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Top 15 Haikyuu!! Characters Who Go Pro in the Future

Among the many traits Haikyuu!! has as a story, one of the most remarkable ones is its relatable cast of characters. While the story primarily focuses on high school volleyball, the final arc of the chapter begins with a timeskip, getting us a glimpse of our favorite characters as adults. Some of them have relatably normal careers while some have pursued their passion and become professional volleyball players. Here are the top 15 Haikyuu characters who go pro in the future.

The final arc of Haikyuu!! Is set two years after the high school graduation of Hinata and Kageyama and all of the teenagers are now adults. A considerable amount of characters have chosen to become pro volleyballers, some even pursuing it alongside having a normal job. However, for this specific list, we’re only considering the characters whose careers are entirely focused on professional volleyball.

These characters are the most accomplished athletes out of the bunch and most of them are settled in Japan, playing for various teams in the V. League Division 1. Some of them have chosen to go abroad to pursue volleyball.

Now that we have an idea of the requirements for making this list, we’ll begin the top 15 Haikyuu characters who go pro in the future, but not before issuing a spoiler alert.

Top 15 Haikyuu!! Characters Who Go Pro in the Future

1) Shoyo Hinata

Shoyo Hinata

TeamMSBY Black Jackals

 Asas São Paulo (current)

PositionOpposite Hitter
Previous TeamKarasuno High
Height172.2 cm

Haikyuu’s protagonist, Shoyo Hinata, has the most character development throughout the story. Despite being short and not technically proficient, Hinata pursues his passion with a single-minded determination that makes him a great character.

After graduating high school, Hinata goes to Brazil to train in beach volleyball and become a player who wouldn’t have to rely on Kageyama to play volleyball. Of course, he succeeds and returns to Japan as a member of MSBY Black Jackals

Never one to stop on his way to the top, Hinata later joins Brazil’s Asas São Paulo and becomes a member of the National Team of Japan in the 2021 Olympics.

2) Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama

TeamSchweiden Adlers

Ali Roma (current)

Previous TeamKarasuno High
Height188.4 cm

If there is one character who is expected to go pro in the future from the very beginning, it is Karasuno’s starting setter Tobio Kageyama. From the beginning, it is clear that Kageyama is a genius who’s already near the level of pros and he’ll only get better.

After going to the nationals, Kageyama shows the whole country what a brilliant player he is. Before he even graduates, he’s scouted by many teams, of which he chooses the highly reputed Schweiden Adlers. When he’s only 19, he participates in his first Olympics as a member of Japan’s National Team in the Rio Olympics.

Kageyama later goes international and joins Ali Roma, a team based in Italy. He participates in the Olympics for the second time in the 2021 Olympics.

3) Toru Oikawa

Toru Oikawa

TeamClub Athletico San Juan
Previous TeamAoba Johsai High
Height185.5 cm

One of the most brilliantly written characters in Haikyuu!! is Toru Oikawa, Aoba Johsai’s setter and Kageyama’s biggest rival. Oikawa is a brilliant setter who excels in technique and communication with his hitters but lacks Kageyama’s natural genius for which he envies the younger boy.

After graduating high school, Oikawa leaves for Argentina where he becomes a professional volleyball player and joins Club Athletico San Juan, a team in the Argentine Volleyball Federation. He also participates in the 2021 Olympics as a member of Argentina’s National Team after earning Argentine citizenship.

4) Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima

TeamSchweiden Adlers

Orzel Warszawa (current)

PositionOpposite Hitter
Previous TeamShiratorizawa Academy
Height192.7 cm

Out of all the high school volleyball players shown in Haikyuu!!, only Wakatoshi Ushijima has been a part of Japan’s national team, participating in the U-19 Championship. So, it’s no surprise that he’s one of the Haikyuu!! characters who go pro in the future.

After graduating high school, Ushijima joins Schweiden Adlers, a professional team in V. League’s Division 1, where he eventually becomes teammates with Kageyama. He later moves abroad to join Poland’s professional volleyball team Orzel Warszawa and also participates in the 2021 Olympics as a member of Japan’s National Volleyball Team.

5) Korai Hoshiumi

Korai Hoshiumi

TeamSchweiden Adlers
PositionOutside Hitter
Previous TeamKamomedai High
Height173.1 cm

For the longest time, Hinata shone as the exceptional case of a short player excelling in volleyball where more height means more advantage. But when Korai Hoshiumi enters the scene, it becomes apparent that Hinata is not the most special case and there is someone out there with the same adversary but who’s more skilled than him.

Dubbed the Little Giant, Hoshiumi goes pro after high school and joins Schweiden Adlers as an outside hitter. He also becomes a member of Japan’s National Volleyball Team and participates in the 2021 Olympics.

6) Atsumu Miya

Atsumu Miya

TeamMSBY Black Jackals
Previous TeamInarizaki High
Height187.7 cm

Another amazing setter who caught the limelight early in his career is Inarizaki’s Atsumu Miya. During high school, he was famous for his accurate sets and intense serves and his partnership with his twin brother Osamu

Thanks to his performance throughout high school, Atsumu is easily scouted after graduation. He joins MSBY Black Jackals, a professional volleyball team in Japan’s V. League Division 1, and becomes teammates with the likes of Bokuto and Sakusa. Atsumu later joins Japan’s National Volleyball Team for the 2021 Olympics.

7) Koutaro Bokuto

Koutaro Bokuto

TeamMSBY Black Jackals
PositionOutside Hitter
Previous TeamFukurodani Academy
Height190.3 cm

Haikyuu!! has no shortage of interesting yet eccentric characters but even among them, Koutaro Bokuto deserves a special mention. The star ace of Fukurodani, Bokuto is an unusual player prone to rapid mood swings and exaggerated reactions. He depends on his trusted setter Akaashi and his team to get him out of his funk. 

But there’s never any doubt that Bokuto is an extraordinary player with amazing skills. It’s no surprise that he is scouted after high school, leading to him joining MSBY Black Jackals. He later becomes one of the members of the National Volleyball Team of Japan in the 2021 Olympics.

8) Kiyoomi Sakusa

Kiyoomi Sakusa

TeamMSBY Black Jackals
PositionOutside Hitter
Previous TeamItachiyama Academy
Height192.3 cm

One of the three top aces in the country, Kiyoomi Sakusa is bound to be a professional player in the future. He’s the star ace of Itachiyama Academy and is counted among the likes of Ushijima and Kiryu. The guy is known for the extraordinary movement capability of his wrists, giving him the skill to make some intense spikes.

In the future, Sakusa joins MSBY Black Jackals after college. He also joins some of his Black Jackals teammates as a member of Japan’s National Volleyball Team for the 2021 Olympics.

9) Morisuke Yaku

Morisuke Yaku

TeamTigr Ekaterinburg
Previous TeamNekoma High
Height167.3 cm

When it comes to having pro volleyballer alumni, Nekoma doesn’t fall behind anyone. Nekoma’s libero, Morisuke Yaku, makes quite the name for himself thanks to his performance in the nationals. He is a worthy rival to Karasuno’s super libero Nishinoya.

Yaku leaves the country possibly after his high school graduation and travels to Russia where he joins Tigr Ekaterinburg, a professional team in the Russian Volleyball Super League, as a libero. He also joins the National Volleyball Team of Japan for the 2011 Olympics.

10) Tsutomu Goshiki

Tsutomu Goshiki

TeamAzuma Pharmacy Green Rocket
PositionOutside Hitter
Previous TeamShiratorizawa Academy
Height186.7 cm

Shiratorizawa’s Tsutomu Goshiki respects and envies their star ace Ushijima in equal amounts. So, it’s no surprise that he follows the footsteps of his respected senior and goes pro in the future. 

In 2018, Goshiki is a senior in college while also pursuing a professional volleyball career. He’s a member of Azuma Pharmacy Green Rocket, a team in the V. League Division 1, and plays as an outside hitter.

11) Taketora Yamamoto

Taketora Yamamoto

TeamVC Kanagawa
PositionOutside Hitter
Previous TeamNekoma High
Height182.4 cm

Just like their libero, Nekoma’s ace, Taketora Yamamoto also becomes a pro volleyballer in the future. He’s a talented and aggressive player who also serves as a rival to Karasuno’s wing spiker, Tanaka

In 2021, when all the Nekoma boys’ volleyball club alumni meet up, Yamamoto is a member of the professional volleyball team, VC Kanagawa, and acts as an outside hitter. Thus, Yamamoto is one of the few Haikyuu characters who go pro in the future.

12) Aran Ojiro

Aran Ojiro

TeamTachibana Red Falcons
PositionOutside Hitter
Previous TeamInarizaki High
Height186.6 cm

Inarizaki’s Aran Ojiro is one of the five best aces in the country along with Ushijima, Sakusa, Kiryu, and Bokuto. Being such a great player, he also goes pro in the future. Sometime before 2018, Aran joins Tachibana Red Falcons as an outside hitter and later becomes a member of the National Volleyball Team to represent Japan in the 2021 Olympics. This makes Aran not only one of the Haikyuu characters who pro in the future but also make it in the National Team.

13) Rintaro Suna

Rintaro Suna

TeamEJP Raijin
PositionMiddle Blocker
Previous TeamInarizaki High
Height191 cm

Inarizaki isn’t considered a powerhouse school for nothing as it gives the most number of pro volleyball players out of every other high school featured in Haikyuu!! who compete in V. League Division 1. 

In the future, Inarizaki’s middle blocker Rintaro Suna also goes pro and joins EJP Raijin, becoming teammates with the likes of Itachiyama’s Komori and Fukurodani’s Washio. He also joins the National Volleyball Team of Japan for the 2021 Olympics.

14) Motoya Komori

Motoya Komori

TeamEJP Raijin
Previous TeamItachiyama Academy
Height181.1 cm

While most liberos featured in Haikyuu!! are shorter than other members of the team, Itachiyama’s Motoya Komori draws attention with his tall height and amazing digging skills. It’s later revealed that he’s Sakusa’s cousin.

Like his cousin, Komori also goes pro and joins EJP Raijin. He’s also one of the liberos of the National Team of Japan for the 2021 Olympics. Komori is one of the few Haikyuu characters who go pro as a libero.

15) Wakatsu Kiryu

Wakatsu Kiryu

TeamAzuma Pharmacy Green Rockets
PositionOutside Hitter
Previous TeamMujinazaka High
Height189.4 cm

Wakatsu Kiryu from Mujinazaka High is one of the top three aces in the country and is considered the equal of the likes of Ushijima and Sakusa. He’s also a deeply anxious person who is known for spiking any kind of toss, no matter how bad.

In the future, Kiryu is seen as an outside hitter of Azuma Pharmacy Green Rockets and a teammate of Shiratorizawa’s Goshiki.

The list of the top 15 Haikyuu characters who go pro in the future ends here. Haikyuu!! is an extraordinary series that still boasts a huge fandom even after ending three years ago. The new movie, Haikyuu!!: The Battle of the Garbage Dump, was released in Japan on February 16. Hopefully, the movie will be available worldwide soon. Until then, keep yourself occupied with exciting anime content on Otakus’ Notes.

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