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Top 15 Strongest Yamada Asaemon In Hell’s Paradise Ranked‌

Yamada Asaemon is a group of highly skilled sword users in Hell’s Paradise, just like Hashira in Demon Slayer. Throughout the series, they brought us some of the finest swordsmanship skills and plenty of the deadliest battles.

Even though each member of the group already has a particular rank within the group, you still can’t decide who is stronger. This is because their rank was not given to them in terms of their physical strength or swordsmanship skills; it was given to them on the basis of their work within the clan.

So no worries, in this post we will provide you with an amazing list of the 15 strongest Yamada Asaemon in Hell’s Paradise. Let’s get started!

Top 15 Strongest Yamada Asaemon In Hell’s Paradise

15. Tsumutsumu


Tsumutsumu is the 7th-rank member of the Yamada Asaemon clan. His handsome looks, along with his scruffy hair, make him easy to approach.

His primary work in the clan is to cook rice for them and sew their clothes. However, as a member of a warrior clan, he possesses good swordsmanship skills.

14. Gagaimo 


Gagaimo is a tall, handsome man with long black hair who holds great respect for Shugen. Even though Gagaimo is not the strongest Yamada Asaemon in Hell’s Paradise, he ranks 6th in the clan.

His main specialty is making connections with people, which greatly helps him solve people’s problems. However, he is also quite a skilled member of the clan and possesses good swordsmanship skills.

13. Kisho


Kisho holds the 11th rank within the esteemed Yamada clan, showcasing both exceptional strength and power level. He was blessed with a foresight ability that enabled him to see ahead and dodge his opponent’s strikes.

Kisho is also a great swordsman as an Asaemon, capable of decapitating a person’s head with a single cut. His unique combination of foresight and swordsmanship makes him a quite valuable member of the clan.

12. Tenza


Tenza is the 10th ranked member of the Yamada clan and was born with natural talent. In his childhood, he was strong enough to beat a grown man barehanded. His natural talent is so remarkable that he achieved the tenth rank at the age of only 17.

Tenza also exhibits remarkable endurance and stamina by fighting Wadatsumi’s tentacles for an extended period of time. He also quickly recovers from Zhu Jin’s Tao-enhanced attack.

11. Genji


Genji is the Yamada clan’s 8th ranked member and is known for his unrivalled monster power. His physical strength is so great that he was able to defeat Tamiya Gantetsusai, who himself possessed formidable strength.

His swordsmanship skills are strengthened by his superior wrist strength, which helps him outmatch his opponents in sword fights. This immense strength helped him behead a Soshin with a single cut.

10. Senta


Senta holds the 5th rank within the Yamada clan and possesses remarkable speed and quick reflexes. His speed is showcased when he swiftly slices away both of Mu Dan’s hands and his right leg before the latter can respond.

His speed is also demonstrated when he quickly pushes Yuzuriha away, preventing her from being stung by Mu Dan’s stinger. He applies his lightning-fast quickness and accuracy to his attacks, even in swordfighting.

9. Fuchi


Fuchi is the 9th ranked member of the Yamada clan and plays an important supporting role in the series. He possesses immense strength, as seen by his ability to avoid Doshi’s attack and protect Mei.

His agility is most notable as he demonstrates great combat skills against his opponents. Fuchi also has vast medical expertise and is recognised as the clan’s foremost expert in this field.

8. Kiyomaru


Kiyomaru does not hold any official rank within the Yamada clan. Despite being an unranked Asaemon, he was chosen to join the second team tasked with retrieving the Elixir of Life.

His skills were further showcased when he gave a tough fight to monsters created by the Zhu Jin-fused Banko. These monsters were so strong that they killed an entire squad of Iwagakure genin.

According to Shugen, Kiyomaru had the potential to achieve first or second rank in the clan in the future.

7. Isuzu


Isuzu does not hold any official rank within the Yamada clan. But her lack of rank does not mean she is weak or unskilled Asaemon. She has demonstrated her power level by defeating a group of Monshin and even bringing the highly skilled Kunoichi Yuzuriha to her knees.

She also achieved a notable feat by being one of the few survivors to escape the dangerous island of Kotaku, which has claimed the lives of countless humans for over 1,000 years.

6. Aza Toma

Aza Toma

Aza Toma is a minor member of the Yamada clan and is also yet to hold the official title of an Asaemon. However, he possesses skills that are enough to rival those of many of the high-ranking members of the Yamada clan.

His skill and strength were showcased when he effortlessly eliminated multiple Soshins. He is also the fastest member of the Yamada clan to earn his licence after only a month.

5. Eizen


Eizen is the 1st ranked member of the Yamada clan and is also highly devoted to the clan. As a first rank, he is quite a strong Asaemon, who believes that the Yamada clan is strong enough to do anything.

His status as the top-ranking member is earned by having exceptional qualifications for becoming the next head of the clan. He was also a great swordsman who carried his own katana.

4. Sagiri


Sagiri is the second main character of the series and the 12th-rank member of the Yamada clan. However, her true strength and exceptional skills far surpass her assigned rank. She was unfairly given a lower ranking because she is female.

Even though she is just 17 and lacks extensive battle experience, her natural talents and harsh training have honed her abilities to a remarkable level. As a result, she is considered one of the strongest Yamada Asaemon in Hell’s Paradise.

3. Shion


Shion is the 4th ranked member of the Yamada clan and is viewed as a potential future head of the clan. His physical strength is exceptional because he has remarkable speed, lightning-fast reflexes, and unparalleled agility.

Moreover, he possesses exceptional precision and a refined swordsmanship technique, which make him a formidable swordsman.

His swordsmanship is so impressive that he can seamlessly switch between normal and reverse grip styles. Along with exceptional strength and skill, he is quite intelligent and a quick learner too.

2. Jikka


Jikka currently serves as the head of the Yamada clan. As head of clan, he has undoubtedly a highly skilled Asaemon, which he proved by easily killing Zhu Jin-fused Banko.

He also possessed such great swordsmanship skills that he effortlessly cut down the large head of a Wadatsumi with a single swing from far away. His keen intuition to perceive people’s movements also gave him the upper hand during his fight.

1. Shugen


Shugen is the strongest Yamada Asaemon in Hell’s Paradise. Despite being ranked second, he has exceptional strength that surpasses even those ranked above him.

His actual skill and strength were showcased when he easily defeated the Soshin group without even using his sword. His skills and powers are so exceptional that everyone believes he even has the capability to defeat the current head of the Yamada clan.


That’s it for the post! We hope you like and find this list of the strongest Yamada Asaemon in Hell’s Paradise useful. Some of its members are too strong and possess formidable swordsmanship skills. As a result, they succeed in leaving an indelible impression on their manga fans hearts and are ready to do the same for their anime fans.

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