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Top 15 Fighting Anime Like Baki on Netflix Ranked (Updated)

Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 08:13 pm

Today we bring to you a list of the Top 15 Fighting Anime Like Baki on Netflix Ranked. As the title suggests, we’ve ranked the series according to their similarity to the Baki series.

Most of the series mentioned here are pretty well-known for their action. However, the series that is closest to Baki, Hajime no Ippo, isn’t available on Netflix.

And so we’ve mentioned some others that surely share the hype and the vibe. So without further ado, let’s get into the Top 15 Fighting Anime Like Baki on Netflix Ranked.

Top 15 Fighting Anime Like Baki on Netflix

15) Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Anime NameMob Psycho 100
MAL Rating8.49
Number of Episodes37 (3 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Aired2016 – 2022

Shigeo Kageyama has possessed a huge well of psychic prowess since a young age but soon suppresses them as they pose a risk to others. Thus he uses them in very limited amounts.

To control his powers, he ends up being exploited by the con man psychic Reigen Arataka to exorcize spirits. But with no proper outlet or training, his suppressed powers are soon to break open with his overflowing emotions.

  • Similarities: The fight scenes of both have a suspenseful approach to what the next attack is going to be. Further, like Baki, Mob Psycho 100 too has a protagonist that learns through experience from skilled opponents.

14) Trigun


Anime NameTrigun
MAL Rating8.22
Number of Episodes26
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Vlash the Stampede is known to be a merciless villain with a huge bounty on his head. Rumors portray him to be a short-tempered grim reaper who has claimed multiple lives; however, he actually says otherwise.

In reality, Vlash is a man who travels with two insurance agents and prefers avoiding violence at all costs. But with a huge bounty on his head, the trio is soon pursued by multiple mercenaries and assassins and must now defend themselves.

  • Similarities: Vlash, like many characters from Baki, has a painful past that is revealed in due time. Further, both series showcases multiple powerful foes with a hearty sprinkle of comedy.

13) Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Anime NameBlack Lagoon
MAL Rating8.03
Number of Episodes24 (2 parts) + OVA (5 episodes)
Aired2006 – 2011

The boring life of Rokurou Okajima changes drastically after he is kidnapped by a mercenary group on a business trip. As he is captured by the group named Black Lagoon in Roanapur, he is soon abandoned by his former employer.

Although angry about this betrayal, all he can think about is how to survive in this new world. And so we witness the boring Rokurou go from plain businessman to mercenary.

  • Similarities: Here, the two series give us glimpses into the dangerous underworld. Thus with characters both eager to survive and rise above the rest, the presence of thrilling fights is never lacking. 

12) One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Anime NameOne Punch Man
MAL Rating8.50
Number of Episodes24 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Comedy
Aired2015 – 2019

Saitama dreams to be a hero and so works towards his goal for three whole years, which makes him immensely powerful. He grows so powerful that he can defeat almost all his foes with a single punch which makes his life a bore.

However, this changes after he meets Genos, a cyborg, and is thus able to meet stronger foes.

  • Similarities: This series like Baki is action-packed with overpowered characters that mostly depend on hand-to-hand combat. Further, both series showcases immense character development and growth in terms of skill and personality.

11) Berserk


Anime NameBerserk
MAL Rating6.30
Number of Episodes24 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
StudioMillepensee, GEMBA
Aired2016 – 2017

Guts, the protagonist, has the worst thread of fate and is destined to live a life of pain. However, steeling his resolve, he resolves to grow strong but is only harmed and betrayed by those closest to him.

Now with a newfound resolve, he plans to hunt down his betrayer and exact revenge with his powers.

  • Similarities: The need for revenge here mirrors that of Jack Hanma. Further, even their end goals are pretty similar with a whole range of strong opponents to face.

10) The God of High School

The God of High School

Anime NameThe God of High School
MAL Rating7.07
Number of Episodes13
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy

A mysterious organization holds a tournament for high school students, called the God of High School. All forms of fighting and weapons are allowed in the tournament, and whoever wins, gets to have their one wish fulfilled by the organization.

Jin Mori, a taekwondo expert, joins the tournament to find his missing grandfather. In the tournament, he befriends Han Daewi and Yu Mira and faces off against other strong high schoolers.

  • Similarities: Both the God of High School and Baki feature a large-scale martial arts tournament. They are also quite vivid with violent action sequences. The stories of the two anime also take place outside of Japan, one in Korea and the other in China.

9) Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Anime NameYuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho
MAL Rating8.46
Number of Episodes112
Genre(s)Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Aired1992 – 1995

14-years old, no-good Yusuke Urameshi throws the spirit realm into chaos when he chooses to save the life of a little boy and dies in the process. He was not supposed to die, so the authorities are trying to figure out what to do with him.

However, the prince of the spirit realm Koenma gives Yusuke an opportunity to perform a set of tasks to regain his life. Thus begins Yusuke’s time as a Spirit Detective under the guidance of Botan, the death god. Soon, he is joined by Hiei, Kurama, and Kazuma Kuwabara.

  • Similarities: Though Yu Yu Hakusho starts as a supernatural action anime, its focus soon turns to martial art tournaments. The martial art theme is similar to that of Baki.

8) Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Anime NameKoutetsujou no Kabaneri
MAL Rating7.27
Number of Episodes12
Genre(s)Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
StudioWit Studio

When a virus turns humans into flesh-eating Kabane in a world during an industrial revolution, a post-apocalyptic society is inevitable. To eliminate the Kabane, humans must stab their steel-clad hearts with great force and shatter them.

Thus to prevent turning into one of them, humans now live behind armed fortresses. Movement to and from these fortresses is through heavily armed trains.

The story here focuses on Ikoma, who gets bit by a Kabane but prevents the virus from reaching his heart. Now with great power, he offers himself to protect humanity with his abilities and inventions.

  • Similarities: Both main characters have a similar ‘never give up’ personality and the need to be greater than who they were. In terms of action, they both have incredibly hyped scenes that are sure to get you excited.

7) Tekken: Bloodline

Tekken: Bloodline

Anime NameTekken: Bloodline
MAL Rating6.46
Number of Episodes6
StudioStudio Hibari, Larx Entertainment

Jin Kazama and his mother Jun are martial artists whose home is invaded by a demon called Ogre. Taking an interest in Jun, Ogre defeats the mother-son duo. In a last attempt, Jun tells Jin to go to his grandfather Heihachi Mishima before disappearing with Ogre.

Jin goes to his grandfather, and after learning of his tragedy, Heihachi trains him in more advanced martial arts.

  • Similarities: Tekken: Bloodline and Baki both are centered on martial arts. The protagonists of both series have to train hard to defeat an undefeatable opponent.

6) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Anime NameJoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
MAL Rating7.90
Number of Episodes190 (8 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Supernatural
StudioDavid Production
Aired2012 – 2022

In the 19th century, the father of Jonathan Joestar adopted Dio Brando as a way to thank his father for saving his life. However, Dio is smart and filled with greed and so decides to take over the Joestar house.

As he plans to do so, a rivalry is formed between the two that is passed over the generations as Dio’s side plans to eliminate JoJo’s.

  • Similarities: The character design in terms of the body structure is nearly congruent. Although the JoJo series has a supernatural touch, the stands used are pretty similar to the Baki special moves.

5) Street Fighter II: The Animated Series

Street Fighter II: The Animated Series

Anime NameStreet Fighter II V
MAL Rating7.05
Number of Episodes29
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery
StudioGroup TAC

Best friends Ryuu and Ken are both proficient martial artists. To become the strongest and learn about different styles of martial arts, they set out on a journey around the world where they meet many new people. But when they are caught in the web of the mysterious Shadowlaw organization, they must fight with all they have to find their way out of it.

  • Similarities: Street Fighter II and Baki both are martial art-focused anime featuring various styles and disciplines of it. The main characters in both anime also are looking forward to becoming the strongest.

4) Drifters


Anime NameDrifters
MAL Rating7.90
Number of Episodes12
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
StudioHoods Drifters Studio

Drifters is an isekai anime starting with Toyohisa Shimazu in the middle of the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. When he meets a mysterious man named Murasaki, he’s transported to an alternate reality where he meets famous historical figures like Nobunaga Oda and learns that they are transported to this world to fight the Ends as the Drifters.

  • Similarities: Both Drifters and Baki are action-focused anime despite their different genres. The two anime also have some similarities in the character designs. The characters of these anime are given exaggerated physical appearances.

3) Megalo Box

Megalo Box

Anime NameMegalo Box
MAL Rating7.88
Number of Episodes26 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Sci-Fi, Sports
StudioTMS Entertainment
Aired2018 – 2021

Junk Dog is an underground fighter of Megalo Box, where he throws his matches despite his potential to make a living. Since this form of boxing uses mechanical enhancements called gear, surviving here surely isn’t easy or painless. 

However, that changes as he is challenged by a disguised Megalo Box Champion, Yuuri, and decides to change.

  • Similarities: The underground fighting scene is prominent in both series and thus has a similar range of opponents. Further, both Baki Hanma and Junk Dog have their sights set on a certain figure they plan to surpass.

2) Record of Ragnarok

2) Record of Ragnarok

Anime NameShuumatsu no Walküre
MAL Rating6.72
Number of Episodes27 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Drama, Fantasy
Aired2021 – 2023

Every thousand years the gods of various mythologies gather together to decide whether to wipe out humanity or not. When they finally decide to do so, they are stopped by Brunhilde, a Valkyrie of Valhalla.

Brunhilde proposes to enact a Ragnarok where 13 mortal heroes will fight 13 gods. If they win, humanity survives, and if they lose, then all hope is lost. 

  • Similarities: There is a slight similarity in art style and character designs in both Baki and Record of Ragnarok. The two series also focus on intense martial art battles among the characters.

1) Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura

Anime NameKengan Ashura
MAL Rating7.44
Number of Episodes24 (2 parts)
StudioLarx Entertainment

In this series, we work with the underground deals of Japanese corporations dealing in gladiator-like battles. Here we meet Tokita Ouma, who is picked by Yamashita Kazou to fight in the Kengan matches on their behalf.

However, this works perfectly fine for Tokita, who seeks to prove himself as the strongest.

  • Similarities: Both series have multiple underground tournaments set up between powerful opponents. In terms of fighting style, both series include mixed forms of martial arts.

With this, we conclude with our list of the Top 15 Fighting Anime Like Baki on Netflix Ranked. We hope to have piqued your interest enough to keep you hyped for our upcoming articles.

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