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What Happened to Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100?

Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100 are one of the couples, that survived the zombie apocalypse in the first few chapters. By seeing them, we could tell that they had a very good bond.

This was also later talked about in one of the special chapters of the series. Now coming to the main question of the hour, what happens to Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100 manga?

Due to the zombie apocalypse, we can never be sure when our favorite character might die or turn into a zombie. That’s why we are here, to answer some of these important questions regarding your favorite characters.

I. Who are Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100?

Who are Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100?

Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire are husband and wife respectively, and live in the same flat as Akira Tendou does. Akira met them after he was trying to get down from his apartment, using the pipes.

Initially, they were freaked out and were very scared of all the zombies. But, after watching Akira Tendou and his fearless nature, both of them also slowly began to change, for better or for worse.

They had also offered to let Akira stay at their place, as it was safe for now. But, Akira was trying to meet Ootori Saori, so he refused. Right then, Akira had also said that he would be going to the convenience store and asked if they needed anything.

Mikio and Sumire had requested some essential goods which he could bring. They also secretly thought that Akira was enjoying himself, despite the prevalent zombie apocalypse.

Akira had also helped the couple a second time when he was going to get beer from the convenience store. In the second chapter, we also see that the zombies have advanced, and are now at their door.

Both of them were even more frightened since they knew that no one was gonna come to help them. But slowly, they get their confidence back, thanks to the lively nature of Akira.

II. What Happened to Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100?

What Happened to Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100?

As for their condition, we do know that they were safe, even after the zombies had completely raided their apartment. They snuck out of their apartment and escaped to a different location, using an Electrical Vehicle.

After looking at Akira enjoying himself so much, they also understood that they need to enjoy life more now. In this day where they could turn into a zombie anytime, they decided to remember their marriage vows of traveling around the world.

So, they decided that they will roam all of these locations around the world, which they planned to visit. Thanks to Mikio being a former pilot, they can still achieve their dreams, if they reach the airport.

And, this finally kickstarts the journey of the Kousaka couple. They had also strengthened their minds and bodies, to fight against the zombies. All they need to do is to reach the airport, and they can go anywhere.

Later in the same chapter, they also decided to pick up Akira. There was also a reason behind this. Akira’s cheerful and happy nature had spread now, and the couple was now reminded of their young days when they were the same as him.

With this, they remembered all the vows and promises, that they made to each other. The vehicle also has enough charge for them, to go to the airport. And, they might have also made it to the airport, fighting against all these hordes of zombies.

As of the recent chapters, we do not know anything about their whereabouts, so we cannot say if they are alive or not right now. They might be traveling around the whole world, for all we know.

III. Places They Visited Together

Places They Visited Together

Just like Akira, they had also made a list of 100 countries that they wanted to visit as a couple before they turned into zombies. Some of the places which were revealed in the chapter are

  • Machu Pichu in Peru.
  • The Pyramids in Egypt.
  • The Taj Mahal in India.
  • Mont-Saint-Michel in France.
  • Bora Bora Island in Tahiti.
  • Venice in Italy.
  • Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia.
  • Jioufen Mountain in Taiwan.
  • Santorini, Greece.
  • Hot Springs in Iceland.
  • Volcanoes in Ethiopia.

There were some of the places which they mentioned, in the special chapter. We also know that they will be visiting a lot more places, once they start traveling around the world.

They also have all the necessary tools, with them to reach the airport. When talking about these places, they also imagine themselves in those locations, admiring the beauty of those places.

This might mean that they have most probably visited all these above-mentioned places too. They could have gone to the airport, and these are some of the few locations, which they had travelled till now.

The couple said that they were going to pick up Akira, but it might not be the case over here. Akira was traveling all around Japan, and they don’t know where to find him too.

Apart from this, we have no idea where else they might be. There also haven’t been any new special chapters, to show their journey around the world. This might mean that they might be already dead, or safely roaming around the whole world.

But, there is also a chance that this zombie disease is only present in Japan and not the rest of the world. This would increase their chance of living a lot, and would make sense that their journey wasn’t shown.

There might be a few mysteries, as to why we also haven’t seen the state of the rest of the world. We might be getting a new special chapter sometime soon, and let’s keep hoping that the couple is alive and doing well.

This marks the end of our article on Kousaka Mikio and Kousaka Sumire in Zom 100. As soon as we learn more about them, we will be updating that information in this article, so stay tuned. For more similar as well as interesting content, check our other articles here.

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