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Undead Unluck Ep 3 Spoilers & Release Date(Fuuko’s Unluck Power)

Undead Unluck Ep 3 will make things only interesting as the pair set off to fight other Negators. Undead and Unluck’s journey is just starting, as Unluck also learns more about her power. 

Episode 2 ended with a cliffhanger, and now both Unluck and Undead can get into one of the Ten Negators. But, they must first defeat a powerful unknown foe to get their respective positions. 

But, their battle is still a long time away, as they first need to reach Russia on a ship and then take a plane to Lake Baikal. They must do all this before October 5th to fight and kill the Negator. 

Undead Unluck Ep 3 Spoilers

Undead Unluck Ep 3 Spoilers

This time, Fuuko, i.e., Unluck, had found a way to control her bizarre powers. 

  • We see that this Negator, Shen, had returned to report to his headquarters. 
  • We also see a different Negator, and her name is unknown. 
  • Meanwhile, Undead and Unluck are on the ship now to reach the location of a Negator. 
  • But, Unluck is terrified that someone else might attack during their travel. 
  • They are also soon attacked by Jets, but all of these shots miss their ship. 
  • Undead then starts talking about the Negators that trapped him 50 years ago. 
  • He first talks about an Unbreakable guy who also has a non-destroyable Katana. 
  • Along with him, there was an Engineer guy who experimented on him. 
  • Last but not least, his worst matchup was against a woman who created invisible barriers
  • But Undead is confident that he will defeat the Negator no matter what. 
  • Just now, he is attacked, and his ship also breaks down. 
  • Unluck is stuck in debris, but Undead saves her. 
  • Undead also says he has now found ways to control Fuuka’s unluck power
  • With his clever words, he manages to trigger her unluck and unleash an underwater volcano. 
  • Taking help from this confusion, he also takes control of the jet. 
  • With the help of this, they easily manage to reach Lake Baikal
  • Undead says he has some things to care for and leaves Unluck alone. 
  • Unluck soon meets a female companion, and they start talking. 
  • The other girl says she is interested in Japanese people and wears a high school girls’ uniform. 
  • They keep painting till nightfall, but this is when she reveals her true colors. 
  • She turned out to be a Negator called Gina and the one who gave Undead a lot of trouble in the past. 
  • Undead also enters the scene, and we have an interesting fight on our hands now. 

Undead Unluck Ep 3 Release Date

Undead Unluck Ep 3 Release Date

Undead Unluck Ep 3 will be released in 5 more days, on October 20th. The release time for the new episodes is precisely 9:53 PM IST every Friday, exclusively on the Hulu streaming service

To access the website, however, you might require a good VPN. This VPN can also unlock access to this anime series on the unofficial sites in your location. 

These are the spoilers about Undead Unluck Ep 3 that we are sure of now. Check out some of our other exciting and similar articles over here. 

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