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Hidden Truth of Julius & Lucius in Black Clover | Past Revealed

Black Clover is a Japanese manga return by Yuki Tabata. The plot deals with the journey of Asta and Yuno and their goal to become Wizard King. The manga started way back in 2015, and finally, after seven years, the manga entered its final arc. Currently, in the manga, there was a time skip of one year and eighteen months.

Asta has been promoted as Senior magic knight while Yuno became a Grand Magic knight. After the ceremony, Asta went to confess his feelings for Sister Lily, which she gently rejected. After the confession, Lucius Zogratis arrived, and the battle between the two devil users started.

Who is Lucius Zogratis in Black Clover?

Lucius Zogratis is the older brother of Zogratis’s sibling. He is the host of the devil, Astaroth. Lucius uses Time magic, and after absorbing Lucifero’s heart, he can use gravity magic as well. He made his first appearance in chapter 206 in the flashback of Zenon. Lucius is the most talented of the four Zogratis siblings as he was a unique being who was born with two souls in a single body.

Lucius apearing alongside Dante and Vanica
Lucius apearing alongside Dante and Vanica

In the flashback, unlike Dante and Vanica, who were bullying Zenon for being weak, Lucius immediately acknowledges the talent of their younger brother and says that he has more talent than Vanica and Zenon for devil possession. He says out of all Zogratis siblings; he is more like him.

Zenon declines his brother’s request to become a devil host, and later on, he befriends a spade wizard named Allen, where Allen becomes a victim to a devil. Finally, this breaks Zenon completely, which makes him obliged to accept his elder brother’s request. His goal was to remake humankind and wanted to achieve true world peace where citizens are happy and are not afraid of death.

How is Lucius related to Julius in Black Clover?

Julius Novachrono, the current wizard king of the Clover kingdom. Lucius and Julius share the same body, i.e., one body with two souls. Previously, in the manga, there were two cases, i.e., William and Patry, who started to share the same body. Unlike Julius and Lucius, Patry was an elf, and he had a life before sharing his soul alongside William in the body.

Julius and Lucius in Black Clover
Julius and Lucius in Black Clover

Similarly, Yuno shared his body with one of Licht’s twins, who died before he was born. So unlike Patry, Licht’s son has no chance to take control since he doesn’t have any memories of his previous life. Julius and Lucius come more along the lines of Diavolo and Doppio from Jojo Bizzare’s Adventure manga.

For unknown reasons, Lucius left the spade kingdom and disguised as Julius Novachrono. He becomes the captain of Aqua Deer, where he recruits Yami Sukehiro and William Vengeance. They become his prized students. A few years later, he became a wizard king while his two students formed their guild, i.e., Golden Dawn and Black Bulls.

It was Lucius Zorgatis every time with a different personality from the starting of the series. With time magic, Julius was able to go deep cover and resurface anytime he wanted to. Since there were many instances in the manga where he wandered by himself, which always annoyed his advisor, Marx Francois.

It explains that his travels were way to communicate with Astaroth and being able to maintain his Wizard King persona. In one instance in Chapter 22, when he meets Asta and Yuno for the first time. He was interested in both the youngsters and was curious to know about their magic.

He was impressed by Yuno’s wind magic, but when Asta showed his Grimore and Anti Magic sword, he gave a weird smile. Probably Julius knows about Asta’s devil and his anti-magic. He, at this point, knew that Asta was one of the Devil’s hosts, just like his siblings. He returns the sword since he cannot use it as it drains his magic.

Julius holding Anti Magic Sword
Julius holding Anti Magic Sword

There was another instance in chapter 143 during his confrontation against Patry. Unlike most of the wizards, who were shocked about William and Patry being the same. He was not surprised, and he maintained his composure against him. He fought with him at full strength without any hesitation.

Who is Lucius Devil in Black Clover?

Astaroth has made a contract with Lucius, who became his host, to achieve his goal; he was one of the three highest ranking devils alongside Lucifero and Beelzebub connected to the Tree of Qlipoth. After his sudden disappearance, he was replaced by Megicula as one of the three highest-ranking devils. He uses time magic and has yet to make an appearance in the manga.

How Powerful is Lucius in Black Clover?

Lucius Zogratis
Lucius Zogratis

He is the most powerful wizard and antagonist of the entire black clover series. In chapter 331, within a second, he defeats Damnatio Kiro. Also, Julius, the other half inside, fails to stop him As he sees the many instances in the future where Julius tries to stop, but he always fails. Finally, after the defeat of Lucifero by the combined efforts of Asta, Yuno, Nacht, and Yami. He completely takes over Julius after waiting this whole time.

There is a high probability that he was behind the recruitment of Yami and William for their Dark Magic and World Tree magic, respectively. So, to free Lucifero from the underworld and steal his heart. He absorbs Lucifero and his Gravity magic.

Out of all the wizards, he found Asta most dangerous. He may have confronted Yami, who specializes in dark magic, which affects the devils a lot, or Nacht, who is a devil host himself. He may even go for Mereleona for her raw strength or Yuno, the prince of spade kingdom and vice-captain of Golden Dawn, who uses two different kinds of Magic.

But he chose to confront Asta because he saw the threat his magic carries. As he says in their recent confrontation that “this is the power which defies the reason.” Probably the reason he is after Asta is that he saw his demise at the hands of the Blackbull wizard. He saw many possibilities using his magic, but every time he may have been stopped by him.

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