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Baki vs. Pickle: Full Comparison Explained (2023)

We have been awaiting the Baki vs. Pickle fight for so long, and it has not disappointed us in any way. However, this fight ended abruptly, and we did not get to know who was the stronger of the two.

Although Baki was dominating in their battle at first, Pickle later showed what he was capable of. Pickle initially couldn’t comprehend the martial arts of Baki and couldn’t fight seriously.

The battle could’ve gone either way depending on Baki’s response to Pickle. So, for fans wanting to know who is a better fighter, we have this article based on their comparison ready for you.

Enough said, let’s dive into the comparisons of two of the strongest fighters of the series.

Who is Pickle 

Who is Pickle

Pickle was a primitive human who had survived due to saline rock formation since the Jurassic era. He is a man of extraordinary raw strength and can rival some of the strongest characters in the series based on his natural power alone. 

Since he is an ancient man, he cannot speak the modern language. The only way in which he understands emotions is through fighting to the death with some of the other characters in the series. 

His strength was also capable of defeating T-rex and skinning them too. Although, he had been slowly trying to adapt to his new lifestyle and even managed to learn a new martial arts technique.  


  • He has monstrous raw strength comparable to characters like Yujiro Hanma. 
  • His endurance and durability are also superhuman, as he can withstand T-rex attacks and come out unfazed. 
  • Even if he lacks intelligence, he still manages to fight tactically to his advantage. 
  • Pickle can also change his fighting stance by shifting his joints, which increases his raw power and speed
  • He is also capable of using a Martial arts technique called Aikido
  • Pickle is also the tallest individual in the Baki series. 
  • He is also very quick on his feet despite his monstrous appearance. 
  • His instinct is also among the best in the series since this has been honed since the Dinosaurs era. 


  • His worst weakness is that he needs to be more intelligent when compared to the other characters. 
  • His low intelligence gives him a significant disadvantage against fighters who play intelligently. 
  • He also takes much time to adapt, as displayed in his fight against Baki. 
  • He also lacks many new martial arts and fighting techniques, which can be a significant reason for his defeat. 

Who is Baki 

Who is Baki 

Baki Hanma is the series’ main character who had been training since he was 13 for the sole reason of defeating his father. He is a very carefree character and displays the same attitude in most of his fights, too.

Baki is a hard worker and keeps practicing daily to achieve his goals. However, he shows a little more mercy to his opponents rather than opting to crush them brutally.

He also wants always to have a fair fight with his opponent so they can talk through their struggles better. After training, he is very muscular and flexible, which lets him fight more vigorous opponents such as Pickle.


  • He has superhuman raw strength and can tank the attacks of Hanayama, one of the strongest characters in the series. 
  • Baki can also increase his natural power, speed, and reflexes with endorphins. 
  • Even without this, he can move at extreme speeds, matching Pickle’s speed. 
  • Later in the series, he also had a Demon back, which let him hurt Yuujirou.
  • His intelligence is on another level, as he can unravel his opponents’ weaknesses after looking at their techniques once. 
  • He has mastery over several martial arts techniques and is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat. 


  • Baki’s weakness is the mercy he shows and the laid-back attitude that he maintains. 
  • This was the reason he lost to Pickle in the test of strength. 
  • Even if he dominated when he used his martial arts, he switched to a battle of raw power. 
  • But he still does know when to fight seriously and when to not. 

Baki vs. Pickle: Who is Stronger?

Baki vs. Pickle: Who is Stronger?

If we look at Baki with his demon back, we already have the answer of the strongest person in a battle of Baki vs. Pickle. Baki will be stronger than Pickle, as Yuujirou also recognizes his strength.

However, looking at his standard form, he is more or less on the same level as Pickle. In his fight against Pickle, he took Pickle by surprise using his martial arts techniques.

If we look in terms of raw strength, then Pickle is way stronger than Baki. Since Baki does know how to defeat Pickle now, he would be stronger than the primitive man.

1) Based on Raw Power

This comparison is undoubtedly a win for the primitive man Pickle. He had fought against dinosaurs with his strength and overpowered Baki when it came to raw power.

Baki also has monstrous raw strength, but not as much as Pickle. He is more on the side of a fighter who uses his techniques and abilities to beat his opponent in a battle.

2) Based on Intelligence

It will be an easy win for Baki. Pickle is one of the least intelligent characters in the series since he hails from ancient times. During that time, people only had to face off against Dinosaurs without thinking of anything else.

Baki had shown his intelligence on several occasions. He can quickly adapt to any opponent and find their weakness.

3) Based on Fighting Sense

If we look at their fighting sense and capability, it would be a win for Pickle. It is because his fighting sense was of the primitive time when he was facing dinosaurs and killing them. 

Baki also has one of the best fighting senses in the series, but it is far from Pickle’s ability.  

4) Based on Speed & Reflexes

This comparison boils down to a very close win for Pickle. Baki had shown he could match Pickle’s average speed, but this is different when Pickle enters his final form. 

Even if Baki could almost catch up to him, he lost to Pickle regardless in a battle of strength and speed. However, when compared to Pickle, Baki has better reflexes thanks to his endorphins.  

5) Based on Fighting Techniques

It was a straightforward win for Baki, and we also saw how we overpowered Pickle with his different fighting techniques and martial arts alone. Despite having lesser raw strength, he was able to bridge the game between him and Pickle using these techniques.

6) Based on Experience

This comparison would be yet another stroll in the park for Baki. Pickle has more experience, but it was only against fighting dinosaurs, not human beings. On the other hand, Baki has a very vast experience in fighting several different opponents.

Ending our article on Baki vs. Pickle, Baki is the stronger fighter of the two. Pickle can only win against Baki in a raw power and speed battle. Had Baki used his martial arts techniques at the end, he could’ve won against Pickle, too.

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