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Thorfinn vs. Thorkell: Is Current Thorfinn Stronger Than Thorkell in Vinland Saga?

As we all know, the Vinland Saga is filled with plenty of historical warriors who fought multiple legendary battles. Out of them, Thorfinn and Thorkell are the strongest ones, and their battle emerged as the legendary battle of the series.

Even though fans witnessed Thorfinn vs. Thorkell battled twice, they are still eager to know: Is Thorfinn’s current power level enough to beat Thorkell?

So, no worries; in this post, we will provide you with a better overview of the battle between Thorfinn and Thorkell and who is going to win this epic one-on-one battle. Here you will also get to know about their power level and abilities, as well as a brief preview of their last two fights. So let’s get started! 

About Thorfinn

I. History

Thorfinn history

Thorfinn is the main character and one of the strongest characters in the Vinland Saga. After witnessing his father’s death with his own eyes at the hands of Askeladd, he decides to take revenge on him.

Despite taking charge immediately against Askeladd, he decides to join his band and become strong enough to kill him. Whenever Thorfinn enters the battle, he becomes merciless and goes all out against his enemies, no matter who they are. He is also considered as one of the most popular characters with long Blonde hair.

II. Abilities

Thorfinn abilities

  • Thorfinn possesses exceptional speed, which serves as the main aspect of his fighting skills. Moreover, his quick reflexes greatly help him land surprise attacks on his opponents that are impossible to dodge.
  • He became masterful at using two knives at a time and excellently used them against several powerful enemies. With his exceptional speed and quick reflexes, along with his knife duel, he became an incredibly strong warrior against whom no one had a chance.
  • He is not only good at wielding a pair of knives but is also very skilled at throwing multiple knives at his opponents.
  • At first, he does not have much physical strength as compared to other powerful Viking warriors. However, after spending so much time as a slave on a farm, Thorfinn developed an incredible amount of physical strength and became stronger than before.
  • His incredibly high battle IQ and quick learning skills make him so powerful. That’s why he always became stronger and enhanced his fighting skills to a higher level with each battle he fought.

III. Weakness

Thorfinn does not have any major flaws that are considered weaknesses. However, his thin body sometimes works as a weakness for him, especially in battle against Askeladd and Thorkell, who had huge bodies.

About Thorkell

I. History

Thorkell history

Thorkell is the main antagonist of the War arc of the Vinland saga series. He is the commander of Jomsviking and is known as Thorkell the Invincible because of his monstrous strength.

He is a battle lover who only fights to enjoy it rather than save or kill anyone. Even though he loves battle, he never kills or threatens innocent people. Moreover, he also orders his band’s members not to do bad things, unlike Askeladd’s band.

II. Abilities

Thorkell Power level

  • Thorkell not only had a huge body but also possessed monstrous strength and endurance. He killed most of his enemies with just a single punch.
  • You can tell how tough a body he has, or, better yet, how incredible his endurance is, by the fact that he can’t feel anything after losing two of his fingers. Moreover, he also succeeded in living after being burned alive.
  • Despite having a tall and huge body, Thorkell is still capable of reacting and moving so quickly. He also dodged arrows with ease and withstood Thorfinn’s quick reflexes and speed.
  • Aside from his monstrous strength, Thorkell is also highly skilled at wielding a large axe that can pierce anything that comes in his way.
  • Most of his opponents, especially Torgrim, see him as non-human because of Throkell’s demonic aura. His presence is so strong that it can frighten any average warrior and make them think twice about going against him.

III. Weakness

  • Being a battle lover sometimes puts Thorkell at a disadvantage in a battle. Moreover, he is very confident in his strength, which is why sometimes his opponents succeed in landing some severe damage on him.
  • Aside from his overconfidence, his chin is his weakest body part. In the second fight with Thorfinn, he knocks him out due to taking a direct hit to his chin.

Fight 1: Thorfinn vs. Thorkell

First fight

The result of the first battle, Thorfinn vs. Thorkell was already clear before the fight started. This is the battle between young blood who got some incredible fighting skills against the most experienced opponents who had a long period of battle experience.

In this fight, Thorfinn realizes that Thorkell is too tall, so it is good to bring him down by attacking his legs. On the other hand, Thorkell is already aware of Thorfinn’s strategy and keeps his distance from him.

At last, Throfinn finally lost the match and got away from the battleground by jumping out of the bridge.

Fight 2: Thorfinn vs. Thorkell

Second fight

The second battle, Thorfinn vs. Thorkell is more engaging and captivating than the first battle. This time, Thorfinn became stronger than before and knew very well about Thorkell’s fighting style.

At first, he shocked Thorkell by showing his super speed and reflexes and overpowering him in a fight. However, Thorkell gradually takes the lead in the fight by using his tall build and fighting experience.

Thanks to Askeladd’s strategy, Thorkell lost his sight for a second, and Thorfinn took advantage and landed him a final blow. Even though it was not a fair win, it was still a win, and Thorkell himself declared Thorfinn the winner of the battle.

Thorfinn vs. Thorkell

Thorfinn vs. Thorkell

Let’s get ready to know who has the most strength and speed among them. Can Thorfinn’s techniques overpower Thorkell’s experience? Let’s find the answers. 

1. Based on Strength

If we talk about raw strength, then no one can withstand Thorkell’s monstrous strength. It is the only field where no one defeats him, whether it be a Throfinn or an Askeladd. So, Thorkell won this round of strength against Thorfinn.

2. Based on Speed and Endurance

In terms of speed and quick movement, Thorfinn will win against all the characters in the series. There is no doubt that he is the fastest Viking warrior who moves at exceptional speed, and no one competes against him.

However, his endurance is not enough against Thorkell’s super-durable body, which doesn’t have much effect no matter how severe the attacks are. So, this round is a tie between them.

3. Based on Techniques

They both have plenty of fighting techniques that are powerful. However, Thorginn’s knife fighting style is more deadly than Thorkell’s axe fighting style. After all, in the second fight against Thorfinn, Thorkell lost two fingers and one eye, so his skills are not as good as before.

On the other hand, Thorfinn became more skilled and expert at using knives and enhanced his fighting style to a higher level. So, Thorfinn won this round.

4. Based on Experience

Thorkell had a lot of battle experience at the beginning of the series. However, as the series progressed, Thorfinn explored plenty of powerful places and gained extensive battle experience.

He also spent some years as a slave, which greatly helped him become stronger. So, Thorfinn is currently more experienced than Thorkell and won this round.


Thorfinn is faster, more experienced, and possesses more powerful techniques than Thorkell. On the other hand, Thorkell possessed more physical strength and endurance than Thorfinn. So, Thorfinn is the winner of this epic one-on-one battle against Thorkell, as he won two rounds and tied one round.

Is the current Thorfinn Stronger Than Thorkell in the Vinland Saga?

Current Thorfinn

Yes, Thorfinn is currently stronger than Thorkell in the Vinland Saga. Thorfinn developed his fighting skills to the highest extent by exploring new places and battling powerful warriors. With each battle he fought, his fighting style became more sharpened and effective.

On the other hand, Thorkell still had his monstrous strength and endurance, but he lost some grip on his fighting style. After losing one eye and two fingers in his previous fight against Thorfinn, he is not able to use his axe as precisely as he used to.

So, it is very obvious that Thorfinn is currently stronger than Thorkell and will definitely win the battle against him.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this post useful and gained a complete understanding of the power levels of Thorfinn and Thorkell. If Thorfinn vs. Thorkell ever happens again in the series, then it will be very interesting to see who will win.

However, according to the facts and their growth pattern, we conclude that Thorfinn will definitely win. If you are looking for the result of another epic battle from any other sword fighting anime, then tell us in the comment box below, and we will try our best to provide it in our next post.

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