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Tatsumaki vs Saitama: One Punch Man Chapter 181 Showed Clear Power Difference

Tatsumaki vs Saitama debate has been going around for some time, and One Punch Man Chapter 181 showed the difference between their abilities.

Tatsumaki was already fighting with Saitama previously after Saitama took her to an abandoned place. She was showing off her power since there was no one to stop her.

But, in this chapter, we get to know that it was not her true power, and she was still holding back. Saitama says that she can go wild with her full power.

A Clear Difference of Power

This statement itself shows how much confidence he has in his ability to hold down Tatsumaki. She also abides by her word and reveals her full potential power.

In the midst of this, we get to see the reactions of the other characters who have been watching this battle from the sidelines. They think that this kind of power is uncontrollable to them and very dangerous.

This comes as a majestic sight for fans after seeing the pure chaos and destruction from her powers. Even Fubuki understood that she was going overboard and was too much of a sight to behold.

Tatsumaki vs Saitama: Who Is Stronger ?

We can finally say that this long-ending debate has been settled, and it is, of course, Saitama who is the stronger one. The destruction from Tatsumaki’s attacks even reaches Saitama’s apartments.

But this still falls short of our caped Baldy hero, who is more resilient and durable. None of her attacks even fazed him, as he was still able to act like he usually does.

Tatsumaki, as we know, is the Strongest Esper in the series and one of the most powerful S-Class Heroes. She is very experienced and has fought many opponents in the past.

Even though she was able to overcome all of them, she is still unable to hold a candle to Saitama’s power. Saitama was still able to easily dodge and maneuver away from her attacks.

Tatsumaki vs Saitama: Who Is Stronger ?

Saitama is extremely durable and is the fastest character in his series too. After he defeats Garou, he can also unleash time travel abilities and increase his powers further.

And this fight continued since Saitama did not bother attacking Tatsumaki. If he had gone on to the offense, he would have easily won at the start when Tatsumaki still was not serious yet.

Saitama had just intended to keep on evading Tatsumaki and her heavy barrage of attacks from the start. We can be sure of that in this chapter after he tells her that she can let her full power.

He understood that Tatsumaki was mostly acting childish over small things. Fubuki also understands this, so she goes on to check on them a bit later.

Even at the end of the chapter, Tatsumaki is still frustrated and annoyed that Saitama is avoiding all of her attacks. Saitama still keeps avoiding all of her attacks in a casual way, and Tatsumaki keeps following him for more.

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