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Who Will Save Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1096?

One Piece Chapter 1095 is an important chapter in the story in many ways. Not only does the chapter finally reveal the past of Bartholomew Kuma but it also shows a certain horrible progress for our heroes and their allies. In the chapter, Jewelry Bonney finds herself in a precarious position that leads us to question who will save her in One Piece Chapter 1096.

In this article, we’ll discuss the possibilities that can free Bonney from her bind in the next chapter. Of course, the very subject of this article is not something that has been adapted to the anime yet, but we’d still like to issue a spoiler alert before we go further.

Role of Jewelry Bonney in the Egghead Arc

Role of Jewelry Bonney in the Egghead Arc

Jewelry Bonney was first introduced in the story as one of the eleven Supernovas, i.e., the eleven pirates of the Worst Generation with a bounty of more than 100 million bellies. After the time skip, she briefly appeared alongside Sakazuki where the admiral had captured her and seemed to be familiar with her.

It isn’t until the Egghead Arc that Bonney comes to play a greater role in the story. Initially, she is hellbent on killing Dr. Vegapunk which is later revealed to be because she wants revenge for what the scientist has done to Bartholomew Kuma who is later revealed to be her father.

Throughout the arc, Bonney tries to find the reason why Kuma chose to give up his consciousness and become a weapon for the World Government. After she finds Kuma’s memories, she begins to trust Vegapunk, allying herself with him and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Currently, the ideal plan for the Straw Hats is to take Vegapunk and Bonney with them before they leave the island safely away from the Marines.

Current Status of Jewelry Bonney

Current Status of Jewelry Bonney

But the situation changes when both Marine Admiral Kizaru and one of the Five Elders, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn enter the scenario. After a brutal battle against Marine soldiers and vice-admirals, Bonney and the group are confronted by Saturn who transforms into a huge beastly form. 

Enraged by seeing the man who is responsible for her father’s condition, Bonney stabs Saturn and is, in turn, grabbed by him. The man can easily crush her and kill her or at least horribly injure her. This leads to our question: who will save Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1096?

Who Will Save Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1096?

Who Will Save Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1096

While we do not know for sure who will save Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1096, there are a lot of speculations and predictions. A lot of fans believe that Kuma will appear in time to save his daughter from Saturn. 

After his fight against Sakazuki in Mary Geoise, his status is currently unknown. Kuma can use his Devil Fruit powers to teleport to Egghead Island and save Bonney.

Another prediction regarding this is that Monkey D. Dragon, who is not only the father of Luffy but also the leader of the Revolutionary Army and a friend of Kuma, can come to Egghead Island in time to rescue Bonney from Saturn. 

The second prediction is less likely to happen than the first one. But we’ll only know for sure when One Piece Chapter 1096 comes out. Read the chapter on Manga Plus and Viz Media on October 22 and until then, keep reading Otakus’ Notes.

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