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Kuma’s Past: Buccaneers Race in One Piece

One Piece is known for its superior worldbuilding among other things. In the vast world of One Piece, there are hundreds of races or tribes who have their characteristics and customs. Some of the most prominent examples would be the Skypieans, Giants, and Fishmen. Recently, another significant race has been revealed in One Piece: the Buccaneers.

In the Egghead Arc, the past of former Shichibukai and secret Revolutionary Bartholomew Kuma is revealed. From the flashback, we get to know that Kuma belongs to the Buccaneer tribe. 

While usually, it is not noteworthy information since there are plenty of characters in One Piece belonging to various tribes, the Buccaneer has a special equation with the World Government that hints that there could be more behind these two in the forgotten history. In this article, we’ll discuss the Buccaneers in One Piece and Kuma’s past.

Who Are the Buccaneers?

Who Are the Buccaneers?

The Buccaneers are a race of humanoids with huge sizes and immense physical strength. The race is almost extinct, with only one known member still living. It is said that the Buccaneers carry the blood of humans and giants which makes them larger than average humans but smaller than giants.

There is no specific external difference between humans and Buccaneers that would help in distinguishing them. They appear completely human, albeit with a larger size. Their true race can only be identified by blood tests.

The Buccaneers are said to have committed a crime against the world i.e. the World Government in the past. This made them an enemy of the organization which may have been why they are nearly extinct. But because of this crime of the past, they are still hunted today. When the World Government found out that there were Buccaneers in the Sorbet Kingdom, their agents arrested Kuma’s family and brought them to Mary Geoise for slavery.

The members of the Buccaneers race are not only huge but they are also very strong and have extraordinary endurance. It’s their strength and durability that caused Kuma and his father so much misery as the slaves of the Celestial Dragons.

Known Members

Known Members

There are only two known members of the Buccaneers race: Kuma and his father Clapp. It’s unknown if Clapp’s parents were both Buccaneers. In Kuma’s case, his mother was human. So, that makes him a half-blood. But since the genes of the Buccaneers race are dominant, he has the same appearance and abilities as other Buccaneers.



While we still don’t know what crimes the Buccaneers have committed against the World Government in the past, we can assume that they sided against them in the war. Maybe they were allies of the D family who opposed the first twenty rulers 800 years ago.

Another thing that supports this assumption is the legend that has been running in the Buccaneers race for hundreds of years. The Buccaneers believe the story of the Sun God Nika who is always smiling and laughing and will bring people under the sun and to the sea of freedom. The rhythm of Nika makes people laugh and he’ll save everyone sad and miserable.

That is everything we know about the Buccaneers for now. Given the rich world of One Piece, maybe we will get to know more about the Buccaneers as the story proceeds. Kuma’s flashback continues in the manga while the anime will be entering the Egghead Arc soon. Don’t miss either of those and keep reading Otakus’ Notes.

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