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20 Best Black Clover Waifus Ranked (Beauty With Magic)

There may be plenty of spells and grimoires in Black Clover, but nothing in it is as magical as its waifus. Full of female characters who are both beautiful and powerful, Black Clover presents an enchanting selection to waifus to fans to fawn over.

From the aggressive and formidable Mereoleona to the sweet and pretty Mimosa, this series has it all, and you’ll find them here in the 20 best Black Clover waifus ranked.

20 Best Black Clover Waifus 

20) Catherine


Magic AttributeAsh Magic
Hair ColorGray

Blonde (young)

Eye ColorMagenta
ReasonShe is twisted

At the bottom of the list of the best Black Clover waifus is the rogue witch Catherine. Though she appears pretty and youthful, she’s actually an old woman who maintains her youth by sucking the souls of others.

She also has a fondness for handsome guys, and disturbingly, takes a shine to Yuno, though not for long.

Catherine is cruel and evil, but there is a seductive nature to it that makes her a popular waifu candidate for the fans.

19) Richita


Magic AttributeUnknown
Hair ColorAsh blonde
Eye ColorGreen
ReasonShe had a kind heart

Not much is known about Richita, except that she was a human who could suck magic and life force from others. She must’ve been able to do that unconsciously, since she lived in isolation outside of a village. Richita was also the mother of Asta.

It was her who first found the five-leaf clover Grimoire which initially belonged to Litch. After that, she found Liebe and took care of the little devil until her death some time after.

18) Sol Marron

Sol Marron

NameSol Marron
Magic AttributeEarth Magic
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorLight blue
ReasonShe is very bold

Sol Marron is a pretty hit-and-miss character in the fandom. She’s a member of the Blue Rose squad and a 3rd Class Intermediate Magic Knight.

At the beginning, Sol comes off as an adorable character who loves Charlotte very much. But her blatant sexism in which she boldly claims to hate all men and refuses to accept orders from them, makes her a pretty unliked character.

However, Sol is hot enough, with her dark skin and short, tousled hair, to become one of the Black Clover waifus and earn the 18th spot on the ranking.

17) Finesse Calmreich

Finesse Calmreich

NameFinesse Calmreich
Magic AttributeUnknown
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorPurple
ReasonShe is very gentle

There are very few women in Black Clover who are as beautiful and lovely as Finesse Calmreich. Daughter of the noble House Kira, Finesse has sadly been diagnosed with a deadly disease, and is promised to be married to the next head of House Vaude, which turns out to be Langris.

Finesse is a very gentle and polite woman. She’s very kind of Finral whom she first mistakes as her intended. Her personality makes Finral fall in love with her, and we can’t blame the guy on this.

16) Grey


Magic AttributeTransmutation Magic
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorPale blue
ReasonShe is the very shy

Remember the huge, hulking member of the Black Bulls who has a darkened face and steam coming out of his mouth? Turns out that’s just the front; the real Grey is a young woman with extreme shyness. 

Grey is as naive as she is kind. She gets embarrassed very easily, and has a hard time staying calm. This is due to her sad past where she was brutally bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters for years.

15) Kahono


Magic AttributeSong Magic
Hair ColorDark red
Eye ColorRed
ReasonShe is the best singer

Though Noelle has gotten close with her squad mates, she doesn’t have a lot of friends her age. That’s why her friendship with Kahono is so precious.

Kahono is the priestess of the Seabed Temple who has been worshiping the Sea God for years along with her brother.

Kahono is a great singer, and she confesses to Asta and Noelle that she wants to sing and dance as an idol to earn money. We say she’d be a terrific idol!

14) Lolopechka


Magic AttributeWater Magic
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
ReasonShe’s a good leader

Lolopechka is one of the most beautiful female characters in Black Clover. She’s the princess of the Heart Kingdom and a Water Magic user.

The princess also serves as the priestess of the water spirit Undine. During her battle against Vanica Zogratis, Lolopechka is cursed by the devil Megicula

As beautiful as the princess is, she’s also a great leader and cares deeply for her subjects. Her devotion to the wellbeing of her princess makes her really likable.

13) Vanica Zogratis

Vanica Zogratis

NameVanica Zogratis
MagicBlood Magic

Curse Warding Magic (artificial)

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
ReasonShe is evil

There’s just something about the twisted and unhinged characters that attracts fans so much. In Black Clover, it’s Vanica Zogratis. She’s the sister of Lucius, Dante and Zenon Zogratis, and Julius Novachrono.

Vanica is also the vessel of a devil named Megicula who is responsible for the death of Acier Silva. Despite her cruel and bloodthirsty nature, Vanica is still a waifu candidate in the fandom.

12) Rebecca Scarlet

Rebecca Scarlet

NameRebecca Scarlet
Magic AttributeUnknown
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorBlue
ReasonShe is very attractive

Asta’s lack of magic doesn’t reflect on his ability to attract women. Despite not being the most handsome or coolest guy around, Asta does seem to catch the attention of the prettiest women, and one of them is Rebecca Scarlet.

Rebecca is a citizen of the Clover Kingdom who goes on a date with Asta. She’s very pretty, with her scarlet hair and big blue eyes.

11) Acier Silva

Acier Silva

NameAcier Silva
Magic AttributeSteel Magic
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorLavender
ReasonShe was very powerful

After seeing Acier Silva, it’s completely understandable where Noelle gets her good looks from. Acier was a noblewoman and used to be the captain of the Silver Eagle squad, a position which is later occupied by her eldest son, Nozel.

She was a formidable magic user who was proficient in Steel Magic. Acier used to tutor Mereoleona when the latter was younger, who confessed that Acier was too strong for her to defeat despite trying multiple times.

10) Lily Aquaria

Lily Aquaria

NameLily Aquaria
Magic AttributeWater Magic

Spatial Magic (artificial)

Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorTeal
ReasonShe is very caring

Asta’s first love is also a favorite of the fandom, and considered as one of the best Black Clover waifus. Lily Aquaria or Sister Lily, as she’s more popularly known, is a nun at the orphanage where Asta and Yuno grew up.

Sweet and loving, Sister Lily is always cheering for the boys as they become more powerful. Though she’s exasperated with Asta’s frequent proposals of marriage, she genuine cares about him and Yuno.

9) Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion

NameMereoleona Vermillion
Magic AttributeFire Magic
Hair ColorVermillion
Eye ColorBlue
ReasonShe is the most badass

The absolutely badass Mereoleona Vermillion steals every scene she’s in. Fierce and powerful, this lady is not one to be reckoned with. Among the gentle girls and polite women of the nobility, she is a force of nature, ready to burn any obstacle to ashes.

Mereoleona is the older sister of Fuegoleon and Leopold, and takes the reins as the temporary captain of the Crimson Lion squad when Fuegolen is in coma.

8) Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth

NameDorothy Unsworth
Magic AttributeDream Magic
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorBlue
ReasonShe is very lively

Captain of the Coral Peacock squad, Dorothy Unsworth is a witch from the Witches’ Forest. Despite being 27 years old, Dorothy looks young and youthful with short purple hair and a cheerful smile. 

If there is one thing she loves, it’s to sleep. Dorothy can sleep anywhere and everywhere, no matter how much chaos is surrounding her. But she’s always aware even when sleeping.

7) Fana


Magic AttributeFire Magic

Crystal Magic (artificial)

Hair ColorPink 
Eye ColorTurquoise
ReasonShe is very pretty

The next entry on the Black Clover waifus ranking is Fana, the orphan girl from the Diamond Kingdom who’s living as a fugitive in the Clover Kingdom. She’s also a childhood friend of Mars, both having participated in an experiment in Diamond Kingdom.

Fana is also the vessel of the elf Fana, and is a Fire Magic user. Her love story with Mars is heartwarming, yet sad. Fans hope they’ll get their happily ever after soon.

6) Charmy Pappiston

Charmy Pappitson

NameCharmy Pappiston
Magic AttributeCotton Magic

Food Magic

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGreen
ReasonShe is the cutest

It’s the cutest ones who turn out to be the most formidable, and Charmy Pappitson is a prime example of that. Appearing as a little girl of short stature, Charmy is actually a young adult. Her little appearance is because of her half-dwarf half-human heritage.

A lover of food, Charmy is always seen eating. But don’t enrage her though, because then she turns into a badass, ready to demolish anyone opposing her.

5) Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte Roselei

NameCharlotte Roselei
Magic AttributeBriar Magic
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
ReasonShe is the most beautiful

How can we make the Black Clover waifus ranking without including the most beautiful woman in the Clover Kingdom? Charlotte Roselei is the captain of the Blue Rose squad, and like most captains, a noble from House Roselei.

The most memorable trait of Charlotte is her crush on Yami, and her hilarious reactions in front of him. Beautiful, strong and adorably shy, Charlotte is indeed the prime waifu candidate.

4) Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca

NameVanessa Enoteca
Magic AttributeThread Magic
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPurple
ReasonShe is the hottest

If there was an award for being hot, then the award would surely go to Vanessa Enoteca, the pink-headed drunkard of the Black Bulls. Vanessa is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight as well as a witch from the Witches’ Forest.

Outgoing and seductive, Vanessa has such a laid-back personality that it automatically attracts people. Her skimpy clothes don’t hurt either. Thus, she sits at the number 4 position on this Black Clover waifus ranking.

3) Secre Swallowtail

Secre Swallowtail

NameSecre Swallowtail
Magic AttributeSealing Magic
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
ReasonShe is the most loyal

Black Clover has many surprising twists, and one of the most memorable twists is when Nero, the anti-bird who always sticks with Asta, turns out to be a beautiful girl. What’s more, she’s revealed to be Secre Swallowtail, the servant of the First Magic King.

Secre might appear apathetic and deadpan, but she’s one of the most loyal characters, keeping her unwavering loyalty for Lemiel even after she was transformed into a bird.

2) Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa Vermillion

NameMimosa Vermillion
Magic AttributePlant Magic
Hair ColorVermillion
Eye ColorYellow
ReasonShe is the nicest

If there is one female character who has mesmerized the fandom from the get go, it’s Mimosa Vermillion. Beautiful and talented, she joins the Golden Dawn squad as a rookie Magic Knight.

Despite being a noblewoman from the elite House Vermillion, Mimosa is polite and thoughtful, traits missing in most nobles. It’s her beauty and personality that make her a popular character.

1) Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva

NameNoelle Silva
Magic AttributeWater Magic
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorLavender
ReasonShe has the most potential

At the beginning of the series, Noelle Silva comes off as an arrogant bratty character destined to be hated by the fandom. But it soon changes when she turns out to be a well-written character with her own insecurities and aspirations. 

Over time, she proves herself to be one of the best characters in the series, and certainly the best of the Black Clover waifus. Noelle is canonically also the second most beautiful woman in the Clover Kingdom.

Here ends our list of the 20 best Black Clover waifus ranked. These waifus are spellbinding, both literally and figuratively, and we can’t help but be awestruck by them.

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