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All Members of Rocks Pirates Ranked | One Piece 2024

The execution of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger started the Great Pirate Era where many people set out to the sea to look for the One Piece. But even before that, certain pirate crews made names for themselves and became infamous. One of the most prominent pirate crews in history is the Rocks Pirates, and in this article, we’ll talk about all members of Rocks Pirates and rank them.

Before we begin our list, we’ll issue a spoiler alert for the readers who are not caught up with the manga yet. Now with that done, let’s first discuss who the Rocks Pirates were.

Who Were the Rocks Pirates?

Who Were the Rocks Pirates?

Rocks Pirates was an infamous pirate crew that was active for some time before their defeat and disbandment 38 years before the present time. The crew was made of infamous criminals, most of whom later separately became prominent pirates themselves. The crew was led by the mysterious and fearsome pirate, Rocks D. Xebec.

Most of the members of Rocks Pirates became important figures in the world of One Piece and three of them even rose to the position of Yonko. It was the most prominent pirate crew in the world before Roger Pirates rose to prominence. The defeat of Rocks Pirates is also legendary as it could’ve only been possible after Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp joined their forces.

The final battle of Rocks Pirates happened on God Valley, an island in West Blue, where Rocks Pirates fought against Garp and Roger Pirates. The details of this fight are still unknown, but in history, this last battle is known as the God Valley Incident.

All Known Members of Rocks Pirates Ranked

9) Captain John

Captain John

This member of Rocks Pirates appeared very briefly in the story. Captain John was first introduced in the Thriller Bark Arc as one of the General Zombies in Gecko Moria’s army. Before his death, he was the captain of his own crew which he formed after the God Valley Incident.

Captain John was known for collecting all types of treasures, even the most ludicrous ones. Interestingly, Buggy is looking for the fabled treasures left behind by Captain John.

8) Streusen


Streusen, also known as the Gourmet Knight, is the executive chef of Big Mom Pirates. He’s known Big Mom for a long time, back when she was a kid on Elbaph. He witnessed her horrific incident with Mother Caramel and the children and estimated her as too powerful to kill. From then on, he joined forces with her.

38 years ago, he was a member of Rocks Pirates along with her. After the crew disbanded, he stayed with Big Mom as she formed the Big Mom Pirates. At some point, he ate the Paramecia-type Kuku Kuku no Mi.

7) Buckingham Stussy

Buckingham Stussy

The mystery of Stussy had been going on for a while since she was introduced as an ally of Big Mom in the Whole Cake Island Arc. It was ultimately revealed that the Stussy we’ve been following is a clone of the real Buckingham Stussy who is currently known as Miss Buckin.

Buckin is the mother of Edward Weevil who she claims is the son of Whitebeard and she. In her prime, she was one of the members of Rocks Pirates alongside Whitebeard, and in the current chapter, she’s shown to be quite close with the man. So, her claim may not be untrue after all.

6) Gloriosa


We first meet Gloriosa in the Amazon Lily Arc as Elder Nyon, the village elder of the Kuja tribe. She used to be the empress of the Kuja tribe before Shakky. However, it’s revealed only recently that Gloriosa used to be one of the members of Rocks Pirates. It can be assumed that she came to Amazon Lily after the God Valley Incident.

Another thing we know about Gloriosa is that during her time as the empress of the Kuja tribe, she fell in love with an unknown man and left Amazon Lily for him. It’s still unknown who the man was and what happened to her after that.

5) Shiki


Unlike other known members of Rocks Pirates, Shiki wasn’t introduced in the canon storyline of One Piece but rather served as the antagonist of the movie One Piece Film: Strong World. However, he made his official entry into the canon through Chapter 0, a special chapter that was released together with Chapter 565. The special chapter was also included in Volume 0 of One Piece.

Shiki, known as “Shiki the Golden Lion” and the “Flying Pirate”, was the admiral and helmsman of his new crew the Golden Lion Pirates. He was one of Roger’s rivals and a recurring opponent of Sengoku. Shiki ultimately lost to Luffy who defeated the man with the help of Billy.

4) Charlotte Linlin

Charlotte Linlin

The only female Yonko and strongest female character in One Piece as of yet is Charlotte Linlin, more popularly known as Big Mom. She is the captain of Big Mom Pirates, a crew made entirely of her children. Known for her unusually huge stature and equally large appetite, she reigns the Totto Land and expands her crew by marrying off her children.

Big Mom’s Devil Fruit is the Paramecia-type Soru Soru no Mi. She serves as the antagonist in both the Whole Cake Island Arc and the Wano Country Arc. Big Mom was defeated by Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid during the Onigashima Raid.

3) Kaido


One of the strongest and most prominent members of Rocks Pirates is the man known as the “strongest creature in the world”, Kaido. He is the primary antagonist of the Wano Country Arc. Kaido was previously one of the four Yonko whose base of operation was Wano Country. After several intense fights, he was ultimately defeated by Luffy.

Kaido ate the Mythical Zoan fruit, Uo Uo no Mi; Model: Seiryu. After his stint with Rocks Pirates, he later formed Beasts Pirates with himself as its Governor-General. He was deliberately caught by the Marines numerous times and while escaping a particular time, he met Alber and formed his own pirate crew with Alber as his right-hand man.

2) Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate

After the God Valley Incident, the pirate who rose to fame quickly and became a competitor of Roger was Edward Newgate who later came to be famously known as Whitebeard. At an unknown time after the disbandment of Rocks Pirates, Whitebeard formed his own Whitebeard Pirates and set sail.

Unlike Rocks who was cruel and Roger who wanted to conquer the seas, the true goal Whitebeard had was to have a real family. He was rumored to be involved with his crewmate, Buckingham Stussy, but the real family Whitebeard found was in his new crew whom he considered his own children.

While living, Whitebeard was one of the four Yonko and was known as the “strongest man in the world.” His Devil Fruit, Gura Gura no Mi, was the strongest Paramecia fruit. Whitebeard died at the hands of Blackbeard during the Marineford War.

1) Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec

The captain of Rocks Pirates is the infamous pirate Rocks D. Xebec, more commonly known as just Rocks. 44 years before the present time in the story, he met a bunch of criminals on Hachinosu and formed Rocks Pirates. He was the biggest competition of Roger during his time, even more so than his crewmember Whitebeard would later become. 

The true extent of Rocks’ powers isn’t revealed yet. But given that he was the captain of a crew that consisted of some of the strongest pirates of all time, it’s safe to bet that he was even stronger than them. Also, it took the joint effort of Roger and Garp to take him down which speaks well for the power he possessed.

Other Members

Other Members

The above-mentioned characters are the known members of Rocks Pirates. There were more members of the crew but either only their names were mentioned without them appearing in the story or they have been shown with the crew but their names are unknown.

Some of these other members of Rocks Pirates include Ochoku who was the previous ruler of Hachinosu and lost to the joined effort of Koby and Blackbeard during the Rocky Port Incident, and an infamous pirate named Silver Axe.

There are some other members who are shown in the background with the crew in Chapter 1096. One of them had a sword, one wore a dark-colored hat, one wore a clawed gauntlet, and one had a huge fish-like head and thick lips.

If we’re being technical, then we can also count Napoleon and Prometheus to be members of Rocks Pirates too since both of them had consciousness and aided Big Mom during her fights.


Rocks Pirates is still a mysterious crew that has too many secrets left to be exposed. However, one thing is clear: they were the deadliest crew in all of Grand Line before Roger and Garp ended their journey. Garp being recognized as the “Hero of Marines” for defeating Rocks Pirates alongside Roger Pirates in the God Valley Incident is evident enough how infamous the crew was.