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Solo Leveling’s Hunter Ranking Level, Explained With Examples, 2024

In the depicted world of Solo Leveling, ranks are a kind of identity for the hunters; they vividly represent their combat skills. In other words, the ranks provided to a hunter are directly proportional to their power levels.

These ranks are classified into six different levels worldwide. Depending on an individual’s skills, he is designated with the status of certain ranks. Throughout their journey as hunters, they fight various threats and prove their worth; based on their tasks, they are also promoted. So, the ranks introduced in the series are the lowest, E, followed by D, C, B, A, and S.

Solo Leveling’s Hunter Ranking Level

Ranking System Level (in brief)

Ranking System LevelPower Number (estimated) on a scale of 100Explanation (with examples)
E-Rank1 to 3possesses superhuman strength that is stated to be slightly stronger than most ordinary humans. Example: Han Song-Yi
D-rank4 to 8 -> can clear E-rank dungeonsD-Rank are typically presented as slightly stronger and more skilled than the E-Rankers. Example: Yoo Jinho
C-rank9 to 19 -> can clear D-rank dungeonsDescribed as possessing both the defensive capabilities and offensive prowess equal to a military tank. Example: Song Chi-Yul, Hwang Dongsuk
B-rank20 to 40 -> can clear C-rank dungeons1 B-Rank is equal to the 10 C-Rankers or a Military unit. Or they should be very skilled Example: Park Heejin, Lee Joohee
A-rank41-60 -> can clear B-rank dungeonsConsidered to be top-tier hunters in the hunter community. Deployed against the strongest monsters like Igris. Example: Woo Jin-Chul
S-rank (In chapter 63, Go Gon-Hee claims that there are 3 categories of S-ranking: S, SS, and SSS)61-70 -> can clear A-rank dungeonspinnacle of strength, possessing overwhelming powers and combat skills, vast power gap between an A-rank and an S-rank. Examples: Hwang Dongsoo, Baek Yoonho, Choi Jong-In, Akari Shimizu‎‎ 
SS-rank71-90 -> can clear A+rank dungeonssome S-ranks stand under this category. They are more powerful than S-rankers and can easily defeat them. Examples: Gun-Hee(chairmen), Cha Hae-In, Goto Ruyji, Yuri Orloff
SSS-rank91-100 -> can clear A++ rank dungeons (Ant Queen dungeon)Stronger than SS-rankers and may be equal to the National Level, but not part of the Kamish raid. Example: Sung Il-Hwan
National Level100+ can clear S-rank dungeonsThe strongest ones rival a nation’s military in terms of strength, survivors of the Kamish raid. Examples: Thomas Andre, Liu Zhigang, Reed

Note: We haven’t mentioned Sung Jin-Woo because he is a monarch even far stronger than National Level Hunters.

7) E-Rank Hunters

The E-Rank Hunters are the weakest in the hunter community regarding strength and combat skills. They are often assigned less dangerous missions as compared to the higher-ranked hunters.

Hunters of the E rank are typically the ones who are at the beginning of their hunter journey. Because of this, they lack experience and exceptional skills.


-> Han Song-Yi:


Han Song-Yi is one of the E-Rank hunters, possessing a lesser amount of influence in the hunter community. Despite being an E-Rank hunter, Song-Yi is also a close friend of Jinnah. Initially, she was portrayed as an ignorant young lady, aided by a rude demeanor.

Being an E-Rank Hunter, her powers and combat skills are almost comparable to those of an average human being. However, she was assigned a mission to explore the Red Gate dungeon with individuals stronger than her. Another example was Hunter Sung Jin-Woo in the beginning.

6) D-Rank Hunters

Hunters that belong to the D-Rank are typically presented as slightly more skilled than the E-Rankers. However, they are not quite powerful, which is why they are also assigned to missions that are not considered life-threatening.

Hunters of this status are usually assigned low-risk tasks, including patrolling, dealing with minor threats caused by monsters, or assisting other hunters.


-> Park Gi-Sool:


Park Gi-Sool can be considered a minor character who was introduced at the very beginning of the series. Although a lot about him and his skills was not disclosed, notably, it was stated that he is a husband and father of two children. Unfortunately, he gets killed during the Double Dungeon incident.

-> Yoo Jinho:


Besides being a D-Rank Hunter, Yoo Jinho is also known as the Vice-Guild Master of the Ahjin Guild. Despite this, he is categorized as weak among the hunters. As an ally to Jin-Woo, he is portrayed as loyal and looks up to him as his older brother.

-> Kim Sangshik:


Kim Sangshik was one of the members who entered the double dungeon and survived. Although we did not get a chance to witness his abilities, it would not be unfair to consider him strong. Being a D-Rank Hunter, he must be stronger than the E-Rank Hunters.

5) C-Rank Hunters

The C-Rank is a step up from the lower ranks, capable of handling bigger threats. They are also assigned tasks, such as dealing with strong monsters or exploring dungeons of higher difficulty.

Such hunters possess more strength and combat skills than the weaker ones. These hunters are considerably comparable to an intermediate level in the hierarchy of the hunter world.


-> Lee Chul-Jin:

Lee Chul-Jin

Lee Chul-Jin is a C-Rank Hunter and one of the members of the strike squad of Hwang Dongsuk. He was first introduced during Jin-Woo’s exploration of the C-Rank dungeon. Lee tries to slaughter Jin-Woo as revenge for murdering one of his comrades but fails.

-> Song Chi-Yul:


Song Chi-Yul was first introduced during the Double Dungeon Arc. Notably, he is also a member who survived this traumatizing exploration. Despite losing one of his arms to the Statue of God attack, he could execute things normally.

-> Hwang Dongsuk:


Hwang Dongsuk is a C-Rank hunter, possessing a notable amount of strength and excellence in swordsmanship. However, he attempts to kill Jin-Woo and his sister to make easy money. In retaliation, Jin-Woo beheaded him, killing him in an instant.

4) B-Rank Hunters

The hunters in the B-Rank category are a significant advancement from the C-Rank, illustrating even more impactful skills, powers, and experiences. They have developed the ability to form strategies amid a battle, and this is an absolute level-up and improvement in a hunter that is vividly displayed. They often explore intricate dungeons and face powerful monsters.


-> Kang Taeshik:


Kang Taeshik is portrayed as a B-rank assassin-type hunter, an employee of the Korean Hunters Association. Despite this, he is presented as a cocky and psychopathic killer who does not care to show a bit of remorse upon killing someone. However, besides his egoistic demeanor, he can be considered a fair fighter.

-> Park Heejin:

Park Heejin is a B-Rank hunter who is also a member of the White Tiger Guild. Despite being a B-Rank hunter, she was also one of the survivors of the Red Gate incident.

She also proves her worth as a B-Rank Hunter by demonstrating her sensing abilities and sensing Jin-Woo’s capabilities at their first meeting.

-> Lee Joohee:


We see Lee Joohee as a B-rank healer at the beginning of the series. She is best known for her healing abilities. She has also been acquainted with Jin-Woo since his days as an E-Ranker. She is also capable of using buff magic.

3) A-Rank Hunters

The A-Rank Hunters are considered a part of the top-tier hunters in the hunter community. Apart from their well-respected designation, they are entrusted with dangerous missions that require high strategic intelligence and exceptional combat abilities.

They are not just a part of the top tier but also considered elite forces, deployed to mitigate the threat posed by high-powered monsters.


-> Jung Yerim:


Jung Yerim appears to be an important individual in the Knights Guild, being an A-Rank Healer. Despite being an A-Rank healer, she does not seem to be consumed by her status; instead, she tends to acknowledge others. She is exemplified by her action, being shocked by how Beru’s healing abilities are superior to hers.

-> Woo Jin-Chul:


Woo Jin-Chul is an A-Rank Hunter and the Chairman of the Korean Hunters Association. Before the death of Go Gunhee, the prior chairman, he was an inspector. He was first introduced as an inspector, inspecting Jin-Woo’s Mana output, suspecting him of undergoing a reawakening.

-> Hanekawa:


Hanekawa is a Japanese A-Rank Hunter working under the Guild of Goto Ryuji. Despite this, she is also known as a translator under the Japanese Hunter Association. Although she is a highly-ranked hunter, she lacks combat skills. This lack of skills makes her rely on her speed to overpower her opponents.

2) S-Rank Hunters

S-Rank hunters are considered the pinnacle of strength, possessing overwhelming powers and combat skills. They are the elite force in the community who are capable of taking on formidable monsters, facing off extremely powerful enemies, and dealing with challenges that hold the potential to destroy the whole world.

These individuals are the ones the rest look up to in the hunter community, often considered the ultimate savior of humanity. In this section, we have comprised all three categories of S-rank: S, SS & SSS.


-> Goto Ryuji:


Goto Ryuji is a Japanese S-Rank hunter who is also known as the strongest in Japan. He is also the guild master of the Draw Sword Guild. Because of his status, he was internally consumed by his overconfidence, although he would generally hide it on the surface.

-> Hwang Dongsoo:


Hwang Donsoo was introduced as a Korean-American S-Rank hunter with immense powers. He is also the younger brother of Hwang Dongsuk. Hwang is known for his overwhelming strength and durability. He demonstrates both during his fight with Jin-Ho and Jin-Woo.

1) Nation-Level Hunters

Nation-level hunters are the individuals who are believed to rival a nation’s military in terms of strength. These powerful hunters are considered to be the strongest ones on the list.

However, they also spend their lives as kings in their homelands. They are seen as having quite an influence over the hunter community and society.


-> Thomas Andre:


Thomas Andre is one of the five nation-level hunters, ranking first in the world. Besides his huge physical build, he also possesses immense strength and speed. Being the vessel of a Ruler, he easily surpasses all the rest of the Nation-Level Hunters.

-> Liu Zhigang:

Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang is the strongest hunter present in China. Liu is also one of the five nation-level hunters, ranking second in the world. Apart from his immense strength and speed, he is also seen using an energy blast and a ruler’s authority.

-> Christopher Reed:

Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed ranks third in the world as the strongest hunter; he is also one of the five nation-level hunters. Reed is mostly seen using abilities such as telekinesis, ruler’s authority, and spiritual body manifestation.

Strongest Hunter/Monarch:

-> Sung Jin-Woo:

Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin-Woo was initially portrayed as a weak E-Rank hunter; he was considered so weak that he earned the nickname of being the weakest hunter in the community. However, after the reawakening, he undergoes drastic changes and eventually establishes himself as an S-Rank hunter.


In conclusion, the ranks of each hunter display their abilities and place in the world of this hunter community. However, exceptions are also apparent, establishing Jin-Woo as a peculiar and interesting character. However, the article is aimed at knowing the ranks of the hunters along with examples to get an adaptive notion about the hierarchy.

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