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Sung Jin Woo’s All Weapons Ranked, According To The Grade, 2024

Solo Leveling is a Korean-based manga written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Jang Su-Rak and Gi Si-Ryeong. This Manhwa follows the story of our main protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo’s journey from becoming the weakest E-rank hunter of mankind to becoming the strongest S-rank hunter.

It is a world with gates to dungeons; in these gates lies access to an alternate dimension different from ours, where monsters and treasures suddenly appear. And there are people known as hunters, individuals with awakened special abilities, who explore these dungeons to protect humanity from what lies within them.

These dungeons vary in difficulty and are ranked based on them, with E being the least dangerous, moving up to S being the most dangerous, and D, C, B, and A coming in between. Jin-Woo obtains various weapons throughout his journey, which helps him become stronger. Some of these weapons, along with their abilities and powers, are discussed below.

Sung Jin Woo’s All Weapons/Equipment Ranked

8) Kim Sang-Shik’s Steel Blade


This is a blade that Kim Sang-Shik had on him during the Double Dungeon incident, which he bought for 3 million won. Sung JinWoo had found this weapon during the Double Dungeon incident.

When Kim Sang-Shik abandoned him and the others to die, this same weapon suddenly appeared in Sung Jin-Woo’s inventory in his fight against Steel Fang Raikan. Also, it helped him defeat the boss of the C-rank dungeon, “Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka.” The attack power of this steel blade is +10, which is the lowest grade in Sung Jin-woo’s arsenal. This is an unranked weapon.


Kasaka's Venom Fang

This is a C-ranked venomous dagger made from the drop found in the C-rank dungeon at Hapjeong Subway Station. It was obtained from the boss monster, The King of the Swamp, “Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka, and was still dripping with poison when it was made.

Kasaka’s Venom Fang is a small black dagger with a white edge and a hilt made out of bones. Kasaka’s fang has an attack power of +25 and an effect of paralysis, which causes the target to become immobile and bleed, causing the target to lose 1% of its health per second.

It is our protagonist’s (Sung JinWoo) weapon of choice, as it has a deadly effect; he fought many enemies with this weapon, the B-rank Kang Taeshik being one of them from the Hunter’s Association who was hired as an assassin, until the point he purchased Knight Killer from a system store.



Knight Killer is the only and first weapon Sung Jin-Woo purchased from the system store when he entered the Penalty Zone to prepare for the quest Job Change in the Job Change Arc. Knight Killer is a B-ranked, small black and orange dagger with a gray hilt.

The attack power of this weapon is +75, with an additional boost of +25 against armored enemies. It is a sturdy, sharp dagger that cuts a knight’s armor. The blade’s serrations make it difficult to slip off heavy armor.

Despite its lower grade, it has proven itself to be a powerful weapon, as he fought on equal grounds against Baran. Jin-Woo went on to use it as his primary weapon and used it until he got Baruka’s dagger from Baruka.



Baruka’s dagger is an A-ranked tanto used by a great warrior. This dagger is used by a warlord named “Baruka.” Baruka’s dagger is made more agile with the addition of magic that reduces the weight of its wielder and allows one to be more agile.

It is a small, bright silver blade with a white glow, a curved edge, and a gray handle. It has an attack power of +110 and an agility of +10. It is an item that was dropped after defeating Baruka during the Red Gate incident.

Its cutting power is so strong that Jin-Woo could use it effectively during his time on the upper floors of the Demon Castle, especially in his battle with Baran. Jin-Woo used it as his main weapon until he obtained the Demon King’s daggers from Baran.



The Demon King’s Daggers are a pair of S-ranked daggers initially used by the Demon King Baran. Following his death, Jinwoo recovered the daggers as one of his drop items and used them as his primary weapon.

They are large black daggers with brown hilts and red blade guards that resemble a demon’s mouth. When Baran used the daggers, the edges glowed blood-red, but when Jin-Woo used them, the edges glowed light purple.

The Demon King’s Daggers have an attack power of +220. Using a pair of Devil King’s Daggers will produce a special effect, and the effect set is “Two in One,” where the attack power exceeds 500 when there is an additional 300 strength.

Although the daggers can generally slice through anything, they were ineffective against the Statue of God, only leaving scratches on its face. They were utterly useless against Thomas Andre, failing to cut his skin.

3) Orb of Avarice


Sung Jin-Woo obtained the Orb of Avarice after killing Vulcan, the ruler of the lower floors in the Demon Castle. It has an affinity for magical-type hunters, as it doubles its user’s magic damage and increases their overall output. In the shadow army, Tusk is bestowed this powerful weapon by Sung Jin Woo.

Moreover, a majority of the crafted items or weapons can only multiply a user’s target by about 40–50%.  This orb offers a 100% increase, which is the highest in the verse. With the Orb of Avarice, Tusk was able to deal more damage to Sung Jin Woo’s enemy than the great dragon Kamish.



Like the Demon King’s Daggers, the Demon King’s Longsword is also an S-ranked sword initially used by the Demon King Baran. Following the death of the Demon King Baran, Jinwoo recovered the sword as one of his drop items and gave it to Igris to use as his primary weapon.

The Demon King’s Longsword is a long, light-colored sword with a thick black line running through the blade’s center and an arched blade guard that curves downward.

When Baran used it, the sword’s blade was light blue, its guard was yellow, and its hilt was gray. When Jinwoo used it, both the sword’s guard and hilt became black, and when he later received the Black Heart from Ashborn, the sword’s blade changed color from light blue to light purple.

The Devil King’s Long Sword has an attack power of +350, making it the second most potent weapon in Jinwoo’s arsenal after Kamish’s Wrath; it also has a second effect called “Storm of White Flames,” which summons a continuous lightning storm in a specific area when swung. The Demon King Baran himself powers this long sword.



Kamish’s Wrath is a pair of daggers that are most probably above the S-rank tier, crafted from the fang of the dragon Kamish and one of the most potent magical weapons in the world.

Its sharpness is unmatched and is more sensitive to the power of mana, depending on the user’s ability. It even allows the user to alter their weight however they please.

Kamish’s Wrath is a pair of large, light orange daggers with gray hilts and glowing blood-red edges, with one dagger thicker. The miniature dagger has a black blade guard, while the thicker one has a golden one. It has an attack power of +1,500 and has not appeared in the Manhwa version of Solo Leveling.

In the novel version, Thomas Andre, the leader of the Scavenger Guild, chooses to gift them to Jinwoo as thanks for both sparing his life and the lives of his guild members during their battle in America, a weapon made from material he extracted from the fangs of Kamish.

This dragon brought disaster to humanity years ago. Due to the staggering attack power, JinWoo could use the daggers to cut and kill the lesser monarchs in his battle against them. Despite this, they were utterly ineffective against Antaras, the strongest monarch, and failed even to scratch his skin, as he was the King of Dragons and Kamish used to be his servant.


These are the most potent weapons Sung Jin-Woo uses in solo leveling. With such an excellent collection of weapons, it is no wonder he has become a force to be reckoned with.

All of these weapons and the abilities that Jin-Woo obtains make this Manhwa an action-packed, well-paced plot, and the strategic battles that take place keep the readers captivated and hooked.

Solo leveling explores the themes of growth, friendship, and the mysteries of the supernatural world. Sung Jin-Woo’s character development and the interesting story surrounding dungeons, monsters, hunters, and bosses make “Solo Leveling” a thrilling and satisfying experience of the shounen and fantasy action genres.

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