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Black Clover Chapter 370 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Power of the Black Bulls)

Black Clover Chapter 370 will continue the same level of high energy and fights from this chapter. The chapter starts from where we last left, with Yuno and Asta facing off against Lucius.

When Asta thinks that only two Lucius clones are present over here, Lucius says that he has four clones here vs. Asta and Yuno, and there are also several angels and some Archangels here. On top of this, he also says that he still has 11 copies of Lucius left.

We see a small flashback to when Asta gave Black Bulls his anti-magic power. Asta introduces Ichika to the Black Bulls, and she also explains how they are able to use pseudo-anti-magic.

Back to the present, Luck goes on a rampage and kills several angels, and Lucius thinks that it will be a troublesome fight now. Just at the right moment, Magna comes directly to attack Lucius.

He releases his Soul Chain Magic and connects himself, Luck and Lucius. In this way, Lucius’s magic is split into three, and both Magna and Luck keep on killing more angels.

They both start to fight with Lucius, too, and the latter can’t regenerate fast enough due to anti-magic attacks. Lucius thinks he can endure, but Luck and Magna use a combo spell to instantly decimate him.

Asta speaks back to Lucius and asks him again about who has the advantage now in this battle, and the chapter ends there.

Black Clover Chapter 370 Spoilers & Predictions

Black Clover Chapter 370 Spoilers & Predictions

The scales favour Asta and Yuno, thanks to his new skills. As of now, there are still 10 copies of Lucius left, and the main one is still probably sitting above the throne.

The other fights haven’t been resolved yet, and now we know why Asta split his power among the Black Bull members. With just a few special and combo attacks, Luck and Magna took down a Lucius copy.

Even if we take out the members who will be helping Yami and Noelle in their fights, there should still be enough members to deal with all of the remaining copies of Lucius.

So, we can assume that we will get to see either Yami vs. Morgen or Noelle vs. Acier, along with the fight of the Black Bulls members vs Lucius copies. This will be the trend for a few chapters till we get to the conclusion of the Asta and Yuno vs. Lucius fight.

Black Clover Chapter 370 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 370 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 370 should be released on March 25, 2024. Since the magazine change happened for Black Clover, we have to wait for 3 more months to see how Lucius will react to this situation.

Also, this time around, we have yet to see many raw scans and spoilers before the release chapter. So, it’s safe to assume that we may not get the raw scans for the next chapter, barring the cover page.

These are all of the predictions for our Black Clover Chapter 370 spoilers & predictions. Make sure to check some of our other posts over here in the meantime.

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