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Asa Mitaka vs. Denji: Who is Better Protagonist In Chainsaw Man

Asa Mitaka vs. Denji is a very rare battle in which they are both competing for the title of best protagonist. The second part of Chainsaw Man features a new protagonist, Asa Mitaka, who is completely different in all aspects from the series’s first protagonist, Denji.

As a result, fans were quite desperate to know in what aspects they differed from each other. So it’s a great way to know who is the best among them through the ultimate face-off, Asa Mitaka vs. Denji. So let’s get started! 

Who is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man?

Due to being an unsociable girl, she prefers to live alone and has a very different perspective on the world. Her hatred for her own classmates is so high that she wishes for them to die. Later in the series, she almost dies at the hands of the Class President, who is on a contract with Justice Devil.

However, War Devil fortunately saved her life by taking control of her body and making her a war fiend. Later, War Devil assigns her a mission to kill Denji in order to take revenge for Makima’s death. As a result, she continually tries to seduce Denji through different means to befriend him.

Is Asa Mitaka a devil in Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Asa Mitaka turns into a devil in Chainsaw Man Part 2 after being saved by War Devil. Despite being a fiend devil, she had control over her body, and only half of her brain was taken by War Devil.

As a result, War Devil and Asa Mitaka share a single body that makes her a living fiend, an extremely rare devil species. After becoming the host of War Devil, she gets all the access she needs to use her power and abilities to any extent. 

Asa Mitaka: Power Level and Abilities

Asa Mitaka Power Level
  • War Devil Power: Due to the fear of war among humans, War Devil is considered one of the strongest devils in Chainsaw Man. After becoming the host of War Devil, Asa Mitaka became capable of using War Devil’s power at any time.
  • Object Weapon Creation: She has a special ability to turn anything belonging to her into a weapon. The more emotionally attached she is to her belongings, the more powerful weapons they turn into. Throughout the series, she created several powerful weapons out of her belongings, such as the Uniform Sword, Aquarium Spear, Chainsaw Man Motorcycle, and Room 606 Sword.
  • Flesh weapon creation: Asa Mitaka is not just capable of turning non-living things into weapons but also living things into weapons. Moreover, she created several powerful weapons, such as nail knives, out of her own body parts, like nails.
  • Exceptional Swordsmanship Skills: As seen, most of her weapons are swords that she handles very well like a samurai. Moreover, she also usually carries a katana, which she is most used to fighting against her opponents. 

Who is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Denji in Chainsaw Man

Denji is the main protagonist of the Public Safety Saga in Chainsaw Man, or simply, Chainsaw Man Part 1. He is a teenage guy who is always overworked to pay his father’s debt. The debt is so high that he never pays it off in his entire life, even though he sells most of his body parts, such as his right eye, kidney, etc.

Later, he makes his very first friend in his entire life, who is a cute devil, Pochita. After a series of events, Denji is unfortunately killed by Zombie Devil and gets fused with Pochita, which makes him a hybrid devil.

Later in the series, he unlocked his hidden devilish power and unlocked different powerful forms, such as the hybrid devil and Chainsaw Devil. Throughout the public safety saga, he brings us plenty of epic battles and excellently shows his incredible power and abilities.

Moreover, Denji also plays a second lead in the Academy Saga and still shows his formidable power by fighting newly introduced yet formidable devils. 

Denji: Power Level and Abilities

Denji Power Level
  • Superhuman Powers: After becoming fused with Pochita, Denji became a superhuman blessed with enormous strength, durability, and speed. Moreover, he can use his superhuman abilities even without being transformed into a hybrid devil form.
  • Hybrid Transformation: Denji can turn into the deadliest chainsaw devil after pulling a chord from his chest. In his hybrid transformation, his superhuman abilities went to the highest extent and made him invincible.
  • Devil Transformation: He also had another transformation called Devil Transformation, which is more fearsome and invincible than Hybrid Transformation. You can estimate the power level of Denji’s original devil form by the fact that he killed Makima 26 times in this form.
  • Formidable Hand-To-Hand Combat: Aside from his devil powers and abilities, Denji is also an excellent fighter with great hand-to-hand combat skills. That’s why he always starts his battle with hand-to-hand combat without being transformed into his devil form.
  • High Battle IQ: Denji never attended any school or college, but he is not dumb. He had street knowledge and a high battle IQ, which he always used to find a way to defeat mysterious devils. 

Asa Mitaka vs. Denji: Is Denji a better protagonist than Asa Mitaka?

Is Denji a better protagonist than Asa Mitaka

Denji is definitely a better protagonist than Asa Mitaka in the Chainsaw Mang franchise. This is only because Asa Mitaka does not get much time to develop her character. On one hand, Denji played a role in the entire Public Safety Saga and is currently also playing a second lead in the Academy Saga.

On the other hand, Asa Mitaka just appeared in the Academy Saga and needs more time to develop her character. In terms of development, Denji easily won over Asa Mitaka.

So, what about fighting terms? Let’s find out the winner of Asa Mitaka vs. Denji in terms of their fighting skills, according to the manga’s current arc.

1) Based on Strength:

Denji will easily win this round of strength. After all, Denji already showed his superhuman strength by defeating countless powerful devils in Chainsaw Man. On one hand, Denji easily slaughters devils by just using his pure strength. On the other hand, Asa Mitaka is completely dependent on her War Devil’s abilities.

2) Based on Speed:

Denji again won Asa Mitaka vs. Denji, the ultimate battle of speed. Denji’s agility and movements are completely different from those of Asa Mitaka.

In any of her fights, Asa does not show any lightning-fast moves that challenge Denji. On the other hand, Denji shows plenty of time in his epic battle in Chainsaw Man Part 1.

3) Based on Abilities:

This is the round in which both Denji and Asa Mitaka are on the same level. Denji has powerful transformations such as chainsaw form, devil form, and hybrid form, as well as a wide range of powerful abilities.

Asa Mitaka also had a wide range of abilities, including weapon creation, which she got from the War Devil. However, Denji still won this round after being transformed into his original devil form, in which he defeated Makima.

4) Based on Durability:

Durability is another round in which they are both at an equal level. While transforming into Chainsaw devil form, Denji needs enormous durability to resist its pain. Similarly, Asa Mitaka also makes weapons out of her body parts, especially her nails.

As a result, they both had enormously durable bodies that could resist any amount of pain. However, tearing the whole body to transform shows more durability than tearing nails to make weapons. That’s why Denji won this round of durability.

5) Based on Regeneration:

Every devil has the ability to regenerate their entire body after being torn up in the battle. Denji had Chainsaw Devil, while Asa Mitaka had War Devil, and both devils are incredibly powerful.

As a result, they both have exceptional regeneration abilities that they show throughout the series. Due to not being involved in as much battle against formidable opponents, Asa Mitaka lost this round of regeneration against Denji.


These are all of our detailed comparisons of Asa Mitaka vs. Denji. Denji won all five rounds against Asa Mitaka, whether it was a fight of strength, speed, durability, regeneration, or abilities. He also played a highly impactful role in the Chainsaw Man part and is doing the same in Part 2.

As a result, Denji is definitely the better protagonist than Asa Mitaka in the Chainsaw Man franchise. Check out our other VS anime battles, and stay tuned with us for more anime write-ups.

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