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Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla: Who is Stronger in Record of Ragnarok?

In the 8th bout of Record of Ragnarok, we have Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla, and from the chapters released till now, the scales seem to tip in favor of Beelzebub being the stronger of the two. Many fans have begun discussions on who is stronger, Beelzebub or Nikola, or who will win the fight. 

So, the short answer to this question is: Undoubtedly, Beelzebub is stronger than Nikola Tesla. But that doesn’t make him weak. Nikola is a great scientist and has multiple trump cards under his sleeves to overpower a god. He believes that through science, a man can even defeat a God. So, it’s nearly impossible to predict who will win the battle between these two. 

Later in this article, we will take a closer look at both of the characters’ abilities and powers.

Who is Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok?

Beelzebub, also known commonly as The Cursed God, The Lord of Flies, is said that many humans and even Gods fear him and his power, and we also see a glimpse at how frightened the audience is when Beelzebub makes his entrance in the arena.

Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok
Beelzebub in Record of Ragnarok

Beelzebub is also stated to be an unusual god with two faces, with Baal being called the god of prosperity and Zebul being a fly demon that brought doom to Earth. He is also mentioned as Anathema during his introduction, meaning cursed individual by Satan.

He also has various other titles, such as God of Darkness, Priest of Gluttony, and Ruler of Evil Spirits. It is shown in his past many Gods and Angels hated Beelzebub for being cursed and tried to stay away from him.

Beelzebub is portrayed as a cold, emotionless character who detached his feelings for anyone after his tragic past, where he learned that he was indeed Satan, who kills the person he loves the most.

He also tries to stop Adamas from killing Brunhilde so that he can enjoy more from the matches more, and he also has a line in the manga which hints that his whole reason for existence is to get destroyed by someone.

Who is Nikola Tesla in Record Of Ragnarok?

Nikola Tesla is showcased as Mankind’s strongest sorcerer, The Child of Light, who illuminated the whole Earth with his innovative inventions. His science is often regarded as being closer to a new form of magic, and he is also given the title of Human History’s one and only sorcerer.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla in Record of Ragnarok

He is regarded in high light by all the other Scientists and Researchers from other ages like Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and all the other people present in the arena, supporting Mankind.

He is famous for his inventions over the years, said to bring Mankind closer to gods more so than ever, with an intellectual level r greater than any other human.

It was also revealed in recent chapters that after Nikola Tesla’s death, the KGB and the FBI raided Tesla’s house and wiped away his blueprints and some powerful inventions of his, which could have easily been a very powerful asset to anyone who obtained it.

Some of his blueprints were shown to be Earthquake and beam weapons World Communication System, but the weapon that both the FBI and KGB were aiming for was Anti-Gravity Weapon designed by Tesla.

Always evolving and thinking about the big picture, Nikola Tesla does not think twice before his innovations, always coming up with new and quirky counters to everything and also having backup plans for any situation.

Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla: Who Is Stronger?

Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla
Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla

1) Based on Strength

Going by strength, even if Tesla’s punch is powerful, Beelzebub easily negs this round with his deadly strength of vibrations imbued in his attacks.

Tesla himself understood the power of Beelzebub’s attacks and said that one blow would be fatal enough to Tesla. Even when Tesla dodged the first attack of Beelzebub, it still cut a part of his metal suit like it was nothing.

Beelzebub started displaying his strength from his first attack with the staff, showcasing how powerful he could strike using vibrations; he further increased the attack of vibrations while using his staff with his right hand to deal a powerful blow to Tesla.

2) Based on Abilities

It is a close call for abilities, but here Nikola Tesla has the edge over Beelzebub with how he creates random moves out of thin air, such as his Tesla Steps, or creates a pre-planned move which he used to trap Beelzebub like the Prison of Gods, which further enhanced Tesla’s offensive abilities.

Beelzebub, on the other hand, mostly depended on his unique usage of the staff; when used from his right hand, it enhances his offensive capabilities and, when used from his left, increases his defensive strength.

It is even mentioned that this shield could ock the powerful blow from Thor’s hammer. Beelzebub is very balanced with offense and defense, and switches to either of them when needed.

3) Based on Speed

Although Tesla showed an amazing display of increasing his speed using the anti-gravity particles in the Prison of Gods, Beelzebub still managed to partially block a couple of his attacks and then fully block Tesla’s punch even while Tesla was using Tesla Steps to confuse Beelzebub.

Beelzebub had cleverly predicted the location of Tesla’s punch which was proclaimed to be random by Tesla and was fast enough to completely shut it down.

Still, at the end of the recent chapter, Tesla teleported directly to Beelzebub’s back and went on to perform his Plasma Pulse Punch. It is yet to know how Beelzebub countered it or if he was hiding any more abilities under his sleeve.

Beelzebub would not have been called one of the greatest fighters of gods with a pretty good fighting sense, with just a small showcase in which he never revealed his satanic powers.

4) Based on Weapons

Tesla’s weapon is a mechanical armor that grants the user the power of Electrokinesis and super strength, and it is also shown that Tesla makes use of the Tesla particles generated to increase his array of weapons by further levitating and increasing his speed.

Beelzebub easily wins this round with his easy-to-use staff, which can be alternated between offense and defense, tailor-made to fit in with the abilities of Beelzebub; he also displays the ease with which he changes stances with his staff in the match.

5) Based on Durability

Tesla looks a bit weaker in this scenario than compared to Beelzebub, like how Tesla’s armor was grazed with a small touch of his vibrations, and his suit getting more damaged while Beelzebub used the attack, Fallen Angle of Gluttony on Tesla. Tesla’s armor lost its durability when Beelzebub made no effort to damage the divine weapon.

On the other hand, Beelzebub had perfectly blocked almost all of Tesla’s punches, barring a couple of hits. He showed his superior durability while withstanding the enormous surge of power punches from Tesla while he was in the Prison of Gods.

Spoken to even withstand the mighty Thor’s hammer strike, it can be easily surmised that the durability of Beelzebub would exceed that of Tesla.


On comparing Beelzebub vs. Tesla on a deeper level, it is possible to assume that Beelzebub stands ahead of Nikola Tesla, whilst both contestants still have to display their true power and strength.

We only got to see a fraction of Beelzebub’s power or the intellect of Tesla since the start of the match; Beelzebub snatches the title with the exquisite showcase of his abilities, on top of possessing a very keen fighting sense and a high level of intellect. That’s all for now. We will be back with new exciting posts

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