of the Babyls demon School and is one of the most powerful and influential demons in the Netherworld. Lord Sullivan is part of ‘The Great Three‘ beside Lady Levi and Lord Belial. The three of them hold the second-highest Rank 9 [Tet]. He is someone who is both respected and feared by everyone in the demon world. During his earlier days, he served Delkira-sama – the previous Demon King. Lord Sullivan, with his immense magical affinity, can manipulate time and gravity.

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With a well-defined plot and a wide array of characters often ending up in embarrassing and comical situations, this series is a must-watch/read. However, as the series progresses, fans can only wonder what mysteries and twists await us. 

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