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Toshi Toshi no Mi: Bonney’s Devil Fruit Powers and Abilities

Jewelry Bonney was first introduced in the story as one of the eleven Supernova. But it isn’t until the Egghead Arc that she becomes a major character. This arc reveals a lot about Bonney, including her backstory and finally the name of her Devil Fruit. Bonney’s Devil Fruit was also introduced way back in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc but it isn’t until the current arc that we find out its name. 

Though we didn’t know the name of Bonney’s Devil Fruit, it was very intriguing to the fans from the get-go. Now that the name of the Devil Fruit is finally revealed and it has demonstrated some very exciting and promising abilities, let’s discuss Bonney’s Devil Fruit and its powers.

Before we begin, however, remember that there will be spoilers in this article. So, proceed only if you’re caught up with the manga or do not mind being spoiled.

Now, let’s begin our discussion on Bonney’s Devil Fruit: Toshi Toshi no Mi:

Toshi Toshi no Mi: Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Toshi Toshi no Mi: Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Bonney’s Devil Fruit, Toshi Toshi no Mi, is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to alter their own age or anyone they target their power at. She can turn anyone, including herself into a child or an elder, for a brief period before they revert to their original age. In battles, she uses her Devil Fruit powers to decrease the age of the soldiers so that they can no longer fright.

But the most she uses this power on is herself. Bonney is originally a twelve-year-old little girl looking for her father, Bartholomew Kuma. Since she can’t be a pirate as a child, she increases her age to become a grown woman in her 20s. Bonney has made a name for herself as a pirate and the only people who know her real age are the people who knew her beforehand, including Vegapunk and the World Government.

The powers of Toshi Toshi no Mi don’t just affect humans, but things, both living beings and inanimate objects. Bonney can target her powers at weapons and cause them to rust and ultimately perish. However, unlike living things which return to their original age after some time, inanimate objects are destroyed once hit with Bonney’s Devil Fruit powers.

Though initially, it seemed like Toshi Toshi no Mi only affected the age of the user and others, it was soon proven to be false. The most interesting thing about Bonney’s Devil Fruit is that it has a wide range of abilities that can be used in various situations. In fact, Bonney has recently demonstrated a startling ability that we’ll discuss further below in this article.


Like every other Devil Fruit, Toshi Toshi no Mi has the same weaknesses. The Devil Fruit took away Bonney’s ability to swim and made her vulnerable to seawater. When in touch with seawater and seawater stones, she becomes too weak to use her Devil Fruit powers anymore.


Apart from the general use of her Devil Fruit to manipulate the age of herself and the people around her, Bonney has demonstrated four named techniques as of yet. Her ability to change her age for such a prolonged period is still unnamed as is how she turned the Marine soldiers around her of various ages in Sabaody Archipelago. Here are the techniques of Toshi Toshi no Mi:

Age Skewer

Age Skewer

In this technique, Bonney uses a staff to poke her target and activates her powers. As a result, the age of the target is decreased significantly, turning them into a child. The reduced years of the target are turned into jewels falling around them. 

On Egghead Island, Bonney uses Age Skewer against Vegapunk to interrogate him about Kuma. As she reveals at that time, the effects of Age Skewer and Bonney’s powers on living beings in general are only temporary and the target will return to their original age after some time.

Oiled Shock

Oiled Shock

Unlike Bonney’s powers on living beings, the effect of her Devil Fruit on inanimate objects is permanent. With Oiled Shock, she uses the powers of Toshi Toshi no Mi on inanimate objects to cause them to age by rusting and corroding. This is first seen when she uses Oiled Shock on the lock of Vegapunk’s library. This technique can also be used on swords and other weapons to render them useless.

NDE (Near Death Experience)


NDE or Near Death Experience has a more psychological effect than its other counterparts. In this technique, Bonney uses a pistol to fire at her targets. The moment the bullet touches the target, they begin to feel themselves aging rapidly to the point that their skin is melted off their face, leaving only the skeleton. Unable to process such a shock, they pass out.

On Egghead Island when Bonney, Luffy’s crew, and the Vegapunks are attacked by Marine soldiers, she uses this technique.

Distorted Future

Distorted Future

This is the most fascinating and promising technique of Bonney’s Devil Fruit. Distorted Future allows Bonney to change her physical attributes to become anything she wishes for a short period. For this technique to work, she must have an idea about what she wants to become.

The first time Bonney demonstrates this technique is against Vegapunk when she takes a form similar to Kuma’s. It is such an intriguing technique because of the potential it has. No matter how short a period, if she can imagine certain attributes, Bonney can change her form into anything powerful and dangerous. 

Distorted Future: A Future Like Nika

Distorted Future: A Future Like Nika

An application of Distorted Future, this is the most exciting technique of Bonney as of it. By using Distorted Future, Bonney wishes for a future like Nika, remembering the time when Kuma told her about the Sun God Nika and how he could move his body in any way he wanted. 

Since Bonney doesn’t have a clear idea about Nika and his powers and only knows the basics, she’s able to transform one of her arms into a huge fist, similar to Luffy’s Gear 3, by using Distorted Future: A Future Like Nika. Bonney uses this technique for the first time against CP8 agent Alpha while trying to run away from the Sorbet Kingdom.

This is all we know about Bonney’s Devil Fruit: Toshi Toshi no Mi as of yet. The latest application of the Devil Fruit has made it one of the most exciting Devil Fruits of the series. There are a lot of possibilities of how the powers of Bonney can be used in the future. 

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